Coconut Vanilla Cereal Coated Cinnamon Cake French Toast

Phew.  Say that title 5 times fast.

Cereal Coated French Toast (1 of 1)

So many words in that there title that you probably don’t even know what this recipe is for.  But it involves cake so I’m thinking that’s a good think.  However, this is one of those annoying recipes where you have to make another recipe just to make this one.

Ughhh annoying.  But as I said…it involves cake, so you know it’s worth it.

When life involves cake, it’s typically good to throw a little kale in there too.  No, I didn’t add green leafy vegetables to my french toast…I save the vegetables for my ice cream. But anyways, I started my weekend early with a kale smoothie for breakfast Friday morning.  Because we all know nothing say weekend like kale…not.  But the whole reason I’m telling you about the smoothie was…I convinced my dad to try it.  I didn’t see that happening.  Like ever.

Of course he did drink it out of an 8-ounce Crown Royal glass.  And the glass was only 1/3 full, but baby steps are better than no steps.  And he said it was good…I don’t even know who he is anymore.  My mom is always (always) up for tasting anything I make.  But my dad…not quite as adventurous.  But I’m working on him.  By the time I move out in December, he’ll be a Kombucha-drinking, chia pudding-eating, stuffed sweet potato-loving individual.

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But we’re gonna have to find a balance if my dad does start liking my food because I’ve realized lately just how terrible I am at sharing my food.  I mean, I like making food for other people, but when it comes to sharing food that I make for myself (like when I only make a single serving to eat), I’m the worst sharer ever.  Oh my goodness that moment when someone says, “Oh, I’ll just have a bite of yours.” I feel like I’m about to throw a I’m-8-years-old-again-and-my-mom-has-just-told-me-I-can’t-spend-the-night-at-a-friends-house tantrum

I should grow up.  And totally take some advice from these guys.  Because they are totally good at sharing.

Cereal Coated French Toast5 (1 of 1)

So I came to the realization lately that I am exactly like Joey from Friends all because of this episode.  Andrew always wants ‘just a taste” of whatever I’m having and don’t even get me started on my grandma.  She is notorious for saying she “doesn’t want anything” and then eating all your sweet potato fries or smoothie or chocolate chip muffin.  We all now know that if my sweet grandma says she “doesn’t want anything”…order two.

Cereal Coated French Toast2 (1 of 1)

By now, Andrew has caught onto how much it bothers me when people take my food so he tends to go out of his way to mess with me.  Like when I made him his own little glass of kale smoothie because he “just wants a tastes.”  And he’ll come into the kitchen and grab my smoothie glass and taste it.

I think this somehow makes me the worst food blogger ever.  Oh boy, I have so very much to learn about sharing.

Cereal Coated French Toast3 (1 of 1)

And the fact that this recipe is for a single serving doesn’t help my situation.

Coconut Vanilla Cereal Coated Cinnamon Cake French Toast

serves 1

2 heaping Tbsp Nature’s Path Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal

1 Tbsp shredded coconut, unsweetened

1 egg

scant 1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp vanilla

2 slices Cinnamon Pecan Snack Cake

Toppings: greek yogurt, cereal, coconut, cinnamon

In a small ziploc bag, place cereal and coconut.  Use a rolling pin to crush the cereal and coconut.  Pour the crushed cereal-coconut mixture into a shallow bowl.  Set aside.

In a separate shallow bowl, whisk together egg, cinnamon and vanilla.  Press the slices of cake into the egg mixture and allow the cake to soak up the eggy mixture for 2 minutes.  Flip the slices of cake to the other side and allow them to soak for an additional 2 minutes.  Next, press both sides of each cake slice into the crushed cereal-coconut mixture.  Heat a skillet with a little coconut oil over medium heat.  Place cereal coated cake slices into the skillet and cook on each side for ~3 minutes.  You might have to flip the cake slices onto their crust so the egg gets cooked all the way around.  Top with plain greek yogurt mixed with honey, cereal and unsweetened shredded coconut.

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  1. What a mouth full! Haha. Seriously though, they look great. You always find a way to make even the simplest ingredients look delicious!

    Without even clicking on the link about Joey, I know which one you are talking about…. Because I’m the same way. Before when I was trying to eat healthy, no one in my family would even touch my: greek yogurt, tuna, carrots, fish, frozen fruit, cereal, healthy peanut butter, etc. Then I pulled my dad on the health train and I’d come home from school and he would have literally eaten all of my food. And this was at a time when I wasn’t old enough to drive. He thought I was just being grouchy and picky, but “hello!” Not cool.

    With your sensitivity to gluten I bet you can really relate because sometimes when people eat your food there really is nothing in the house you’re physically able to eat besides bread, boxed food, etc. which will just end up making you sick. :( Finally my family understands and became “a little” more considerate when my mom saw that I wasn’t eating supper one night and asked why… ;)

    • I always love how your comments are so heartfelt:) I’m way impressed that you knew the Friends episode without even clicking! You would have totally gotten along with one of my old roommates from college. I don’t think there was a single Friends episode that she hadn’t seen at least 3 times.

      But I’m glad you see my reason for hating to share my food. There really are things I just can’t eat, like milk. You should see how possessive I am with my almond milk. I know it’s ridiculous but I will have nothing to put in my smoothies/cereal/eat with cookies if that carton (that never seems big enough) runs out…unless I want to feel like junk. Which I don’t. But my family is usually pretty good about not eating my stuff…but right now my foods still creep them out a little. I’ll have to be on the lookout for when they become more accepting haha. Bitter sweet:)

      • Definitely bitter sweet. And I hope you don’t get annoyed with my big long comments :) I just love reading your blog— the stories you share before the recipes always make me nod my head because I know exactly what you mean every single time!

  2. I, for one, am excited this post contains 2 recipes…because I’ve been tinkering with a snack cake recipe and am excited I may be able to incorporate some of your recipe suggestions. Thanks for sharing the recipe…although you may not want to share the actual cake with me. I’m one of those notorious “I don’t want anything” folks and end up eating all my husband’s dessert!

  3. Um wow. This looks so decadent, I can’t stop thinking about it! Generally, I am not a big fan of sharing, but I’ll do it because I want to try everyone else’s food too. But if I had this french toast in front of me, there is NO way I’d share.

  4. Hahah – I can COMPLETELY relate! I’m the same way. I always put the perfect balance of each ingredient in my single-serve dishes so when someone asks for a bite I want to be like “umm, that throws off the entire balance!” I definitely don’t think I could share this french toast if it were in front of me…so you’re so not alone there :)

  5. Don’t need to click the link. That episode is me all over. (HANDS OF MY GREENS.) I’m going to have to make this ASAP.

    • Haha I love you people who know all these Friends episodes! I got on the Friends train late so there are still so many episodes I haven’t seen and I LOVE watching them now! I heard rumors of a Friends reunion season?! Heard anything about that?

  6. Sometimes the longest recipe titles contain the best recipes! I’m down for anything that involves cake :)

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