Jun 17

I made you wannabe french fries.

So I went to a spinal surgeon last Tuesday and the guy looked like Bradley Cooper.

Roasted Carrot Fries (5 of 6)

I can see him being a highly effective doctor. Seriously. I mean you just look at his face and you instantly feel better. Luckily my achy back/numb-tingly legs are feeling soo much better…but now I’m thinking I might need to feign a slipped disk or something.

Roasted Carrot Fries (1 of 6)

So I have been wanting to make avocado fries for forever and I was sure the next non-potato-french-fry-creation I made was going to be those avocado fries. But here we are, avocado-fry-less.

There are worse things than a lack of avocado. Like when you are driving to your doctors appointment and you forget that you set Siri to help you navigate your way there and after saying nothing for like 17 minutes she all of the sudden shouts out the next direction and you fah-reak out because for a teeny-tiny moment you think someone is hiding in your back seat. And then you realize it’s not a creeper…it’s just Siri. Who, truth be told, always kinda freaked you out to begin with.

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But then you get to your doctors appointment and spend your 2 hour wait looking at the Full House Episode instagram which is just one of the happiest things you’ve ever seen. And then, as was previously noted, your doctor looked like Bradley Cooper(!!!).

But we’ve already discussed his Bradley Cooper-ness…so moving on.

Roasted Carrot Fries (3 of 6)

Okay so have you heard about this contest with Bob’s Red Mill?! I mean we all love oatmeal so I’m thinking everyone should enter. I definitely had no idea what a “spurtle” was but now I want one. Andrew is currently trying to beat me and is constantly texting me, “#immawin.” But I’m heading on vacation at the end of this week and will have plenty of time to daydream all about oatmeal…and what delicious things to add to it. So dear fiance, #immawin.

Since I’m leaving for vacation soon, if anyone is interested in writing a guest post send me an email to The post would just need to include a healthy or wholesome recipe (with pretty, high resolution pictures of the recipe) and a fun story about you/your blog/your love for food/any random excitement in your life. In the email include your recipe idea and the name of your blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

And now back to the food. I made you Roasted Carrot French Fries. They’re delicious and sweet and pair beautifully with ketchup (as does pretty much everything in life). Not that they necessarily need ketchup but without some ketchup action fries don’t really seem like fries. You know?

Roasted Carrot Fries (4 of 6)

Roasted Carrot French Fries

makes 2 side servings

3 large carrots

2 tsp olive oil

scant 1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Preheat oven to 425F.

Wash, peel and slice carrots into large matchsticks. In a large bowl, toss together sliced carrots, olive oil, salt and pepper. Place a cooling rack onto a large baking sheet that has edges. Spread coated carrots onto the cooling rack so they are not touching. Bake for 10 minutes. Flip to other side and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Serve carrot french fries with favorite french fry dipping sauce.

16 comments on “I made you wannabe french fries.”

  1. Have a nice vacation Kylie. Thanks for the nice recipe.

  2. Have a great vacation. I’ll be here, trying these awesome fries :)

    BTW if you still need guest posters, I’d be happy to do one!

  3. Bradley Cooper doctor?! Hmph. ;) Have a lovely vacation while I enjoy these carrot fries! :D And that oatmeal contest sounds right up your alley. You’ve got a really good shot.

  4. I’ve just come across your blog and my taste buds are pretty excited about it!

  5. Yum! These look great! I’d love to guest post but your pictures are so beautiful I don’t know that I would measure up :)

    • Hey Davida!

      I just checked out your blog! If you are interested in sharing a healthy/wholesome, gluten-free recipe next week shoot me an email!

  6. Would it be creepy to take a picture of your doctor? I love looking at doppelgangers! Have fun on your trip!

  7. Have a nice vacation! Those fries look amazing! I really need to give those a try!

    • Thanks! They were a fun change from sweet potatoes…but they’d also be good if you served them with a mixture of sweet potato and potato fries!

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