Watermelon Water Margaritas

Don’t leave me, Summer.

Watermelon Water Margaritas (6 of 10)

I mean, what other time is it appropriate to drink fruity alcoholic beverages while wearing an obnoxiously pink bathing suit?  I really do love summer things like: (1) hot weather (mainly because of this) and (2) floating in a lake and (3) grilling.  Okay, grilling kind of scares me.  But that’s why I’m getting married, so I’ll have someone to grill things for me.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to look forward to fall.  We Houstonians had a little, baby “cold front” these last two days meaning it’s been like 81 degrees for like 2 hours in the morning.  And let me tell you, that is seemingly arctic when the last two weeks have been 97+ degrees before the sun even comes up.  So yeah, the pretty weather has made fall things seem pretty appealing. 

Fall stuff like piles of leaves, pumpkin (obviously) and warm-colored nail polish.  In prep for aforementioned fall-appropriate things, I just purchased this nail polish named, “plum’s the word,” which is this dark grey-purple color.  And side note: I also bought a color called, “almost almond,” which is this pinky-nude color.  It was the prettiest color I’d even seen and would look amazing on someone who was even oh-so-slightly tan, which I am not.  My skin tone pretty much matches the pinky color of the nail polish.  Just. Doesn’t. Work.

Watermelon Water Margaritas (1 of 10)Watermelon Water Margaritas (2 of 10)

So in the happy pinterest world this week I made a Food Bucket List board.  It has impossibly delicious food recipes like crepe cakes and snickerdoodle puppy chow.  All those ideas got me thinking about creativity and how if I want to achieve any kind of success in life I should start living my life like a Disney movie and “think 6 impossible things before breakfast.”  Thank you Alice in Wonderland for that wisdom.  I mean, it’s such a great way to like encourage creativity and whatnot.  So, impossible thing number one is: a pie without filling. 

That would never work, because without the filling it’s just a giant cookie.  But the crust is the best part, so there has to be a way to make it work.  In my perfect world all the pies would have super thick crusts, cookies would always be ooey-gooey and margaritas would always be frozen.  Some (aka my fiance) would say that frozen margaritas aren’t as classy as the on-the-rocks version.  Albeit still delicious, on-the-rocks just isn’t as fun.  If you were to ask me about my favorite childhood food memory I would tell you about how almost every single Thursday night my family would eat Mexican food.  So after 20+ years of Thursday night Mexican food outings, margaritas just feel familiar and perfect.  Hence why we planned our honeymoon to a place where we can drink endless margaritas.  Hello, Cabo. 

Watermelon Water Margaritas (3 of 10)

Now usually when we make margaritas it involves a can of frozen Minute Maid limeade + tequila + triple sec + ice + water…and then blend.  Simple.  But I thought it’d be fun to branch out a little and make some fresh fruit margaritas.  And these have watermelon water in them which is just the most refreshing thing.  After spending a summer working at Snap Kitchen and drinking my fair share of their Energy Boost juice (gah love), I realized just how refreshing anything with watermelon in it is.  Actually, that juice also has coconut water in it…maybe that’s why it’s so refreshing.  Hmm.

Anyways, these are the perfect way to hang on to summer.  Or the perfect way to end summer.  They really do it all.   Oh and, they should probably be pink/red because they are watermelon margaritas and all…but they’re not.  Whoops.

Watermelon Water Margaritas

Yield: makes 9-10 cups


~2 cups watermelon, chopped

10 ounces tequila

4 ounces Grand Marnier

3 medium oranges, peeled, halved

2 lime, peeled, halved

2 lemon, peeled, halved, seeded

2/3 cups granulated sugar

5-7 cups ice cubes



Add watermelon to a high powered blender. Blend until smooth. Pour pureed watermelon through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl to remove the pulp and save the watermelon water. Discard the pulp and add the watermelon water back into the blender. Should make about 1/2 to 2/3 cup watermelon water.

Into the same blender add in the oranges, lemons, limes, tequila, grand marnier, and sugar. Fill your blender to the top with ice cubes (you might need to make these in two separate batches if you have a smaller blender, I have a large vitamix that holds 8+ cups). Blend until smooth/no large ice chunks remain. Garnish glasses with salt (if desired) and serve immediately.

Watermelon Water Margaritas (10 of 10)


  1. It’s getting chilly here– 60s and 70s! I miss the hot hot heat of summer. Hold on as long as you can!

  2. This is gorgeous and sounds absolutely delicious!

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