How to Roast a Chicken.

Since getting married, I’ve gone from feeding myself to feeding a meat-eating husband. While I have convinced him that some vegetarian options are delicious (I’m looking at you Amy’s Enchiladas), deep down he is still a meat-eater all the way.  I actually gave him steak knives as a wedding present and promised to cook him steaks (…on occasion).

I’ve never been a big steak eater. I can eat hamburgers all day long. But steaks (and steakhouses) are wasted on me. I just don’t get it.


Photo 8

Because of this lack of steak love, I tend to gravitate more towards chicken…i love me some chicken.  My mom’s parmesan chicken may be the best food on earth. It’s a close call between that and my grandma’s chicken n’ dumplings.  And then there is fro yo…it’s up there on my list too.  But that has nothing to do with chicken.


Today I’m sharing How I Roast a Chicken.  Head on over to Healthy Aperture for far too many naked chicken pictures…you won’t be sorry.Photo 2



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  1. I agree 100% on the love for burgers but not steak. Burgers are just 10x more delicious and fun. ;) I love chicken though!

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