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Our flight landed and we went straight to Wahoo’s for fish tacos.

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Followed by walks on the beach…

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That night we had dinner back at the condo.  Blue cheese-avocado hamburgers served with french fries.

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A creepy haze when I went out for a morning workout.

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Breakfast was smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers on sourdough.  Served with eggs + bacon.

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Fun sea salts from the farmers market.  Can’t wait to put the vanilla on my oatmeal.

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Afternoon snacks…

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Vevian posted to her instagram that she was going to be working out at 1000 steps beach.  She was asking for people to join so I figured why not!  On vacation I try to workout in the mornings…otherwise I won’t be hungry to eat all the delicious food I find! 

So half of my family got up and headed to 1000 steps beach.  We walked/ran/jumped up and down the 200+ steps that cascaded down the cliff to the beach.

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A breakfast of eggs + bacon + pb-banana toast followed.

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Then we ate tacos from Taco Loco.  In the past I had thought this place looked too sketchy to eat at.  I went with a sea bass taco and it was great.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.26.24

sister + boyfriend.

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pre-dinner. post-sunset.

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tower of Trader Joe’s treats.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.26.41


breakfast tacos (i guess it’s more like a burrito).

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.26.56

Then we headed to Newport for some shopping and ate lunch at Bear Flag Fish Co.  They were the best fish tacos of my life.  And we met a pitbull+mastiff mix.  Most attractive looking dog I have ever seen.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.27.25

Post-lunch fresh squeezed pineapple-apple juice from Juice Crafters on Balboa Island.

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Each of the couples on the trip were responsible for at least one meal.  Andrew and I made Lobster Mac n’ Cheese our night.  I had been wanting to make lobster mac n’ cheese for so long!  My dad mentioned something about wanting to try it…didn’t have to tell me twice.  We served it with a salad and a sourdough baguette.

My sister and I also realized that if you take a slice of that sourdough baguette and dip it in this dressing + blue cheese…it tastes like the most delicious thing.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.27.41


Half a bagel topped with smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers.  Served with eggs and orange slices.  Then we all piled into the car and headed to Disneyland for the day.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.27.58

Just so you know, I’m obsessed with those mint pants I’m wearing below.  They’re from J.Crew Factory.  I want to wear them everyday.  Everyday.

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I’m in the back.  That is pure terror on my face.  I hate Splash Mountain.  HATE IT.  I have no clue why I keep going on it.  Also, I don’t know anyone in my little log boat.

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hamburgers + fries at Disneyland.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.28.11

Pineapple Dole Whips at Disney.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.28.24

So we have a tradition of going to BJ’s after Disneyland.  After a day walking around on your feet, all you wanna do is sit down and eat a delicious meal.  I had the most random mix of food that night.  Wedge salad, clam chowder, 1/2 a slice of pizza and then the 7 of us split a chocolate chip pizookie.  I ate the most pizookie.

This was my favorite meal of the trip.

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Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.30.47

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smoked salmon + cream cheese on sourdough + eggs + oranges…again.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.29.06

Wahoo’s again! This time I went with a carnitas burrito with no rice.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.29.22

Massive snickerdoodle cookie from a coffee shop.

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Dinner was a choice of mahi mahi, salmon or sea bass.  Served with a salad + sauteed sugar snap peas and sourdough baguettes.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.30.33


Sourdough French Toast topped with peanut butter & bananas.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.30.18

Lunch was at The Cliff.  By this point my stomach was all out of whack from too much vacation food.  For some reason nothing sounded better than this Turkey Wrap + fruit.  That was the best tortilla I’ve ever eaten a wrap in.  So doughy and wheat-y.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.30.04 

Then Andrew and I wandered down an alley and ended up right outside a gelato shop.  Coincidence?! I think not.  I got mango + coconut.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.29.46

The last dinner of the trip was mahi mahi + salad + sauteed sugar snap peas + sourdough (again).

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.32.21


The day we left, Andrew and I grabbed breakfast at Banzai Bowls.  I got the Maui Sunrise, which had so much coconut.  Yum.  I felt like I hadn’t had a smoothie breakfast in FOREVER.  Our typical trip breakfasts seem to always involve eggs.  So a smoothie type of thing was a welcomed change.  So fresh.  Plus, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ate granola.  It was so good.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 22.32.36

Until next year, Laguna!


  1. Until next year when I can come?! Wow so much deliciousness and fun. I totally have those J Crew mint coloured pants in the shorts… love them. So glad you had a fabulous time!

  2. All of that looks AMAZING! I want it all.

  3. SO FUN. Can I be an honorary member of your family next year?
    I’ve always wanted to try Dole Whip— the next we hit up Disney, I’ll have to buy some. Your eats look so fantastic, especially those desserts! Hello, snickerdoodle.
    Glad to see that you had a blast!

  4. So jealous…your instagram pics were making me hungry all week! Especially that mango coconut gelato…I NEED some now! Looks like a fun trip :)

  5. Wow all your food looks absolutely amazing! YUM! Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

  6. I live in Laguna so seeing all of these places in so weird haha. I still have never been to Taco Loco though. Ill have to give it a try!

  7. Is it weird that I’m more jealous of your meals than of your actual vacation? Ok, the beach & Disney would be awesome right now…but seriously, that’s some good-looking food.

  8. Your vacation looks fabulous!! I love a good Disney vacay :)

  9. I love looking at vacations as food, lol. Looks like you had a delicious time!

  10. Everything looks soo amazing! I love all the fish — especially appropriate by the sea! :) And sorry but I laughed out loud at you hating Splash Mountain AND being with strangers, haha! ;)

  11. Looks like you had a great vacation. The food you ate looks so good!
    Disneyland is so much fun! It’s been a while. I usually get fast passes whenever I want to go on the popular rides!

  12. Trade you something for dole whip. Anything for dole whip? Love all of these fresh tacos and fish- man, I miss the coast!

  13. Ohhh I’m so envious. California dreaming big time over here

  14. Bear Flag is the best!! Their ahi poke is super good too. And now I’m craving dole whip! Looks like a successful trip :)

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