May 19

What I Ate This Week

I ate so many turkey burgers this week! I didn’t even realize it until putting this post together.  It was a fun weekend with Andrew’s dad’s birthday dinner & landscaping our front yard (finally).  We’ve been trying for awhile to find the time to make our front yard prettier.  The beautiful weather we had this weekend made it the perfect opportunity for working outside.

DinnersMonday: Lemon Rosemary Chicken + Israeli Couscous + Kale Chips

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Tuesday: BBQ Shrimp + Polenta + Avocado Salsa

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Wednesday: Turkey Burgers + Sweet Potato Fries

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Thursday: Trader Joe’s True Thai Pad See Ew + Leftover Chicken + Two Buck Chuck

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Friday: Out to dinner at Torchy’s Tacos.  I went with Brushfire & The Democrat…both on corn tortillas. Both so good.

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Saturday: Out to Perry’s for the father-in-law’s b-day.

Appetizer was calamari.

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For my entree I ended up ordering another appetizer and a side dish.  I went with crab cakes & brussels sprouts.  The brussels had this sweet sriracha sauce on them…so good.  The crab cakes were fried and the coating was too heavy.  Wouldn’t get them again.

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We were all stuffed but birthdays require dessert so…Rocky Road Bread Pudding.  I have to say that I ate most of this myself.  Andrew, his dad and his mom had a couple bites but I couldn’t stop eating it. I thought the ginormous marshmallow on the top was so creative…or maybe it was just so delicious.

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Sunday: Turkey Burgers.  Andrew’s best man came over to hang out so we put out some appetizer & grilled some burgers.

Burgers were made using this recipe.  I subbed a poblano pepper for the jalapeno and left the olive oil out of the spread.

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Out with a friend to Adair Kitchen.  I got the Build-Your-Own Salad with goat cheese + cranberries + sourdough croutons + tomatoes + a turkey burger.  I loved this place! I will definitely be back for breakfast/brunch soon!

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Open-faced whole wheat english muffin sandwich.  Half was topped with scrambled eggs + avocado and the other half was topped with scrambled eggs + Cabot’s Everything Bagel Cheese.  Served with 1/2 a can of Amy’s tomato soup.

That is the most interesting cheese! The nice Cabot people sent me some to sample.  I am really loving it.  We served it again for appetizers Sunday night.

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Arugula salad topped with leftover chicken, 1/2 a turkey burger, black beans, butternut squash, feta cheese and corn tortilla strips.  Dressing was some red wine vinegar + salt + pepper.

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Nachos made with butternut squash + chicken + arugula + avocado + mozzarella.

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Greek Yogurt Blueberry Smoothie + granola.

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Whole wheat toaster waffle + 2 scrambled eggs + peaches.

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Overnight oats topped with granola.

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walnuts + blueberries + Dove dark chocolate square + dried cranberries.

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Vanilla Protein Powder Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

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Perry’s Rocky Road Bread Pudding.  OoohmyMARSHMALLOW brick.

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workoutYard work all weekend.  So much raising/forming flower bed.  So much shoveling compost.  So much digging out buried bricks.  So much planting.  My back is super sore!

This was our landscaping haul (+ an unpictured crape myrtle)

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And puppy met Uncle Norman this week…

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This upcoming week involves a lot of eating out.  I have a dietetics professional meeting (that I’m dragging Andrew to), a family dinner date and then a fun road trip this weekend! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot get over the doggie cuteness! :)

  2. Turkey burgers are just great. That marshmallow looks incredible!

  3. I can’t choose what I love more…your recipes or the puppy :)

  4. Oooo so much goodness! Now I really want tacos, turkey burgers, marshmallows, and peaches. Not all together.

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