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What I Ate This Week

Highlights of last week included our 6 month wedding anniversary. Shesh time flies.  My only complaint is the drinking out of the milk jug thing.  That’s gotta stop.  So last week I had a bit of a schedule change.  For my dietetic internship I was medical staff at a type 1 diabetes camp for kids.  The kids taught me way more than I taught them…it was quite the exhausting week though. Being outside in the sun for 8 hours a day is tiring.  But it was definitely a nice change from sitting at a desk all day!

This weekend I’m so looking forward to spending time with family and eating delicious food for the holiday weekend.  We’ve also got a wedding Saturday night.  Plus, my parents just got a beagle puppy who I cannot wait for Maggie (and me) to meet.


Monday: Crispy Oven Baked Tofu via this recipe + tomato caprese salad + roasted brussels.

what i ate this week-46

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers on a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Bun + sweet potato fries + ketchup.  So many buns are so giant! These were the perfect size.

what i ate this week-49

Wednesday: Spring Rolls with salmon, coconut brown rice, mango, cilantro, enchilada sauce, cabbage slaw (except I didn’t saute the cabbage and I left out the garlic).

what i ate this week-25

Thursday: Shaved asparagus with soba noodles, whole wheat pasta, shredded chicken, tomatoes and shaved parmesan.  It was tossed in a lemon-olive oil dressing. We served it cold and pasta salads are just great for summer!

what i ate this week-40

Friday: Homemade pizza.  Recipe on the blog Friday! I thought it was one of the most delicious things I’d ever made…maybe I was really just in a pizza mood.

what i ate this week-43

Saturday: Date night at Brooklyn Athletic Club for our 6-month wedding anniversary.

what i ate this week-34

Husband got a burger.  I got 2 appetizers…sweet potato gnocchi & the crab cake.  The gnocchi was plenty for a meal, I really didn’t need the crab cake.

But I loved the gnocchi.  It had roasted peaches and mushrooms and this delicious creamy sauce.  The menu said the peaches were apples but I swear they were peaches.  My only complaint was the fried onions on top tasted soggy.  Next time I’d leave them off.

what i ate this week-36

Andrew and I both agreed that the crab cake was just okay.  We wouldn’t order it again.

what i ate this week-35

Sunday: Nachos! These had pinto beans, shredded chicken, Cabot pepperjack & cheddar cheese, sauteed onions & pablano peppers, cilantro.  We had plans to meet my sister + her boyfriend for Mexican food but she got stuck in Frankfurt.  Plans were rescheduled for the next night.

what i ate this week-39


a wrap on a whole wheat tortilla…hummus, arugula, leftover tofu, goat cheese feta, tomatoes, basil.  Loved the basil addition!

what i ate this week-47

another wrap with hummus, leftover tofu, arugula, butter lettuce, roasted red peppers, goat feta, roasted brussels.

what i ate this week-50 ran by my parents house and my mom made me a delicious lunch.  Salmon salad with pepper jack and mango + yogurt with mango.

what i ate this week-32

at the last day of camp they fed us burgers.  I brought my own bun and cheese…because why not.  Paired with some Lays baked chips & a diet coke.  It had been pouring down rain all day at camp so I was exhausted and it felt so good to just sit down and eat a burger!

what i ate this week-29

shredded chicken tacos with mango, hummus, enchilada sauce & cilantro

what i ate this week-45 BREAKFAST

pumpkin baked oatmeal topped with plain 2% greek.

For baked oatmeal…Preheat oven to 375F.  Combine 1 cup oats, 1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree, 1/2 cup mashed banana, 1 tsp cinnamon, pinch salt, 2-3 tablespoons milk.  Spread into a loaf pan and bake for 20-30 minutes, or until set.  Makes 2 servings.  Store in the fridge.  I make mine the night before and eat it cold in the morning. 

what i ate this week-48

Pre-workout pb-banana-waffle + Post-workout chocolate protein shake with Kashi cereal.

what i ate this week-42 what i ate this week-41

breakfast tacos with eggs, cilantro, tomatoes + berries & cherries on the side.  can’t get enough cherries right now!

what i ate this week-44

leftover baked pumpkin oatmeal topped with pb & bananas.

what i ate this week-27 Snacks-Desserts

apple at camp.

what i ate this week-28

kashi cereal + raisins

what i ate this week-30

random, mid-morning noodle snack after hot yoga.

what i ate this week-31

some JIF peanut butter + dark chocolate (more was eaten than this;) + a glass of 2%.

what i ate this week-26

frozen yogurt!  I had never gotten strawberries on my yogurt before, which I guess is odd…but it was so good!  I went with cookie n’ cream + cookie dough + blueberries + strawberries.

what i ate this week-37workout

Hot yoga.  Seriously, I just really love sweating.  I’m already scheming for how I can convince Andrew to let us budget this in once my cheap trial membership runs out.  

5 comments on “What I Ate This Week”

  1. Those spring rolls look and sound amazing!! I love how you load up your wraps (with veggies!) too. I always do that, and I end up eating the wrap like a barbarian. I just can’t not fill them past their capacity.

  2. Yum! this all looks great Kylie – especially the spring rolls!

  3. Haha you know the way to my heart…describe ALL the eats at any restaurant you eat at. BAC has been on my list for ages!!! Your spring rolls sound so bomb!!! I made some the other night just to get rid of some leftovers and I ended up with sweet potato/avocado/glass noodle/cucumber/hoisin rolls. Random but delicious. Next time I’m deffff adding some mango and salmon!

    • My sister lived in the museum district for awhile and on the way to her apartment I’d always drive by BAC and say I was gonna go soon. 2 years later…finally made it. We sat inside because it was freaking hot outside but I’d love to go back in the Fall when it’s more enjoyable eating outside conditions:)

      And glass noodles? I’m intrigued!

  4. mmm, i love pb naner toaster waffles :)

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