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The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook Preview Recipe


Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-11

At the beginning of March, Andrew suggested that I should write an eCookbook.  It sounded complicated and I just got a grasp on using Lightroom and WordPress…I didn’t know if I could handle another software.  Fast-forward an hour…and I decided I should write an eCookbook.

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie   Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-2
I knew right away that I wanted the cookbook to be about single-serving cookies.  Single-serving cookies have become such a big part of my life, which sounds slightly ridiculous because how could cookies be a big part of someone’s life? But since being married, I no longer live in a house filled with people who are always down for cookies.  If I make a batch of a dozen cookies, they are eaten by…me.  So over the last 6 months, single-serving cookies and me have become rather involved.

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-3

A couple days later the cookie planning process began at Starbucks.  Me and an iced coffee sat for hours dreaming up cookie ideas.  It was one of my favorite days.

Andrew says (or he heard somewhere), that in a good marriage the sorrows are halved and the triumphs are doubled.  I know it’s just an eBook, but creating this book has been one of the most fun things we’ve ever done.  I still can’t believe that we actually finished it and got to the point to market it and sell it.  Our original deadline date to have the eBook ready to go was June 1st.  Obviously we didn’t quite make that.

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-4

I’m so thrilled that the eBook is finally done, but in a weird way I’m sad that it’s over.  It kind of became an all-consuming thing.  Not in a bad way.  Just in the “i-can’t-wait-to-get-home-so-I-can-try-out-this-new-cookie-idea” way.  There were so many nights that I would much rather have just worked on the eBook than sleep.  I told myself that if I didn’t sleep I’d get a migraine and be a moody, terrible person, but I didn’t want to stop editing pictures, typing up recipes and formatting the eBook pages. 

Now that the book is done, I can’t wait to write another.  I enjoyed the entire process from dreaming up recipes to designing pages in Indesign.   It’s the first time I’ve worked on something that I 100% loved working on.

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-5

I thought I’d share a little preview recipe from The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook.  Out of the 35 single-serving cookie recipes included, it’s probably my second favorite recipe in the book.  Or maybe it’s tied for first.  I can’t decide.  I just know that I love it.  It tastes like the most delicious cake you’d ever eat…but it’s doughier and cookie-like.  And there are sprinkles.

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-8

For more eBook details, you can click here.  And if your heart so desires, you can also purchase the book there too. 

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the eBook, you can enter below.  I’ll email you a copy of the eBook right away and ship you a little box of goodies, including the eBook on the world’s cutest USB drive. Ebook Giveaway winner is: Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl!!!!

Thanks for reading the blog. Thanks for leaving me comments.  Thanks for liking my instagram photos. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make Yeah…immaeatthat a reality.  This wouldn’t be happening without you.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-9

White Chocolate Chocolate Cake Cookie
  1. 2 tablespoons canned chickpeas, rinsed-drained-shelled-mashed
  2. 2 tablespoons whole wheat pastry flour
  3. 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder
  4. 1 tablespoon cream cheese
  5. 2 teaspoons maple syrup
  6. 1/4 teaspoon butter extract
  7. 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
  8. tiny pinch salt
  9. heaping tablespoon white chocolate chips
  10. 1-2 teaspoons sprinkles
  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Roll rinsed/drained chickpeas between two paper towels to dry them. This rolling motion will also help the chickpea shells come off. Remove all chickpea shells and completely mash chickpeas using the back of a fork. In a bowl, combine 2 tablespoons mashed chickpeas with all remaining ingredients. Stir until a dough forms. Roll into a ball and slightly flatten. Place on a greased baking sheet and bake for 8 minutes.
serves 1
 Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-12

84 comments on “The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook Preview Recipe”

  1. Cooked cookie! Especially with milk!

  2. cooked, i love the crunch

  3. OMG this is such a great idea! I would love to win this as I have trouble with overindulging in yummy desserts – so this might actually help :)

  4. I love warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven so they are cooked yet still warm mushy and gooey!

  5. I’m a baked cookie person. But I’m totally in love with your cookie dough bites for breakfast. Who can’t like cookies for breakfast?

  6. Congrats! Such an exciting accomplishment! By the way, i’m totally a cookie person! :-)

  7. Ah love that you are doing this! I never finish a batch off cookies before the last are just a bit stale but I always want a cookie after dinner!

  8. Genius! I’m going to recommend this to all my clients with a sweet tooth :)

  9. I love cookies when they’re slightly underdone…so, when they’re part baked, part dough!

  10. I too am an avid cookie fan in a household of two so I love the idea of single were cookies, looks great!

  11. Congrats! I would love to write an e-book one of these days… maybe next summer. I’m a cookie and cookie dough person… totally can’t choose! ;)

  12. Im SO excited about all of these cookies!!!! My roommate and I have been counting the days :D

    • This comment makes me smile!!!! Do y’all need a third roommate?? Because you two sound like the best people to live with haha!

  13. I am definitely a cookie dough person!

  14. Congrats!! Can’t wait to make some cookies!! :)

  15. This is AWESOME!! So different than the 10 million other e-books, super excited to win (or buy it when I lose, haha). Congrats on all the hard work!!

  16. This just might be the greatest idea of all time.

  17. Cookie dough rocks but I love the taste of a warm, soft cookie right out of the oven :)

  18. Normally a cooked cookie person, but I love Kylie’s breakfast cookie dough!!

    • Haha I like your thinking!! I eat that breakfast cookie dough at least once a week! Either for breakfast or a snack!

  19. SO SO psyched for the ebook!!! My roommate (who commented above) and I can’t wait to test them out!

  20. I prefer cooked cookies, but love those really doughy.

  21. This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

  22. Congrats Kylie! I’m so excited for you!

    I love both freshly baked cookies and cookie dough, but I’d have to say the freshly baked cookie, chocolate chips still slightly warm and melting into the cookie… Mmm.. ;)

  23. You go girl!! Thanks for sharing unique and delicious recipes! A whole “book” of treats? What could be better!

  24. Congratulations, Kylie! I can only imagine the work behind writing a book – e-book or printed – so the fact you enjoyed it so much can only mean it’s what you’re meant to do. Fingers crossed for a printed volume in the future!
    Given I can’t remember the last time I ate an actual baked cookie but the last time I ate several cookies’ worth of dough – two days ago to be exact – my answer is obvious: cookie dough! I’m living alone so don’t actually bake cookies too often because having a dozen of the same flavour sitting around isn’t the smartest idea.

    • I hear ya! I lived alone my last year of college and baked goods were so tricky. I was like, “I’ll make a batch and then I can just freeze the leftovers.” But frozen leftovers aren’t as good as the real deal!

      Thanks so much for the congratulations!:)

  25. Same thing happens in my household…so you see I desperately need this ebook! Can’t wait!

  26. I love this! I’d much rather prefer making a single-serving cookie then an entire batch when it is only my husband and I ! This cookie looks absolutely delicious!

  27. This is perfect. Congrats on finally finishing the ebook! As a pregnant lady who’s really craving sweets right now, I feel like I have to get a copy.

    And as much as I love dough, I’m a cooked cookie person!

    • Thanks for the congrats! And congrats on your growing bundle of joy:) I’m sure baby would like some cookies haha;)

  28. I’m a cooked cookie kinda girl, especially when the cookies are fresh out of the oven! Congrats on your ebook! What an accomplishment!!

    • Thanks for the congrats, Mallory! My husband is the same as you! He’s a cooked cookie person all the way, no cookie dough for him haha

  29. Oooh I love both… The dough and warm out of the oven

  30. I’m definitely a cookie dough + spoon person. I’ve made cookie dough in my dorm room during college just to keep it in the refrigerator.

  31. Congrats on the ecookbook, Kylie!!

  32. Congratulations! I know this has been a long time in the making and a huge labor of love but I know I am not alone in saying how psyched I am that the day is finally here that the book comes out! I hope you’re sitting back today with a huge pile of cookies to celebrate.

    PS: I’m not a dough *or* cooked person, I’m a half-cooked-so-the-inside-is-still-kinda-raw-but-the-outside-is-cooked kinda cookie person :)

    • I’m liking the detail in the cookie preference response haha!! Thanks for the constant support, Nora! I hope one day our paths cross and we get to meet in person!!!

  33. Congrats on the book, that is so exciting! And a book about cookies must have been way too fun to make! Hm, that is a tough question.. I love me some cookie dough, but nothing beats a warm cookie fresh out of the oven.

  34. Definitely cookie dough… Preferably mixed with ice cream. Congrats on the cookbook – I’m about to move in to an apartment on my own, these recipes would definitely come in handy!

    • I’m with ya on being a cookie dough person. Thanks for the congrats! And congratulations on the new apartment!! Freshly baking cookies have a way of making a place feel more homey:))

  35. While I love cookie dough, my favorite is a fresh cookie RIGHT out of the oven that is slightly undercooked…SO good!! This particular cookie sounds delicious! Any thoughts on a vegan sub for the cream cheese other than vegan “cream cheese?”

    • Maybe a coconut milk yogurt!! I have tried this recipe with greek yogurt instead of cream cheese…it was good, but the texture is just so amazing with the cream cheese. You could also try cashew butter or almond butter! Taste-wise peanut butter might not be very good!

  36. congratulations dear. this ecookbook sounds wonderful…

  37. I’m a cooked cookie kind of gal!

  38. Umm can I have three cookies please? One uncooked, one almost finished and one cooked cookie.. Yum! I’m so excited for this ecookbook.

  39. I am all about the cookie dough OR the soft, warm cooked cookie. I am for sure almost never in the mood for hard/crunchy cookies. Congrats on the e-book!

  40. Wow what a great idea for an ebook!

  41. This cookie looks sinfully delightful. YUMM!! Would be great to have ebook as my boys are not as into healthier eating as I am. I would end up eating all of them if I made a big batch.

  42. Done and done! Can’t wait to make my first single-serve cookie. I feel like you kept this so under wraps until I saw one of your instagrams and almost flipped out I was so excited. congrats!!

  43. AHHHH so exciting!!! I can’t wait to try all your cookies :) cookie a day keeps the doctor away right??

  44. Congratulations on your first e-book! If they all look as good as this one I can’t wait to get it!

  45. Will there be a way to buy this without a Paypal account? I don’t want to make one, but I would love the ebook!

    • Hey! You don’t have to have a Paypal account. There is an option to pay with a credit card…I know because that’s how my mom bought a book! Let me know if you have any trouble:)

      • Hmmm… the only options I’m getting are “Log into PayPal account”, and “Create Paypal account”. Maybe I’m not clicking on the right link?

      • Hey! From my website click–>”Add to car.t” Then click “Check out with PaypPal” in the bottom righthand corner. Then a screen should come up and at the bottom there will be an option that says “Pay with a debit or credit card.” Click that option and you’re good to go!

  46. CONGRATS! This is so huge. I’m excited for you… and excited to buy! Loved hearing the story behind it, too.

  47. Ahhh Kylie congrats!! I just bought your ebook and seriously having a major issue deciding what to make first…I think the deep dish banana nut pancake cookie is happening for breakfast tomorrow :) The book came out great and all the photos are amazing!

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