Vacation (…via iphone)

We spent last week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Andrew’s grandparents built a house there in the 70s.  Growing up Andrew’s family would go visit every year…so now I get to go.  Yay marriage.

Mornings typically stated off with a light breakfast of toast topped with nut butter (cashew or almond) and banana slices or a fluffy muffin.  Usually breakfast is one of my biggest meals of the day, but on vacation light breakfasts worked well because breakfast was usually followed with some type of activity (i.e. a hour or two of bike riding, working out at the local gym, running the boardwalk).  Then we shopped and beached and ate and lounged.  The dinners we ate out, I ordered crab cakes every time.  The crab cakes were insane.  They don’t make crab cakes like that in Texas.  Then dessert was ice cream cones on the boardwalk or chocolate treats from a cute candy store

I can’t wait to go back!


airport cranberry apple muffin + Oprah chai tea latte (love).

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-2

toast with almond butter.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-11

almond butter with chia seeds. 

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-10

toast + almond butter + bananas.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-16

Donuts from the Fractured Prune.  This place was high on my list to visit on the trip…glad we made it! I got the Black Forest doughnut with raspberry glaze, chocolate chips & coconut.  Served with a cold bottle of chocolate milk!

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-26

blueberry muffins.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-38

iced chai tea latte.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-33


turkey, swiss, tomato andwich + delicious Utz sweet potato chips.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-29 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-28

sandwiches on the beach.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-12

amazing bread sticks while waiting for our meal.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-3

arugula, roasted red pepper, parmesan, artichoke salad with limoncello dressing and salmon.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-4

wedge salad.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-42

A burger at the airport on the way home.  I was feeling nauseous after the 2 hour car ride to the airport and needed something heavy in my stomach.  This was eaten at like 10am lol.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-46



Rehoboth Vacation 2014-8

A dinner eaten in.  salmon + green beans + corn.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-14


Rehoboth Vacation 2014-22

baked brie.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-23

baby crab bomb + mashed potatoes + green beans.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-24

more crab cakes the next night.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-43


flight home snacking.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-47

mint chocolate chip + sprinkle cone.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-44

cashew butter + half a banana.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-30

the doughnut selection.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-25

chocolate treats: chocolate & peanut butter covered pretzels, chocolate covered honeycomb, chocolate covered marzipan.

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-21


Rehoboth Vacation 2014-7

And here are some random pictures…

 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-41 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-40 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-39 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-34 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-35 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-36 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-37 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-32 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-31 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-27  Rehoboth Vacation 2014-15 Rehoboth Vacation 2014-6Rehoboth Vacation 2014-17Rehoboth Vacation 2014-18

Rehoboth Vacation 2014-50



  1. A) I really, really love this post! The end picture “travel diary” is my favorite part… your photos are great!
    B) Now I want crab cakes and ice cream cones and donuts. Thanks haha.

    • I love vacation recaps!! They’re so fun to put together…and then look back on when you’re not on vacation anymore!!!!!

  2. My husbands family has been going there for years also so now I get to tagalong too! His parents were there last week but unfortunately we were too busy (and lacking in vacay days to go down also) so I’m living vicariously through your photos. Looks like you had a great time and I really love the picture of you and Andrew :)

    • YOU’RE KIDDING?! Such a small world. Bummer you two couldn’t go this year! We’ll be back next year in September…maybe our paths will cross;)))

  3. It is 10 am and I’m currently in need of an ice cream cone because of those beautiful pictures. Droooool. I love your vacation recaps, plus all the eats looked amaaaaazing. ;)

  4. I was staying in Ocean City while you were at Rehoboth Beach! Once I saw that you posted a picture of a donut from the Fractured Prune, I knew you had to be staying in Maryland. (Eeep) Wish I saw you though!

    • Wish I would have ran into you! I just looked up where Ocean City is…we were pretty close!! I know on instagram you said you were in OC but I didn’t know what that meant lol. I’m an East Coast newbie!

  5. Gorgeous! All of it! I’m especially in love with all those funky ice cream flavors. And the turtle. And the beach :)

  6. Love this post! I know you work so hard between the blog and school/internships so it is great to see you relaxing and having fun. That little town looks adorable and the food you ate all looked so good!! PS: I need a doughnut now. PPS: Have I mentioned in lately that you and the mister are THE cutest couple ever?

    • Thanks Nora:) I felt so relaxed when I got back to Houston. Usually after a vacation I’m exhausted. We also got home on a Thursday, which meant we had 3 days until the work week started up again. It was good to be able to get stuff organized before life business started again:) PS: I would totally send you a box of doughnut in exchange for a loaf of your chocolate zucchini bread;)

  7. Can I come eat breakfast with you?? Everything looks SO good!!! ;) And nice job on the Coors Light purchase! ;)

  8. I always love seeing where other people vacation. I am a west coast person and rarely venture very far out. I need to work on that. Everything looks beautiful!

    • Confession. I’m totally a west coast person too. My family grew up going to Southern California every year and the husband’s family grew up going to Delaware. So I’m making an effort to love the east coast…in the name of family happiness:) But deep down…laguna beach all the way.

  9. I love the “What I Ate Wednesday Posts”! So fun! I definitely look forward to them.

  10. seems like you guys had a wonderful time. I have never been to Delaware but if i do, I will be turning in to this post.

  11. Looks like a delicious vacation!! (I was just reading Gone Girl too btw…should be quite the movie!)

    • I’m a total weenie when it comes to anything scary so I’m still at the part where his wife disappears…like 30 pages in lol. Hopefully I’ll work up the nerve to keep reading

  12. You two are so adorable!! And I’m tellin’ you— I need to go on vacation with you because we eat the same things and we’ll bond over crab cakes, almond butter, and ice cream.

  13. Those are some awesome pics via iPhone! Do you use a particular app? P.S. Now I want ice cream for dinner.

  14. This post makes me so nostalgic! I’m from Maryland and grew up going to Ocean City, Bethany Beach & Rehoboth. There really is nothing like Maryland crab cakes! Now I’m even more excited for our trip to Bethany next weekend. :) I’m glad you had such a good trip – your pictures are amazing!

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