Aug 27

What I Ate This Week.

This was our first full week back after vacation.  After being away and eating vacation food, I feel like I have to wean myself off wanting to eat out every single night.  To cope, I’ve been chai tea-ing so hard lately.  Can’t get enough!


Monday: Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled ricotta eggs with roasted brussels and whole wheat toast. 

For the eggs, I just whisked together eggs until fluffy.  Then poured them into a pan coated in some olive oil.  I cooked them over super low heat stirring with a wooden spatula the entire time.  During the last minute of cooking, I turned off the heat and stirred in some ricotta cheese.  So creamy.  So fluffy.

What I Ate 6-27-8
Tuesday: Sauteed chicken topped with tomato slices that I broiled in the oven with pesto and mozzarella on top.  Love this! Andrew’s college roommate made a version of this chicken for us once and I’ve loved it ever since.  Served with roasted sweet potatoes.

What I Ate 6-27-10

Wednesday: Out to Tex-Mex.  I had a weird, emotional day and didn’t feel like cooking.

What I Ate 6-27-20
Thursday: Coconut Fried Rice with Tofu. Recipe coming soon.

What I Ate 6-27-14
Friday: Homemade Pizza! I made a whole wheat crust and piled it high with toppings.  I’ve been loving pineapple on pizza lately.  Recipe coming soon.

What I Ate 6-27-3
Saturday: Andrew and I went out to dinner with my parents, Layne (sister) and Marco (her boyfriend).  My Dad had a bunch of giftcards to Taste of Texas, so steaks it was. 

This restaurant is ridiculous.  They don’t take reservations, so you end up waiting 1 1/2+ hours to sit down and eat…and people wait.  I’m not a steak eater because I don’t really enjoy the taste, but these steaks are so good.  I went for the 6oz filet with garlic butter.  Salad and a (CHEESY) baked potato on the side.

What I Ate 6-27-26 What I Ate 6-27-27

Sunday: Pan-seared salmon + grilled corn + spinach salad with pomegranates & avocado.

What I Ate 6-27-5


Hummus + roasted veggies.

What I Ate 6-27-2

Salad.  Topped with raspberries, cornmeal baked okra, tuna mixed with hummus and some gruyere cheese.  I don’t know how I feel about gruyere.  It’s not my favorite cheese.

What I Ate 6-27-9

Another day, another salad.  Same ingredients as before, except goat cheese instead of gruyere.

What I Ate 6-27-17

Carnitas Quesadilla at Freebirds. (I’m Team Chipotle all the way.)

What I Ate 6-27-28


Chai tea latte + 2 slices pb & banana toast.

What I Ate 6-27-16

Banana breakfast bake.

What I Ate 6-27-15

Chocolate protein shake + Nature’s Path Maple cereal.

What I Ate 6-27-13

Overnight oats with some cereal for crunch.

What I Ate 6-27-11


Pomegranates.  Yay Fall!

What I Ate 6-27-29

Chai tea latte at Agora.  The second year dietetic interns are planning a dinner for the new 1st year interns, so we met up here to plan.

What I Ate 6-27-25

Tried La Croix for the first time.  I like how bubbly it is.  And as long as it’s ice cold, it’s so so refreshing!  The not sweet flavor is going to take a little getting used to though.

What I Ate 6-27-24

homemade chai tea latte.

What I Ate 6-27-18

making more chai tea concentrate.

What I Ate 6-27-22

Some cocoa pb bites. 

What I Ate 6-27-21

random Tuesday night froyo date with the husband.

What I Ate 6-27-19

Chewy coconut oat granola bars stuffed with chocolate.

What I Ate 6-27-12

I made these deep dish cookies.  They were so bad.  So, so bad.  They had garbanzo beans and I thought they were gonna be like a fudgy blondie type of cookie…but they weren’t.  They ended up being way too tough to eat.  #fail

What I Ate 6-27-4


A lot of hot yoga.  I’m recovering from a pulled glute and trying to take it easy.  I miss squats.  Hopefully it’ll be feeling better soon!

21 comments on “What I Ate This Week.”

  1. The okra looks amazing… Care to share how you make it crunchy in the oven?

    • Hey Amanda! I tossed the okra in cornstarch, then an egg wash, then cornmeal. Then I baked at 400F for 40 minutes, stirring twice during cooking. Hope you love it!

  2. Mmm, your eats are the bomb. I got so excited when I saw ‘deep dish cookie’ that even my brain convinced me that when she you said bad maybe they’re actually good. Oh well, hope you try again and succeed cause we all need a deep dish cookie in our lives every now and again ;)

    • I promise…so so bad. Such a bummer. I totally agree with needing a deep dish cookie in our lives on occasion (hello, BJ’s Pizzookie!), so I’m definitely gonna still work on the recipe;)

  3. Your “failure” of a cookie sure looks good!! Too bad they didn’t turn out how you had hoped. I love that you put pineapple on your pizza! A lot of people think I am crazy for liking that.

  4. Kylie, I can’t wait for the coconut rice recipe! Looks so good!

  5. those raspberries, YUM!

  6. that froyo…looks so good! as do all of the rest of your eats, as usual. and now i’m craving a cheesy baked potato and a steak.

  7. That chicken looks so good! I’m going to have to try it sometime!

  8. Delicious looking eats! Love topping my overnight oats/smoothies with some crunchy cereal/granola!

    • I feel a crunchy granola craving coming on! Sometimes cereal just doesn’t cut it, ya know? Need to add it to next weeks grocery list;)

  9. As always looks delicious! Sorry about the cookie fail though. That’s always disappointing but your chai recipe certainly rocks it out of the park. Hope the glute gets better!

  10. I giggled at “pulled glute” – but for real, that must be really painful! I love yoga for that exact reason – heals you quickly and safely!

  11. Transitioning back to cooking after vacation is rough, even for someone who loves to cook, I feel your pain. Looks like you did a kick butt job though :) That chicken sounds yummy, I’ve done something similar with portabellas and it was delish.

    • I can never decide if I like mushrooms or not. Sometimes I love them and sometimes they make me wanna gag. It’s like I’m pregnant…but I’m not. LOL:)

  12. The cookies LOOK good…so not a complete fail :)

  13. I’m interested in trying out a protein shake…what do you use?

    • Honestly I just use whatever protein powder my husband currently has on top of the fridge lol:) I’ve used Jay Robs & cytosport whey protein before but right now we’re just using the 24 hour fitness brand!

  14. So, I’ve been looking at overnight oats recipes on pinterest, but the recipes I’m finding aren’t exactly the healthiest of ingredients. How do you do yours? By the way, I just did your cookie dough bites and they were UNREAL! I’m officially addicted to your recipes:)

    • Hey Shaina! So glad you liked the cookie dough bites! I’m quite the fan too;)

      Here’s my recipe for overnight oats: Mix together 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, 3/4 cup milk, 1/3 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/2 thinly sliced banana, 1 tbsp chia seeds and a dash cinnamon. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. Eat cold in the morning:) No cooking required!

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