Sep 10

What I Ate This Week.

After the super relaxing 3-day Labor day weekend we geared up for a short week.  Gosh the 4 day week flew by so quick!  A fun outing on Thursday night didn’t hurt either. 

Tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane to head to Vermont for Blog Brulee!!! I’m pumped…just oh-so slightly concerned about leaving Maggie Mae home alone with Andrew.  After Vermont my parents are meeting up with me and we’re heading up to Maine for all the lobster we can eat.  If you’re familiar with Vermont or Maine…let me know where we MUST eat! Next Wednesday I’ll share a recap of the trip!


Monday:  Parmesan Chicken + snap peas sauteed in some butter.

What I ate (9-10)-23
Tuesday: Salmon + Brussels & Potato Gratin.  Gratin recipe was from Fall edition of Go Gluten Free Magazine.

What I ate (9-10)-5
Wednesday: Taco Salads! Chips // Lettuce // sauteed ground beef // tomatoes // a whole lotta guacamole // Cabot extra sharp cheddar.  Plus some sparkling water + lime juice (AKA wannabe margarita).  This is the first meal I’ve made that Andrew wouldn’t eat.  It has chips…what’s not to like?!

What I ate (9-10)-9
Thursday: Out to dinner at Yard House.   I got the BBQ Chicken Salad minus the fried onions.  LOVED IT.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I had planned to help Andrew with his fries but they were gross.  They tasted stale and rubbery.  But no french fries left more room for froyo: Hazelnut yogurt with oreo topping.

What I ate (9-10)-14 What I ate (9-10)-15
Before dinner we went to How Sweet Eats Cookbook signing (Andrew was the only guy there lol).  I’ve already made 3 recipes from the book and have loved them all!

What I ate (9-10)-13
Friday: Chicken & Gnocchi Soup recipe from the Fall edition of Go Gluten Free Magazine.  Very similar to chicken & dumplings but so much easier because you don’t have to make the dumplings…you just dump in the pre-made gnocchi.  This had shredded chicken, carrots, onions and spinach.  This made awesome leftovers.

What I ate (9-10)-21
Saturday: So Saturday night I wanted to go out but Andrew wanted to stay in.  Our dinner out Thursday ended up being a wee-bit pricey because someone loves his Guinness.  So we ended up staying in Andrew cooked up some dinner.  Nachos with chicken sausage, tomatoes, beans and cheese.   When Andrew was cooking he said he felt so out of place in our kitchen.  I thought it was funny since we’ve lived together in this house for almost 9 months now.  I think that means I should be less controlling and let him cook more.

What I ate (9-10)-25
Sunday: Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Grapes paired with an arugula, walnut & Pecorino Romano salad.  This pork was the first recipe I’ve made from the How Sweet Eats Seriously Delish Cookbook.  The roasted grapes were different for us…they reminded Andrew a lot of black olives.  He hates olives, but I love olives so I thought they were delish.

What I ate (9-10)-27

leftover polenta pizza + salad.

What I ate (9-10)-2
Omelet-dilla. So in love with this quick lunch that it totally deserves it’s own post.  So I’ll be sharing it Friday or Monday.  My indecisive nature is making it hard to decide which day.

What I ate (9-10)-8
leftover parm chicken + potato-brussels gratin.

What I ate (9-10)-11
leftover Chicken & Gnocchi soup.

What I ate (9-10)-22
Semi-homemade pizza (we bought the whole wheat crust) after church on Sunday.  Then we watched football while I worked on a paper for grad school.  I told Andrew we should start making pizza every Sunday after church.  It’s not super heavy as long as it’s whole wheat and topped with at least some veggies.

What I ate (9-10)-26

Cookies for breakfast! These were part of some recipe testing for a new project Andrew and I are working on.  Paired with a chocolate protein-shake after a squat workout.

 What I ate (9-10)-19 What I ate (9-10)-18
Kale smoothie + pumpkin breakfast bake topped with peanut butter.

What I ate (9-10)-10
Homemade chai tea latte + pumpkin breakfast bake.  So ready for autumn.  The 40 degree weather forecast for Vermont this weekend will probably have me craving summer though.  I’m holding off on buying pumpkins to decorate the house until at least September 22nd.  Except, I probably won’t make it that long.

What I ate (9-10)
overnight oats + Nature’s Path Maple cereal.

What I ate (9-10)-16

pb + chocolate chips + pretzels.

What I ate (9-10)-24
Fresh mint, kale & chocolate protein powder smoothie after a workout.  LOVED.

What I ate (9-10)-17
pb mug cake.  Recipe is something like 3 tablespoons oat flour, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 heaping tablespoon peanut butter, 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar, 3 tablespoons milk, 1/8 teaspoon baking soda, 1/8 teaspoon baking powder, dash cinnamon, a pinch salt and 1 tablespoon chocolate chips.  Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.

What I ate (9-10)-12
more chai tea lattes.

What I ate (9-10)-7

And that’s it!  Hope everyone is having a great week!!

15 comments on “What I Ate This Week.”

  1. Your meals are nothing short of FABULOUS! I adore your posts!!

  2. Holy chai tea pumpkin bake. That’s going to have to happen at my house!! Also pizza salad made me smile so big thanks for sharing it all looks so good!

  3. Roasted grapes sound super interesting… might be trying that tonight! Also perhaps making more of your chai tea, still chilled though, I’m not ready for cold weather yet. Have fun in Vermont, sounds like it will be awesome!

  4. What’s not to like about taco salads?!? Silly Andrew! ;)

  5. I’ve been wanting to try to make a kale smoothie, what kind of protein powder do you use?!

  6. I love love love these posts! Your food always looks so yummy!

  7. I grew up in Vermont and spent my summers in Maine–not sure where you are going but ENJOY! Also a little envious you got to meet How Sweet Eats!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I look forward to Wednesday every week because it means I have a good 5 minutes of your blog to enjoy! Keep up the good work, and you are making me want to buy that how sweet eats cook book!!

  9. Omg HOW do you make your salmon?!??! It looks so so perfect. I had a chunk of amazingly cooked salmon at Dish Society the other day and yours looks just like it!! Please share your secrets.

    PS. How Sweet Eats. Still: ahhhhhhhh!!!! :'(((

    • We heat a skillet with olive oil over medium heat and then sear every side of the salmon until crispy!!! And I’ve never been to Dish Society, so I just stalked their menu;) So wish you would’ve been at the cookbook signing!!!

  10. The post work out smoothie looks AMAZING!!
    And super cool you got to meet Jesscia!!!

  11. Pizza Sunday is basically the best. It’s been my tradition for almost 4 years now. I make tons of crust each month, freeze it and defrost it in time for Sunday. However, your polenta pizza idea is going to be sneaking it’s way into my pizza sunday’s so thank you for the incredible idea. i’ve been snacking on the one I made all week long!

  12. I live in Portland, Maine and we are known as one of America’s “Foodiest” Cities

    There are a lot of places that are well known and respected: Fore Street, Hugo’s, Eventide, Central Provisions, Duckfat : all great but a lot over hyped.

    Below are my favorites based on “type” of cuisine:

    Italian: 1.) Ribollita 2.) Vignola-Cinque Terre

    Cuban/Spanish/Tapas: 1.) Local 188 2)Sonny’s —> both places are my fave drink spots, as well!

    French: 1.) Petite Jacqueline

    Asian: 1.) Pai Men Miyake 2.) Boda (amazing street style Thai with delicious drinks, too!)

    I have to say my 2 top favorites are Caiolas and The Front Room. Both classic American with twists – not overly pretentious but “fancy enough”.

    Also, here are the new “hottest” places to eat:

    • Angelina!! Oh my goodness!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is so helpful! We’re heading there tomorrow afternoon so hopefully we’ll be visiting some of these places soon;)

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