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Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Milkshake

i bring you a wannabe milkshake stuffed with chai tea-ness.

Chai Tea Latte Frosty-4

Are you sick of me talking about chai tea yet?  I am.  But all my life I’ve had this tendency to go through phases of fascination with particular foods.  Ask my best friend.  She’d tell you all about it.  There was a kit kat phase, then a chocolate covered raisins phase and then (fortunately) the phases got healthier as I realized that nutrient-rich foods could be super fun too.  Specifically, overnight oats.  That fascination is still in full swing.  It’s like pudding for breakfast.  YES.  And lately this overnight oats recipe has been getting a lot of pinterest action, which I think is silly because the pictures are from when I first started blogging and aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

Currently I’m waist-deep in a chai tea latte obsession.  I honestly blame by dad.  He drinks them.  So I think I subconsciously drink them because they make me think of my childhood.  And, as was already stated, Christmas.  So you see, this drink is like childhood Christmas when Santa was still real.  Is there anything happier than the idea of Santa…no. 

Back in the day (2 months ago), the drink used to be too spicy for me.  But something changed with my taste buds and now I’m a chai tea lover and a spicy margarita lover.  Bring me all the spicy drinks.  Except anything spicy licorice-ish because licorice is eww gross.  And also don’t bring any Bloody Marys…for the same reason I don’t want any licorice. 

Chai Tea Latte Frosty-5

I’m slightly concerned because I don’t love hot chai tea lattes.  I like iced chai tea lattes.  What will I do with myself when the weather turns cold? What will be my go to drink? Maybe I’ll become the girl who drinks hot chai tea lattes and pretends everyday is Christmas because you can’t drink chai tea without thinking, “oh i love this christmas in a cup drink.”  Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll default back to classic lattes.  I tend to like chai tea lattes over coffee lattes because they don’t leave you with the coffee-y breath. 

Also, why did the chia seed popularity have to coincide with my chai tea latte obsession?  I can’t tell you the number of times I have mistyped chai as chia.  It’s a confusing thing for someone (me) who can’t spell.

Chai Tea Latte Frosty-7

So this recipe is like a summer and fall fusion.  It’s chai (which is fall-like), but cold and frosty (which is summer-like).  I can’t decide what I want.  Warm summer weather or cold winter temperatures. Houston is 95 degrees+ everyday.  That’s hot.  But I spent the weekend and am spending the next 2 days in New York, Vermont & Maine where it’s like 50 degrees.  That’s too cold.  I don’t do cold.  I can’t handle it.   

Chai Tea Latte Frosty Chai Tea Latte Frosty-2

This creamy drink is practically a smoothie meets a milkshake.  A love story of cold things you drink through a straw.  I think we all now know the wonder frozen bananas bring to smoothies.  Holy smokes creaminess.  Except minus the smokes because this is cold, not hot.  

So for this drink, you blend the frozen bananas with chai tea concentrate.  Then we have to make the drink a latte so you add some milk too.  I went with 2%, but I’m dreaming of making this with almond milk or coconut milk.  Oh yeassss coconut milk.  And then topping it with some coconut whipped cream.  Oh that would be a-okay.  Then you add in some cocoa (or chocolate protein powder) because chocolate is the mark of all things good.  

Then boom…you’ve got a glass full of a chocolate chai tea latte milkshake<3.

Chai Tea Latte Frosty-3

Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Milkshake
  1. 1/3 cup chai concentrate
  2. 1/2 cup milk
  3. 1 large frozen banana
  4. 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder (or 1 scoop chocolate protein powder)
  5. 4 ice cubes (optional, but I like the texture they add)
  6. 1 teaspoon honey (optional)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Serves 1 (but can easily be doubled, tripled, etc.)
Chai Tea Latte Frosty-6

17 comments on “Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Milkshake”

  1. Yes, give me all the cold chai! It started getting chilly here this week and I’m not ready to make the switch to hot chai and hot lattes :( This sounds deliciou and I would never get sick of you talking about chai.

  2. Oh this is genius. I’ve been looking for a chai concentrate (def making asap) but think the chocolate milkshake will help bring my boyfriend around to trying chai. Thanks!!’

  3. I’m on a chai kick lately too, both iced and hot! This looks amazing- making it tomorrow! Have you tried a dirty iced chai tea latte ie an iced chai tea latte with a shot of espresso? If not, you MUST! Totally takes iced chai tea lattes to the next level!

  4. I love chai tea, but I haven’t gotten into the chai tea latte frenzy yet. This smoothie could totally make me into a convert!

  5. this would be great as a boozy milkshake. with like rum or something. or the way it is. sounds SO GOOD! :)

  6. I love chai as well! I’ve been wanting to fuse my chocolate/banana smoothies with chai, so this sounds great! Pinned! (btw, “chai” = “tea” so no need to repeat “tea”)

  7. This sounds BOMB!! As for your what to do in the winter quandary, do what I do…keep on drinking ’em iced!! There’s no rule that says you have to switch to hot beverages just because the weather changes. I drink iced coffee all winter long (I just generally don’t like hot drinks). Plus, you’re in TEXAS!! You don’t have “winter”! You have December, January and February but I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as winter in Texas! :) (Consider yourself lucky – I was sipping my iced coffee this morning getting ready for work in 48 degree weather!)

  8. Loving the idea of a chai milkshake. I am a serious chai tea drinker but have never made a cold chai before! You have definitely inspired me to recreate the recipe, looks incredibly delicious!

  9. made this today.. dint expect it to come out gud .. but it was amaaaazing … chai concentrate was very gud .. and all that banana n cocoa n milk mixed turned out tooooo good :)

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  11. I have chai tea -tea bags…i wonder if i can make that and let it cool all the way?

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