Maine Mini Vacation: Lobster Rolls & Ice Cream

Six months ago I mentioned to my parents that I was going to Vermont for Blog Brulee. My dad immediately said, “We wanna go.” Kidding at first, but then serious. My parents are semi-retired and are always up for traveling.  So my Vermont adventure turned from just a blogging trip to some quality time with my parents.  Andrew was busy at work and couldn’t join us (bummer), but the three of us had a great time.

When Blog Brulee ended on Sunday afternoon, I jumped into my parent’s rental car and we were off to Portland, Maine.  However, some necessary stops were made along the way.

First, lunch at Crop Bistro. The hostess sat us right next to a fireplace, which was perfect because we were freezing cold (being the Texans we are).  I ordered the Daily Flatbread and it came with a side salad.

Vermont-Maine Trip-14
Vermont-Maine Trip-15 Vermont-Maine Trip-16
After lunch, another important stop was made at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory.  We took the tour.  At the end of the tour they passed out samples of  ‘At the Chocobanana’ ice cream.  It was good, but we all decided a few more scoops were in order.

Vermont-Maine Trip-18 Vermont-Maine Trip-17
Vermont-Maine Trip-21
Then we loaded back into the car and drove 4 hours to Portland, Maine.  You guys…I adored Maine.  I’m not a mountains kind of girl.  I was oceans and cliffs going into the oceans and whale watching and beach walking and sunsets and sunrises over the ocean horizon.  I’m slowly but surely warming up to the East Coast.  I’ll always have a place in my heart for Southern California, but I so so loved Maine.  Can’t wait to go back with Andrew sometime.

It was like 8pm when we got to Portland and we wanted dinner.  We were cold and tired and so over sitting in a car.  We needed something that was quick and easy for dinner because I had a grad school paper to write that night that I had managed to forget about.  So pizza it was.  Half pepperoni, half Hawaiian.  I think I’m becoming a pizza snob.  I’ve been extremely picky in my pizza choices lately.  There are just so many gourmet pizzas out there that are completely delicious and don’t leave you feeling like junk.  I want whole wheat, thin, crispy crust with a light sprinkle of cheese and ya gotta have roasted tomatoes and arugula among other toppings.  I don’t know when it happen, but I have absolutely zero craving for delivery pizza.  Like ever. 

Vermont-Maine Trip-23
The next day, my dad and I got in a morning workout at the hotel gym.  I did a version of The Lean Green Beans’ Terrible Two’s workout. 

Then I had oatmeal for breakfast at our hotel.

Vermont-Maine Trip-24
Then we were off to explore Portland.  We took a trolley tour so we could get a feel for the city.  The main stop was at Portland Head Light Lighthouse.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-22
Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-43
After the trolley tour, it was time for lunch and I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  Kara had recommended Portland Lobster Co. for lobster rolls.  The restaurant was gorgeous.  For me, you can’t beat restaurants on the water that serve delicious seafood.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-42
Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-24
I was so pumped to try a lobster roll.  It lived up to the hype.  Eaten overlooking the water didn’t hurt either.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-25
Then we walked and shopped around town for awhile.  I found the Cabot Farmers’ Annex and had to go in.  I wish I wouldn’t have been so full from lunch because they had a ton of cheese to sample.

Vermont-Maine Trip-27 Vermont-Maine Trip-26 Vermont-Maine Trip-25
Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-45
Then we took a ferry over to Peaks Island.  We walked around the island but there really wasn’t too much to do other than get an ice cream cone.  But we were still ice creamed out from the day before.  The ferry ride definitely worth the trip though.  I love ferries and boats in general.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-27
Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-29
When we got back to Portland, my mom and I shopped some more and then went back to the hotel for some rest and snacks before dinner.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-30
For dinner I was excited to eat some chowder.  We ended up at Gilbert’s Chowder House.  I got a bowl of clam chowder and a glass of wine.  Perfect end to the night.

Vermont-Maine Trip-30
The next day we headed to Kennebunkport before our 6pm flight home. 

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-36 Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-33
We shopped and ate at The Clam Shack and then shopped some more.

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-35
For lunch I ordered another Lobster Roll and we got onions rings to split.  Actually my dad ordered onion rings and then my mom and I couldn’t resist stealing some.  While we were waiting for our food I realized The Clam Shack Lobster Roll was on Food & Wine’s list of Best Lobster Rolls, which made me even more excited to eat.

The lobster roll ended up being even better than the one from the day before.  The bread was fluffy, yet crisp so your bite into the sandwich went–>fluffy bun, crispy buttered bun layer, rich buttery lobster, crispy buttered bun layer, more fluffy bun.  So fantastic and probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. 

Blog Brulee-Maine Trip-37
After lunch we ventured around Kennebunkport for something sweet and I ended up with a dark chocolate coconut truffle.

Vermont-Maine Trip-33
And with that the trip was over.  I missed Andrew and Maggie, but it was great to get to spend some time with my parents!

Vermont-Maine Trip-8


  1. Wow simply gorgeous landscape! Also, my family went to Ben and Jerry’s when my sister was visiting colleges and I’m slightly (ok really) jealous!

  2. fun fact, i spent 2 weeks every summer in portland while i was growing up. my aunt lives there and i dated the guy that lived across the street from her for several years. PLUS i had a friend that lives on peaks island! She used to miss the last ferry home all the time and have to stay with friends. so nostalgic right now.

    • That’s crazy! I really liked Portland a lot. I’m already trying to convince Andrew that a trip back is necessary sometime in the not too distant future. And I never even thought about missing the last ferry home ha! When we were on it there were a lot of kids heading home from school, which I thought was so fun. I was actually super jealous…I had to take a school bus for 11+ years and these kids get to take a boat to school!

  3. OMG I LOOOOVE the Portland Lobster Co! I ate there twice on my bike trip from Boston to Maine! So delicious.

  4. There is something so special about Maine. My family heads up there every summer but I haven’t been in 2 years…that’s what moving to SoCal gets me :( Lobster rolls are the best!! I miss Maine!!!

  5. Ahh I love all of your vacation eats (heck, even the hotel breakfast oatmeal looked phenomenal) . You’ve convinced me that a trip to Maine is in order the next time I have time off.

  6. My husband and I lovvvee Portland so much! I’m so jealous! Usually we go once a year, I’m hoping we can still make it this year!
    I’m also not sure when I became a pizza snob either, but you’re not alone!

  7. Long time reader, first time commenting to say: is that Bill’s Pizza?! (If you’re into the more thin crust gourmet style, hit up Flatbread’s next time you’re there. It’s only a few blocks from Bill’s.) Also next time you get to Peaks you should leave early and rent a bike! There’s some amaaaaazing views. Also don’t do Gilbert’s next time there’s so many better options! And other bakeries! And and…

    Okay, I may have a special place in my heart for Maine, Portland especially. ;)

  8. I went to Kennebunkport last summer… totally fell in love with Maine! It’s so different than anywhere else.

  9. i love that chevron shirt you’re wearing in the beginning of the post! do you know where you got it?

    looks like such a fun trip! i’ve never been to maine but hopefully will make it there someday.

  10. Pineapple on pizza is amazing! It’s crazy how many people think I am weird when I order it ;)

  11. i have always always always wanted to goto Maine..your photos are lovely and seemed like you had such a great time.

  12. First – Love that photo of you with the lighthouse in the background. Adorable! Second – I’m gonna have to get me to Kennebunkport for some Clam Shack action! And, so nice your parents tagged along! I had no idea they made the trip with you :)

  13. I love your photography!! I can’t get over how clear and vibrant all of these pics are… I’m guessing you didn’t snap them with your phone? ;) P.s. Are you originally from CA?

  14. What a beautiful trip! I love following your posts on Instagram. You portion sizes are something I aspire to be able to do one day. Right now I’m all like EAT AS MUCH OF ALL THE THINGS AS I CAN! I’m a fan of lobstah, but I can only eat it in small portions. I’m from Charleston, SC so I’m toooootally an east coast only eat in restaurants by the water type of girl. There is one restaurant at home called Grill 225. I went there for a wedding one time which had, like, an 8 course dinner with wine pairings with each. One of those pairings was a chilled lobster tail with a glass of white wine that tasted just like chilled liquid butter. Sounds weird, but paired with that lobstah? It was absolutely swoonworthy.

  15. I love this post! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. This is random, but I was wondering if you could do a post about budgeting/grocery shopping/meal planning. You seem to do it quite well!

    • I’ve been wanting to do a post on that. Just haven’t sat down to organize my thoughts enough to do it haha! I’ll start working on it soon!

      • Awesome!!! Thank you so much. It’s something I (as a college student who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, but obviously needs to eat, and eat well) struggle with! I’d love your thoughts on the topic:)

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