Product Introduction: Black Bean Brownie Mix

It’s time for some healthy baking.

Black Bean Brownie Mix | Yeah...immaeatthat

I set a goal one year ago that I wanted to sell a product before May 2015 (my dietetic internship & masters degree graduation date).  Andrew and I brainstormed product ideas: granola bars, nut butters, pre-made cookies…

But I would walk down the grocery store aisles and see so many granola bars and nut butters and healthier cookies.  I wanted to sell a product that was different.  Something that everyone wasn’t already doing.

Then I started thinking about how the most searched recipes on my blog are for bean-based desserts.  That’s when I decided I wanted to make a black bean brownie mix.  A brownie mix so chocolaty and fudgy that you couldn’t eat it without a glass of cold milk. 

Black Bean Brownie Mix...perfect for healthier baking!

I began the recipe development process in August.  It was right after I released the Cookie eCookbook.  I would consider the ebook a product and I loved writing, photographing and formatting it, but I wanted to sell a product people could actually hold…that I could actually hold.

After about 2 months (August & September) of recipe testing, I had a brownie that lived up to my fudgy dreams.  Andrew worked on ordering the packing materials and ingredients in October.  Then on November 1st we were in a commercial kitchen packaging our mixes.  I can think of no better way to welcome the season of holiday baking. 

And now, the mixes are ready to be shipped to your door.

Black Bean Brownies | Yeah...immaeatthat

The packaging process was quite the experience.  There were numerous “let’s cook” Breaking Bad references made. 

Seriously though, we learned a lot. 

Like that Andrew should always check my math because converting cups to pounds is hard (for me).  Our plan was to make 210 bags of brownie mix.  We ended up making 110 brownie mixes because I miss calculated the amount of almond flour and chocolate chips we needed.  We packaged and packaged and then ended the night with a celebratory margarita run.

Ooey, Gooey Black Bean Brownie Mix

There were a ton of things I didn’t think about, but overall we learned so much and we’re thrilled with how the 110 bags of brownie mix turned out.  I’ve tested a couple bags and they are perfect.  I can’t wait for you to try them and see what you think.

Since we only made 110 bags, I’m not sure how long it will be before we are out of stock.  We’ll see how it goes.  Fingers crossed we’ll be back in a commercial kitchen making another 100+ mixes soon.

Click here –> to purchase the Black Bean Brownie Mix (and to see a video of me whipping up a batch).

Healthy Black Bean Brownies


  1. OMG Kylie! I’m so pumped for you! This is amazing and oh, those brownies look to. die. for. BIG CONGRATS!

  2. cool BEANS lol congrats !!

  3. Will you ever ship to Australia?

    • Hey Anna,

      I looked into shipping the mix to Australia. It would cost $76 in shipping alone:( I wish there was a cheaper way!

  4. This is awesome. I’ve been waning to test out black bean brownies and the one time I attempted to attempt – I didn’t realize it was a chili bean mix. Oops

    • OHEMGGGG. That is so terrible sounding lol! But without the chili bean mix they are the most delicious, fudgiest, chocolaty things..I promise!

  5. That is AWESOME! Congrats!! Definitely buying before you sell out which I know you will :)

  6. All of your black bean brownies come true – and now ours! I love that you are pursuing this and I have my fingers crossed that this goes big for you :) Black bean brownies everywhere!!

  7. Amazing! Biggest congrats on the launch of your product. I hope you sell out in no time and are busy making more and more. Great work, Kylie!

  8. So exciting! Congrats on the product creation! I have been following for a few months now and always find your recipe ideas to be interesting and delicious. I love the black bean brownie mix idea. Maybe you could even expand it to other bean mixes too?

  9. Congratulations! I definitely will buy a few bags before it sells out. It looks and sounds delicious! Black bean brownies. =)

  10. Kylie this is amazing! I’m a bout to order bags to give as gifts, this is perfect! What an accomplishment!


  11. This is so exciting! Congrats! I can’t wait to try them!

  12. Congrats, lady! This is so so exciting! Way to blow your goal out of the water!
    And the brownies? They look awesome!

  13. Omgg i neeeed to buy this. The packaging is so pretty plus i dont doubt it will be a greattt mixxx !!! Im so excitedd lol

  14. YAAAASSSSS. Doing this. You’re amazing, Kylie! Congrats!! I’m so looking forward to your next genius ideas :)

  15. Just bought one ! Can’t wait to try them ! They look delicious ! :)

  16. Yeah Yeah Yeah! So excited for you!!

  17. CONGRATS! I can’t wait to try a bag!!!

  18. Congrats!! How exciting for you! I may have to put this on my holiday baking lineup :)

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  21. Pinning. Rather be eating! -xo-

  22. This is so exciting!!! I’m going to have to order some :) Perfect for holiday time!

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  25. I can’t find a way to order the black bean brownie mix. When I click on the link that is supposed to take me to the order page it just brings me right back to the blog post. Help!

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  27. Kylie,

    This is amazing. How are things with your brownie mix business currently.

    Also would love to know the step by steps of how to package a dry ingredient mix from start to finish and the cost.

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