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I got invited to tour the new Whole Foods in Houston.  If you’re from/have visited Houston, this new Whole Foods is a short walk away from the Galleria.  It’s in an insane location!!  I always feel fancy when I’m in the Galleria area and I always feel fancy when I’m at Whole Foods…so this is like double fancy feeling. 

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-6
The store was beautiful.  I mean, has anyone ever seen an ugly Whole Foods? Yeah no.  We started the tour and I was amazed by…the escalators.  The perspective of the picture makes it hard to see, but the escalator is flat so you can wheel your grocery cart down to the parking garage level.  I was fascinated.  Maybe you already have this in your Whole Foods, but I thought it was neat.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-29
Okay, on to the food.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-24The store will offer cold-pressed juices as well as full-serivce juices and smoothies.

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There’s also a taqueria that will make your tacos while you shop.  Yay tacos!

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This Whole Foods will have the first in-store brewery, Whole Foods Market Brewery Company.

This is a picture of beer brewing things.  I was obsessed with those doors.  Are those for sale? I want them in my kitchen.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-19

  Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-21

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-5
In addition to the brewery + pub, there will also be a tricycle that transports beer to shoppers throughout the store.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-20
Another thing that is different about this store is a gift shop within the store.

They’ll sell clothes, accessories, Tom’s sunglasses and everything else you could ever want in a gift shop.  It’s great because now you can do your grocery shopping and birthday/graduation/Christmas shopping all in one place.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-13
The upstairs lounge area was neat as well with a lot of space to sit and eat lunch…or drink a beer.  The orange chairs are very comfy.

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-26 Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-25  Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-27
And lastly, I’ve heard a lot about this almond milk called Malk, it’s made here in Houston and is only being sold at this Whole Foods store.  I can’t wait to try.  If I’ve got my story straight, I believe the Whole Foods’ Forager found them at a local farmers market and now they’re in just one store so they aren’t overwhelmed with production demands…FUN!

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-15
The store grand opening is this Thursday, Nov. 6th at 7:30 am with a bread breaking ceremony.  For the opening week, Whole Foods will support local organizations by donating 1% of sales on the below dates:

Thursday, Nov. 6 – Star of Hope
Friday, Nov. 7 – Houston Police Foundation
Saturday, Nov. 8 – Buffalo Bayou Partnership
Sunday, Nov. 9 – Recipe for Success
Monday, Nov. 10 – Fresh Arts

Whole Foods Post Oak Tour-23


  1. Malk looks rad! i’ll have to try when i’m in houston in may!

  2. so fun!! The whole foods just opened in my area and I’m obsessed. Love the feeling you get there. Also the hot bar is pretty much going to be my new lunch spot on the weekend. This wfm looks so nice!

  3. This is an amazing store! I’m dreaming of the day that my city gets a Whole Foods Market. This has so many new and amazing things — I love it! And, I think I’m going to start calling my almond milk ‘Malk’ so my boyfriend stops making fun of me for “not really drinking milk”.

  4. Wow that’s a big one !

  5. I live in a small town in Western Australia called Karratha and it will never, ever, have a whole food’s market. I don’t think our capital city will ever either (perth) and I am soooo jealous. Love the bike delivering beer to shoppers, very cool.

  6. nice! we have one by the galleria as well but you guys definitely have a fancier one.

  7. this is literally down my street! can’t contain my excitement!

  8. Cant wait to go check it out! I really wish we had one out here in the Clear Lake area :(

  9. Wow, awesome! This looks a lot like the new Whole Foods in Austin. So cool that you got to tour!

  10. Oh my! I wish we had stores like that in the Netherlands! It looks amazing!

  11. holy mackerel. just one more reason to miss houston and its awesomeness… is that over where the container store was/is off of post oak? (those are all my old necks of the woods.)

  12. I officially want to move to Houston, Texas….I may have to look into Dietetic Internships there just for this Whole Foods… ;)

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