Nov 28

How to use up Thanksgiving Leftovers.

mashed potatoes on a biscuit? So much fluffy.

goat cheese meets cranberry sauce on this pizza.  Oh pizzahhhh.

waffling all the things.  Stuffing & mashed potatoes

turkey gumbo…beats a sandwich (sometimes).

if you’re gonna eat a turkey sandwich, make it this one.  Oozy cheese.

1/2 used cans of pumpkin I need you for this.  Oh and this.

Thanksgiving meets mexican food in this bowl of comfort. Cozy.

tired of sandwiches? okay then, eat this wrap.  hummus<3.

best infographic: Everything you can make with Thanksgiving leftovers. 

like little turkey nuggets. CRUNCH.


2 comments on “How to use up Thanksgiving Leftovers.”

  1. Yes to absolutely everything on the list Kylie! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’ve been unapologetically putting cranberry sauce on everrrrything. Today it was a sweet potato with goat cheese.

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