1st Wedding Anniversary in iPhone Photos

For our 1st wedding anniversary, Andrew planned us a weekend getaway to Hotel Zaza (where we spent our wedding night the year before).  At one point he was calling it a stay-cation, which I told him he couldn’t because stay-cation doesn’t sound like an exciting, sexy getaway. 

Disclosure: I hadn’t had this much to drink…ever. (Except maybe on our Cabo honeymoon with that Don Julio 1942.)

We checked in at Hotel Zaza Saturday and were greeted with champagne.

Complimentary Champagne at Hotel Zaza<3!

We headed up to the room to get ready for dinner.  Here’s the view from the room.

View from our room at Hotel Zaza.

Then we were off to dinner at Reef.  I had made reservation using OpenTable.  I found Reef on this list from Bon Appetit and had been wanting to go.  An anniversary was the perfect occasion.

The meal started with cocktails.

Moscow Mule for me and a Maple Manhattan for Andrew.  I’ve really been loving ginger beer recently, so I loved this.

Moscow Mule at Reef in Houston.

Then fluffy rolls and pepper jelly were brought out.  My only complaint about Reef was that I wish the rolls would have been biscuits, but that’s just a personal preference.  The rolls were fluffy and soft and dense (in a good way), I’m just more of a biscuit person.

Fluffy biscuits at Reef in Houston.

For my entree, I ordered the Slow Baked Salmon served with Meyer Lemon Risotto and Chili Oil.  I loved this dinner so I recreated for the blog and am sharing next week! 

 The lemon was so subtle, but still present.  And then, there was sea salt over the salmon, which I just died over.  Oh so so good.

Dinner at Reef. Slow Baked Salmon served over meyer lemon risotto and chili oil. 

Andrew ordered the Redfish on the Half-Shell served with sauteed greens and fried mac & cheese.

Dinner at Reef. Redfish on the half-shell served with sauteed greens and fried mac & cheese.

The mac & cheese was so crispy on the outside and gloriously cheesy on the inside.  I helped him quite a bit. 

Fried Mac & Cheese!

When I had made our reservation using OpenTable, there was a part where you could add “special notes.”

So I mentioned that we were celebrating out 1st wedding anniversary.  After our meal we were served Reef’s “No Minors Milkshake” free of charge. 

Dessert at Reef in Houston.  

We took the hotel car service (free of charge for anywhere within 5 miles of Hotel Zaza) back to the hotel.  We had drink coupons so we went to the bar for more drinks (…I told you there was a lot of alcohol.)

First Wedding Anniversary-13

I ended up getting the Whiskey Smash.  So good.  Andrew got a scotch.

Whisky Smash at Hotel Zaza bar.


Then we went up to the room for year old wedding cake that we had brought with us. 

The white cake was the year old cake and the chocolate cake was a new cake that our wedding cake bakery made for free for our anniversary.  I thought the year old cake was delicious.  Frozen icing tastes better than normal icing…like a harder, sugar-ier ice cream<3.

Year old wedding cake<3 CAKE<3

Then the hotel showed up with a bottle of champagne & chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary.  So much celebrating.  Possibly a little too much;)

Champagne at Hotel Zaza.

The next day we headed to the Hotel restaurant, Monarch, for breakfast.

I got the Texas Torrejas, which was french toast made in an orange + cinnamon batter.  Served along with berries, granola and NUTELLA WHIPPED CREAM (it was actually even better than I thought it was going to be).

Andrew got an omelet with crispy breakfast sweet potatoes.

Breakfast at Monarch in Houston! 

And then we left the hotel and stopped by the grocery store on the way home to stock up on some smarter choices than booze.

Such a fun anniversary.  Can’t wait for another year together.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kylie. Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. I hope to hear more about that lemon risotto and slow baked salmon!

    Here’s to a second great year!

  2. EAT ALL THE THINGS! Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that you had such an incredible night. And I don’t know what you mean–nutella and whipped cream are fantastically smart food choices! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy 1st Anniversary!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time celebrating :) It makes me want my anniversary to be here sooner, haha!

  4. Wow! Looks like so much fun!!! glad y’all had a great time!

  5. As soon as I read about the slow baked salmon and risotto I was hoping you were going to recreate! Can’t wait to try that recipe! Sounds like a perfect getaway.

  6. Aw it looks like such a fun getaway (I won’t say staycation)! Happy, happy anniversary, and here’s to many more wonderful years together!

  7. I love Hotel Zaza! I have been to 3 weddings there and lucky for me, I got to experience their fabulous breakfast as well. I don’t know what it is about hotel coffee, but it’s 10x’s better than regular coffee! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary! I love all the food selections! Also I couldn’t agree more about frozen cake. Sometimes I think all deserts should be frozen :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!

  10. Looks like you had TONS of fun!!! I didn’t know that you could freeze cake haha but that’s such a good idea!!

  11. Happy anniversary! The first is definitely a special one!

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  13. The Slow Baked Salmon and Lemon Risotto is my absolute favorite dish at Reef! My husband loves their famous pork chop. 

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