Coconut Oil Banana Oatmeal

My current breakfast obsession.

Creamy Coconut Oil Banana Oatmeal (with chocolate chips)!


Plus or minus chocolate chips depending on how celebratory I’m feeling that morning.

The creamiest & tastiest oatmeal!

Now…here’s how to make oatmeal more delicious.

Other than adding the occasional spoonful of chocolate chips, you saute apples & bananas in coconut oil and stuff it into your oatmeal.

It will change your morning for the better.

Coconut oil for sauteed bananas!   Coconut oil sauteed apples & bananas!

So you could saute any fruit you’d like and stir it into this creamy oatmeal. 

I’m planning on trying a berry version soon.  Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries…add ’em all in. 

Oh, and maybe some nuts too. 

Coconut oil sauteed bananas! So so good.

But my heart belongs to bananas.  I mean, fruit-wise they can’t be beat.  And when you saute them up it’s like bananas foster for breakfast.  I’ve never actually had bananas foster…but I know it involves sauteed (carmalized, whatev) bananas.  So same difference.

Coconut oil banana oatmeal! ( to make oatmeal taste good!!)

 You guys.  The Bachelor comes on tonight. 

But more importantly, today is Regan Jones’ birthday!

If you’ve ever found yourself on Healthy Aperture…Regan is the owner!

I’m a huge fan of Regan.  She’s one of my registered dietitian idols and has created so many opportunities for me that have helped turn this blog into a business.  Regan, I’m so grateful for you!  Happiest of birthdays!  I hope you can start your day with this slightly sweet, creamy treat!

Birthday Oatmeal! (or to celebrate any morning!)

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  1. I so want this in my belly right now. Sounds perfect with the -30ish temps we have today!

  2. Literally OMG is all I can say Kylie!!! I have to try this – I’m going to sauté bananas and add chopped nuts and cacao nibs yum!

  3. Wow you are singing the praises of a hot breakfast! :) It does sound totally amazing though so I can see why you are. I never would have thought to caramelize the fruit / toast the oats but it is a genius idea! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  4. This sounds amaaaazing! I am majorly on an oatmeal kick right now.

    Also… major YAY for The Bachelor tonight! As an Iowa girl, I am extra excited that the bachelor is Chris!

  5. Bananas. Coconut oil. Oatmeal. Breakfast. I’m SOLD!

  6. Oh my god that looks amazing! I’ve never done my oats in a pan. Definitely trying this!

  7. This looks delicious! Cannot wait to try!

  8. Kylie – I just made this for breakfast! What an ingenious idea…browning the apples & bananas in coconut oil! I made a few changes …added organic shredded coconut, used maple syrup instead of honey, added chopped toasted pecans, used all almond milk but at the end after it was in my bowl added a touch of organic half & half! It tasted decadent! This will definitely be added to my breakfast repertoire….thank you for thinking it up…..thank you for all of your yummy recipes!

    ❤️ Barbara

  9. This sounds delicious! I’ve been wanting to change-up my usual breakfast routine and the fact that I can make this ahead is perfect! I have some bananas in the freezer that would work perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I am so excited to try this for breakfast. I am sure my daughters would love it. Happy B-Day to Regan! So fun to click through to all of the recipes in the link-up.

  11. One of my most memorable breakfasts was a Banana’s Foster French Toast the morning after I got engaged. I’m gonna go on and confess (’cause we’re in the circle of friendship) that the date was circa December… wait for it… 1997.

    Stop. Don’t tell me how old you were…. or do, I need a good kick in the pants after all this celebration!!

    I would choose your version in this healthier form, any day of the week these days (’cause you know us old ladies, we need our complex oat carbs :)

    Kylie, thank you so much for joining in on this celebration, and basically, for being you. Your talent is a joy to watch. I hope that we can find many, many more ways to work together in the future :) XOXO

  12. Yummmm I love bananas in my oatmeal, but I’ve never fried them up beforehand like that. Such a tasty looking idea!

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