Slow Baked Salmon with Lemon Risotto & Chili Oil

So, you guys.

Slow Baked Salmon served with Lemon Risotto & Chili Oil.  The best way to cook salmon!

I finally got a waffle maker, which has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I had to tell someone who I know would care! I had a Sur la Table giftcard from Christmas (thanks mom & grandma) so I ordered this waffle maker.

I went with a round instead of the square…I’m happy with my choice.  I mean, the only better shape than round would be Mickey Mouse-shaped, which is the waffle maker my parents have, but I don’t think they make those anymore. Trust me, I’ve looked.

The day after the waffle maker arrived I made two waffles.  One for breakfast and one for the next ebook! I’m writing an ebook all about cookie dough and fun things to do with cookie dough.  Release date is January 30th.  If you need something to do on January 30th, I’ve got you covered.

Slow baked salmon!

This week in my internet searching I’ve come across three life changing things.

(1) Joanna’s savory biscotti.  I mean, I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me (Aladdin & Jasmine-style). Biscotti aren’t just for coffee and tea anymore, now they’re for soup too. Ahmahgah.

Okay and (2) is this.  I wanna make a giant one for myself.

Slow baked salmon!

And (3) I should’ve been buying men’s tennis shoes for my entire life.  I have big feet, just so everyone knows.  Size 11 tennis shoes…and they’re wide.  I know, so attractive.  I also have really high arches that creep Andrew out.  So men’s tennis shoes are made wider to begin with, which is perfect for me.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before?! I’m not really a pink tennis shoe type of girl, so I don’t mind the more masculine shoe colors.  I ended up buying these for my first pair.<3.

Slow baked salmon...the best way to cook salmon! Served with lemon risotto and chili oil.

So the first time I wore those shoes to the gym (Tuesday) I was doing some burpees and this man comes up to me and tells me I’m not reaching my arms up high enough at the end of the burpee.  I was like “oh. okay. thanks.”  So I finished that round of the circuit and started on my next set of burpees and then that same man comes out of nowhere and yells “UP!!!” right when I jumped forward and was about to jump up.  So I stopped and turned around and kinda smiled awkwardly.  Then I did my next burpee and he yelled at me again. 

I know he was just trying to help increase my athletic ability…but I like to be left alone at the gym.  If you can do that much talking, you’re probably not working out hard enough…bro.

Slow baked salmon with lemon risotto.  The best way to cook salmon!

On to the salmon. 

This dinner is inspired by a dinner we had at Reef on our anniversary.  I was expecting the risotto to be super lemony, but then it wasn’t and I loved that it wasn’t and I knew I wanted to make this dish a staple in our home.  I added shredded zucchini to the risotto to add a nutritious boost that you don’t even notice in the creamy rice.

I love salmon when it’s seared in a pan in olive oil and the outside gets crispy (that’s how my dad and mother-in-law make it and it’s so delish).  But I like to switch it up occasionally and bake it in the oven instead.  As long as the salmon is marinated for 30 minutes to an hour before, it won’t dry out.  Promise.  And (in my opinion) I think baking salmon (especially slow baking it) preserves the freshness and lightness of the fish more so than searing it does.  The lemony flavor of the risotto helps with the freshness too.


Slow baked salmon...quite possible the best way to cook salmon!


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  1. This comes at a perfect time! I have just moved to Norway, and salmon seems to be the basic part of everyone’s diet here. Now I know how to prepare it as well! :)

  2. OK first of all I’ve been waiting for you to post this remake of your anniversary dinner, sounds so good! Second of all… you must make liege waffles- its a dough instead of a batter (not healthy but life changing), and lastly-that guy sucked, mind your own business while you’re at the gym sir, k thanks.

  3. These are really beautiful photos and I’m so happy you remade this recipe! I hope you post some type of package deal at some point with the two ebooks so I can purchase both together – can’t wait to get my hands on some single serving cookies + lots of cookie dough :)

  4. SO pretty! I have been dieing for salmon, but it’s out of season right now and way to expensive! AH!

  5. This looks delicious ! I’m not a huge salmon fan but I WANT to be. I don’t mind the taste but I think its the texture that gets to me. Do you think this would be a good way to prepare salmon for a salmon lover wannabe?

  6. Yummmmm. I have had a serious salmon void in my life that needs to be filled stat. Will definitely have to give this a try!

    Unsolicited workout advice is pretty darn obnoxious, although I can’t lie – I have wanted to give it a time or two. But only because people looked like they were about to hurt themselves. But if someone’s doing burpees, I say do your thang.

  7. This looks so so yummy!

  8. This is restaurant worthy for sure – pinning right now!
    I got a waffle iron for Christmas too – it’s the square kind that you use over a burner. I loved it by my 7 year old was unimpressed – really?? She probably would love the Mickey Mouse one.
    And your burpee story – oh, that would make me MENTAL. I know some people are socializers at the gym and hey, god love ya but I’m in there to do my thing and get out.

  9. Simply amazing. I’m pretty sure I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thanks for my dinner inspiration :)

  10. Now that I am incorporating seafood into my diet, I am SO excited to see a new salmon recipe for me to try. This looks and sounds amazing!

  11. YAY WAFFLE MAKER~!!! also that risotto looks delish !

  12. Oh my goodness, why did that man need to tell you to jump higher thrice?? Haha, but now every time I do burpees I’m going to think of your story and jump higher. So I guess he helped out two people! ;)
    Mmmm salmon is my favorite! Risotto is my favorite! This must be my favorite!!!

  13. I would love a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. My waffle iron is in a box in my garage because I refuse to bring it out in fear of bingeing on waffles! This salmon looks amazing. Love a creamy lemony risotto!

  14. This is such a gorgeous dish! I’m always kind of lazy when it comes to making fish and I just throw on some herbs and call it a day but this shows me that I can make it taste special with minimal effort! Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  15. I think a round waffle maker is definitely the way to go… they make much prettier waffles!

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  17. Just made this for dinner. AMAZING!!!! Hubby cleared his plate and couldn’t  stop complimenting me. Thanks :)

  18. I have to admit that I already had a salmon marinating and I was looking for a great risotto to go with it so I just made the risotto tonight…oh, and the chili oil! That is GREAT risotto!!! I did cheat and add some fresh parsley right before serving for just a pop of color! I will definitely make it again and will use your salmon recipe next time! It’s a keeper on my Pinterest board!!

  19. Where the recipe for the dish? Its no good doing the ingredients if theres no recipe to follow.

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