Morning Glory Muffins

This is what happens when I wake up hungry.

Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy

Let’s rewind.  The other night I woke up hungry around 2am.  As soon as it was a semi-acceptable hour to get up, 6am-ish, I got up and wanted muffins. 

It was a Sunday.  I LOVE baking on Sunday mornings before church.  It just makes the day that much more special. 

So I whipped up a batch of muffins.  That was the first attempt at these muffins.  They were…okay.  Andrew said he would buy them at a store.  But Andrew also told me this weekend that my cooking tends to seem more like a science experiment…that was as I was turning these muffins into croutons for this salad.  DO IT. 

Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy

So that same afternoon I tried the muffin recipe again and this time they turned out way better.  I added apples, greek yogurt & molasses.  Yes, then they were perfect.

Now, the tops are a wee-bit flatter than your normal muffin, but it’s okay!!  There’s a place, this place, that sells blueberry muffins that look similar to these ones I’m sharing today.  The tops are flat and not rounded like a normal muffin.  I’ve realized that muffins with a flat top usually means the muffin is going to be the total opposite of dry, because the batter was a little too wet which made them rise a little less…or those are my thoughts.  Regardless of the reason for the flat tops…they’re tha best.

This was my first time making muffins with honey instead of sugar (that I actually liked).  I’ve realized muffins can be quite delicious refined sugar free.  I can’t wait to make more muffins using this recipe as a base.  

Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy

I’ve also realized that I’m some what of a destructive person.  You can see it in the way I crack an egg vs. how Andrew cracks an egg.  I smash the egg on the side of the saute pan and then use my thumbs to pull the two halves apart.  Andrew on the other hand gently taps the eggs on the counter just enough to barely crack it then he carefully pulls the halves apart. 

From a food safety standpoint, his way is the way to go because you don’t introduce bacteria from the egg shell into the egg.  I know that, but I’m still like, “I don’t have time to do 3 gentle baby taps when I could just do one giant SMASH of the side of the pan.” 

I don’t know.  I just felt like sharing that observation.

Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy

So, these flat topped muffins. 

Make them and fall in love with their flat tops. 

The molasses flavor is just enough to let you reminisce about the holidays.  But then they’re filled with whole grains, carrots, apples, walnuts and greek yogurt to help you keep moving into a healthy, happy 2015 that is also oh-so tasty.

Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy

[yumprint-recipe id=’159′] Morning Glory Muffins made with oat flour, greek yogurt & honey! Refined-sugar free! #breakfast #healthy


  1. My husband and I are mirror images of you and Andrew for cracking eggs, haha. It’s definitely a muffin time of year!

  2. Yesss! I am definitely making these this weekend. I loveee morning glory muffins. Thanks, Kylie!

  3. These look really good…I like the addition of molasses …..I am assuming this recipe makes 12 muffins. Going to make them right now! Thanks.

  4. Kylie, me again…this may be a dumb,non related cooking question but how do I add my photo to the little square?

    • I’m not exactly sure how to!:( I tried the other day bc sometimes when I comment on other blogs my picture doesn’t come up…but I couldn’t figure it out! I’ll let you know when I know lol

  5. i woke up craving muffins and then i saw this on your instagram and now i CANNOT WAIT to get home and bake soon. anyways regarding the flat top, i read this thing on food52 recently which tested all these ways to make a muffin tops large, and they ended up concluding that increasing the flour ratio is what fluffs them. then when i read your post just now, i also thought about how you mention the flat topped muffins are always the most moist and now that totally all makes sense because there’s a better flour:liquid ratio to keep them moist. i’d much rather have a moist muffin. #teamflattop #alltheway #thanksforthemuffininspiration

  6. One of my favorite muffins of all time! Definitely making these!

  7. LOVE the ingredient breakdown on this recipe. I’ve never baked morning glory muffins because most of the recipes out there (while containing whole wheat and oats) still pile on a ton of sugar. can’t wait to try!

  8. You know, morning glory muffins have the BEST flavors, but are always overlooked (at least in my world) for other flavors. Such a waste! More morning glory muffins in 2015! <—is my new mantra.

  9. Oh, you are soo you!!!! YAY for this recipe!!!! REfine sugar FREE=) YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Can’t wait to try it!

  10. These look so delicious, not to mention healthy! I just pinned them :)

  11. These look so good! Any ideas for a Greek yogurt sub? I can’t do lactose :(

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  13. Just pulled these beauties out of the oven! They made the house smell amaaaazing and I couldn’t resist eating half of one right away. So good. Made a few adjustments though so I thought I’d share:

    -Used white whole wheat flour in place of AP
    -Decreased both the oil and the honey to 1/3 c each, and decreased the molasses to 1/4 c 
    -Didn’t have any walnuts on hand, so I used chestnuts! Kind of random, but turned out great!

    With the decreased sugar, they are definitely not as sweet as a bakery muffin, but I think they’ll be perfect for breakfast. Thanks for the great recipe!

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  15. Just made these and they are DIVINE! Used maple syrup because I was out of molasses, but they were so tasty!! This recipe is a keeper! 

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