Farro Veggie Bowls

Okay. This is less of a recipe and more of an idea.

farro veggie bowls1-2

But it’s okay because it’s Friday and rules were made to be broken on Friday.

I have been bringing these farro bowls for lunch everyday this week. Lately I’ve been having this craving to up the vegetables in my life and I feel like lunch is the perfect place to intervene.

farro veggie bowls-2

Lunches are usually more predictable than dinners so I can be sure to get in at least one veggie heavy meal during the day, which just helps me feel good.

This was my first time trying farro and I’m super impressed. It’s like the world’s fluffiest brown rice. Yay for trendy things.

So in addition to the farro, for these bowls you roast up a plethora of vegetables Sunday night. Like when you’re at the grocery store grab one of everything in the produce section and roast it all.

Then roast some chickpeas until crispy and throw everything together. Oh…and add avocado slices on top.

farro veggie bowls1

So if you’ve ever read Kath’s blog, you may have come across the term “squiggly line effect.” That post is one of my all time favorite posts. I think it gives a good visual to the “eat everything in moderation” saying and that occasionally indulgences are part of a healthy lifestyle.

For me, these farro bowls are a good baseline meal. A meal that helps me feel satisfied and filled with good for me things (that’s the technical term). A meal I’m happy I’ve eaten when mexican food date night and froyo runs come calling.

[yumprint-recipe id=’163′]farro veggie bowls


  1. I love Kath’s squiggly line post too! It’s a great motto when you want to enjoy the little things in life :-)

  2. I’ve been eating pretty much this exact thing this week!!! I’m LOVING it :-)

    oh…and I’ve been reading for the past few weeks. I love that we’re in the same stage of life–recently married and in a DI program

  3. I LOVE farro and I love finding new ways to incorporate it into my meals. Thanks! :)

  4. This is essentially my lunch everyday but with different veggies every time. So so good!

  5. Whoa, I LOVE the new blog design!! Who did it?

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  7. Could I sub brown rice for the faro?

  8. Made it with brown rice! So good and simple. I’ve been wanting to up my veggies at lunch too! :) The roasted chickpeas totally make it. Why have I not roasted chickpeas before?

  9. I’m late commenting but thanks for the squiggly shout out! 

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