Date Night at RA Sushi

They had sweet potato SUSHI!

RA Sushi-10

We got invited to a tasting dinner at RA Sushi to try out their new winter menu.  Full disclosure, it was free of charge.

First up were Lychee Margaritas.  I’d never had lychee before and had to ask the bartender if I was allowed to eat the garnish.  To which he said yes… so I did.

Margaritas are my drink (I can’t drink one without thinking of Don Julio 1942 from our honeymoon), so I loved these. 

RA Sushi

The first food served was the Chili Garlic Shrimp that were coated with a tempura batter and served with sauteed bok choy.  I never eat bok choy.  I should eat more bok choy.

RA Sushi-3

Then Coconut Sake was brought out.  Even thought I’m SOOO a coconut person, I’m just not a sake person.  I had a baby sip of this and then left the rest alone.

RA Sushi-4

 Then the sushi rolls came out.  There were 2 to sample:

Red Heart Roll- crab, avocado, cucumber topped with spicy tuna + spicy mayo + Sriracha.

Crunchy Yami Roll- tempura sweet potato, cucumber, avocado topped with crunchy shredded sweet potatoes and spinach tempura bits.  Then the whole thing was topped with eel sauce.  I’m all about the eel sauce…it is always my favorite part of sushi!

And there was a King Crab Salad on the side, which had avocado…so I loved it.

RA Sushi-5

Then another drink was brought to sample.  This was the Passion Punch Bowl and it had disaronno (among many things)…which obviously means it was delicious.

RA Sushi-6

Next up was seared ahi tuna.

I’m actually not a seared ahi tuna fan. But maybe I’ve just been eating the wrong ahi tuna, because I was ALL OVER this stuff. My dad is ahi tuna obsessed.  He would love this.

The tuna was served atop grilled asparagus and a shiitake mushroom cream sauce that I want TSwift to write a love song about.

RA Sushi-8 RA Sushi-7

The last drink to sample was the Blue Ginger Martini, which had blueberry vodka + muddled blueberries + ginger.

RA Sushi-9

And then we went home and my mind said it was Friday, but it was really Monday.  Boo.  And I missed The Bachelor, which Andrew assures me isn’t a tragedy.  But still…tell me what happened!!


  1. All those drinks sound amazing! Margaritas are my weakness <3

  2. We have a RA here and I have been wanting to go. I love margs, especially after working at a modern Mexican restaurant that specialized in our craft cocktails and tequila. Any post with the phrase Don Julio 1942 is auto awesome!

  3. I looove love RA sushi! I miss it after moving away from houston :( But anytime I go back to visit, that’s definitely one of my favorite sushi places! Everything y’all tried looks delicious!
    And it is a tragedy to miss the bachelor, crazy-ness happened last night, lol!

  4. You had me at sweet potato sushi. Also, I am sad for you that you missed The Bachelor. It was crazy! I will just say that they did not even have a rose ceremony because Kelsey had a “panic attack,” and then it just ended!

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