{Event Recap}: Healthy in Houston

So last night Claire & I hosted Healthy in Houston, the first event for the Houston Food Blogger Collective.

HFBC Healthy in Houston-9

The event was held at Dean’s Downtown.  Gorgeous.  I KNOWWWW.

HFBC Healthy in Houston-4

I was AHH-MAZED by the turnout.

60+ people there to hear all about some of Houston’s healthiest finds (…and I ran into my girl Erika, which is always fun).

HFBC Healthy in Houston-5

The layout of the evening was mingle-panel-raffle for awesome prizes-mingle. 

Mingling was accompanied by light bites generously provided by…

Kale Salad & Ginger Quinoa Chicken Stir Fry (Snap Kitchen)
Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting (Ripe Cuisine)
Party Favors (Cold-pressed juice from Squeezed)

HFBC Healthy in Houston-6

We had four health/nutrition/fitness experts who made up our panel…

  1. Stephanie Hoban (Ripe Cuisine-Houston’s only 100% fully plant-based, vegan food truck)
  2. Angela Anderson (Hippo Kitchen-provides nutritionally supportive meals to cancer patients)
  3. James Dang (Washington Gym– the antithesis of big gyms…no treadmills here)
  4. Lindsay Moore (Naturally Nourished– redefining your relationship with food through intuitive balanced eating)

And since I was asking the panel questions, I couldn’t take any pictures of the panel…but here’s a picture a friend of mine posted to insta!


One of the questions Claire and I asked the panel was: “Most of us enter the new year with health- and fitness-related resolutions. As nutrition and fitness experts, what have you all resolved to do in the new year?”

One response was to drink more bone broth! Especially bone broth from black chickens, which are rich in the antioxidant carnosine.  This was new knowledge to me so I thought I’d share and hear your thoughts!

Other topics that came up included hemp seeds, The Bachelor and…wild boar.  We just covered it all.

HFBC Healthy in Houston-8

I was so thrilled with how the event turned out. 

Claire and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Ahrif Sarumi.  He just so happens to put on an Interactive Dinner Series called Aces of Taste, a multi-course dinner series featuring Houston chefs.  If you live in Houston…get in on that.

So excited for our next event! HUGE hug to everyone who came out!



  1. This is so neat. I wish Dallas has something like this as well.

  2. This made me sad I’m not a Houston blogger- looks like such a good time and sounds like a great group of similar minded people, kick ass job on setting it up!

  3. This totally makes me want to move to Houston!

  4. This is so awesome, congrats on the turnout! : ) You guys have got to do an Austin event! 

  5. Can I just say how awesome this is?! Congrats on pulling it off! This is definitely the kind of thing I would be into. :)

  6. Cool space to host an event!  Sounds like it was a success.  Congrats!

  7. Ahhhh this event was AMAZING. You and Claire are coordinating superstars!!!! The panel was really great. Also: the food was amazing. Those cupcakes OMG and and I really liked Squeezed! Gonna have to find them–do you know where they’re sold? So glad I got to see you there and hope to see you this Sat!! (I hear the weather is supposed to be icky :( )

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