Mediterranean Quesadilla Stuffed with Crushed Pita Chips

This is for you people who puts chips in your sandwiches.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

Lately I’ve been very into anything salty and crunchy.  More so than usual.  And while tortilla chips are crunchy, there is no chip quite as crunchy as pita chips. 

So the craving for crunchy pita chips set my thoughts on Mediterranean food.  And since my sights are always on Mexican food, a Medi-can fusion recipe was born.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

When it comes to making quesadillas, I’m quite the overachiever.  I fill them to the brim where there is no possible way they will close…and then I add a little more cheese.  And the best is when some of the cheese sneaks out of the quesadilla into the pan and get CRISPYYY.  Crispy cheese is one of the greatest joys of life.  I’m sure of it. 

Now onto not one of the greatest joys in life.  I imagine if you dilly-daddle after making this quesadilla and don’t eat it right away, your chips will get soggy.  And you will be sad.  Don’t let your chips get soggy.  Don’t be a dilly-daddler.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

Did you watch the Oscar’s last night? We did as we ate bowls of chili and cornbread.  Anyways, did you see that interview in the pre-show with the 50 Shades of Grey girl and her mom? So awkward.  

I enjoyed watching, but I hadn’t seen any of those movies.  Like seriously I didn’t see one of those movies.  It’s expensive to go to the movies.  Like eighteen bucks for the two of us.  I’d rather spend that money on grass-fed butter.  Or froyo.  Or sensible shoes so I can stop having this weird pain in my right foot.  But you guys.  Sensible shoes aren’t cute.  Not that I’m a fashionable person (AT ALL), but there are some ugly sensible shoes out there.  I know.  We looked this weekend.

Do you own any cute flats that have support?  Especially arch support.  Tell me your ways.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

Moving on.

If there is one dinner that comes together in a jif…it’s the quesadilla.  It’s nice because it’s easy to add some veggies to, but the whole thing still oozes cheese.  And we all know my feelings on cheese.  They’re good feelings.  The warm and fuzzy kind.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

So if you ever find yourself in a sea of indecision about whether you’re craving Mediterranean or Mexican food, this quesadilla is here to calm that sea with crispy tortillas and crunchy pita chips.  I got your back, because my head is usually a vast space of indecision…so I get you.

Mediterranean Quesadilla \\ immaEatThat

Mediterranean Quesadilla Stuffed with Crushed Pita Chips

Yield: 1 quesadilla

Prep Time: 5

Cook Time: 5

Total Time: 10


1 (medium to large) whole wheat tortilla

1/3 cup shredded chicken

1/4 cup whole-milk mozzarella cheese, grated

2 tablespoon Parmesan, shaved

6 cherry tomatoes, quartered

2 marinated artichoke quarters from a jar, finely chopped

3 kalamata olives, finely chopped

1 scallion, chopped (white & green part)

5 pita chips (I used Stacy's Parmesan Garlic & Herb), crushed into smaller pieces



  1. Heat a skillet over medium heat.  I added 1 teaspoon butter to the pan to make the outside of the tortilla crispy, but that's optional(-ish).
  2. Add the tortilla to the skillet and top the entire tortilla with 1/2 the cheese. 
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients (including the other 1/2 of the cheese) to half of the tortilla. 
  4. Fold the tortilla over on top of the toppings and cook, flipping once, until cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp.

med quesadilla


  1. Yum this would be good with feta! I’m also in need of cute sensible flats,  but that’s like an oxymoron :(

  2. this is everything i want right now! and yes to chips on my sandwich, whoever invented that is a genius! 

  3. “So if you ever find yourself in a sea of indecision about whether you’re craving Mediterranean or Mexican food” <—- story of my life! Thank GOODNESS I no longer have to choose! :) :) :) 

  4. Meant to say…”My two favorite cuisines!”
    This looks delish.

    I walk a lot at work, so I found a pair of Clarks that are kind of cute. They aren’t as old lady as they sound plus they were on clearance. But, yeah, I normally struggle to find comfy and cute shoes.

  5. OH MY GOSH I SO FEEL YOU. On both the indecision when it comes to cravings as well as the foot issues–I had knee problems for the longest time (thankfully not anymore!) and we think the problem stemmed from not enough support in my shoes. So I’ve done a lottt of experimenting and yes, supportive shoes are NOT cute. The best solution I’ve found was these 3/4 superfeet insoles ( which you can switch between shoes (and they’re perfect for flats!). Hope your foot pains get resolved soon and thanks for this DELICIOUS inspiration!!! <3

  6. I really wish we lived in the same city so we could be best friends! This is right down my alley (I’ve been putting cheetos and fritos on my sandwiches for years)….

  7. Looks delicious! And I totally get you on the sensible shoes…always looking for ones to fit orthotics in haha…

  8. What brand of tortilla do you use?

  9. This looks SO good. Also, just wanted to say I tried your lunch recipe on the healthy aperture blog and loved it! Keep the lunch (and all of your other recipes) coming!

  10. Kylie, I LOVE your recipes!  However, now that you have changed your print format, I am having difficulty reading the printed page…so small!  No more choice as to normal or large.  Is anyone else out there having this same difficulty…or am I the only one who “prints” recipes these days?  I would appreciate a reply …of some sort!  Just to know you “hear” me.   I am probably one of your older followers and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  NOT complaining…Just stating a fact.
    ❤️ Barbara

    • Hey Barbara, I thought I replied to another comment you left about this but maybe it didn’t go through! I made the font bigger for the posts but am still working on getting the printed recipe font to be bigger. Sorry for the trouble!

  11. Kylie, so glad I just re-visited this recipe… I got to see your message.  Thanks for responding. I appreciate your trying to make the font larger….it won’t stop me though from still printing your recipes…cause I LOVE them……today I found Stacy’s tortilla chips for this recipe……yay!  but then I couldn’t remember the rest of the ingredients….making a list now for tomorrow.   What brand whole wheat tortillas do you use?  …….about the shoes with support……I had orthotics made for me once and I found a great shoe that has a removeable inner sole so I could slip my supportive orthotics right into ithe shoe.   They are called Naot shoes….actually mine was a leather sandal but they make all kinds of shoes…you might want to check them out.
    Thanks again for EVERYTHING….can’t wait to make these quesadillas if I don’t eat all of the chips first!

    • For this quesadilla I was using Whole Wheat Mission Brand tortillas.

      And thanks for the shoe advice! I’ve gotten some good feedback on here so I’m going to do some shoe research this weekend!!!;)

  12. Thanks Kylie,  now I can make my tortilla wrap…Yum!  Like the idea of putting butter in the pan to get them crispy.
    Good luck on the shoe search…….
    ❤️ Barbara

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