Mar 09

8 recipes made with the best fruit…BANANAS!

 8 best banana recipes \\ immaEatThat

{clockwise from top left}

Cereal Milk Shake

Doughy Granola Bars Stuffed with Chocolate Date Caramel

Banana Pudding for Breakfast

Coconut Oil Banana Oatmeal

Banana Bread Buckwheat Granola

Simple Paleo Pancake

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Healthy Brownie Batter


5 comments on “8 recipes made with the best fruit…BANANAS!”

  1. Bananas are most definitely the BEST fruit to bake with!!!

  2. Yay for shared banana love! They are so delicious and versatile, as you know! I pinned this page so I don’t forget to make some of these delicious things.
    Great minds think alike, as I just posted a recipe of PB & Banana cookies :)

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