Three Greens Breakfast Sandwich with Fancy Guacamole

I have some suggestions for upgrading your sandwich game.

Epic Breakfast Sandwich \\ immaEATthat

It starts with fancy guacamole.  It gets to be called fancy guacamole because it has goat cheese and goat cheese makes anything feel special.  I think. 

If you like cheese or guacamole or tomatoes or greens or eggs or bread, you might very possibly LOVE this sandwich.

Epic Breakfast Sandwich-2

Or you might love this sandwich if you have childhood memories of eating egg in a hole/egg in a basket/trapdoor eggs/hen in a wheatfield, whatever you may call this…

Epic Breakfast Sandwich \\ immaEATthat

So if you wanna get more sandwich details, today I’m sharing the recipe over on the Healthy Aperture Blog.

{sorry to make you click a link for the recipe, but know I’m grateful for you.)


  1. I am not much of a breakfast sandwich person. I tend to eat sweet foods for breakfast. Maybe I should change things up. Making an egg in the hole is so much fun! It almost feels like playing with your food. Thats never a bad thing :)

  2. No words can describe how I feel about this sandwich right now. It’s a mix of disbelief, excitement, hunger, and happiness.

  3. i love breakfast such as this one…

  4. what kind of bread is that?

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  6. Hi. My daughter prepared this for Mother’s day breakfast yesterday and we all loved it! Definite keeper. In fact, as we have more avocados in the counter I will try making it myself. 😊 Thabks for the lovely recipe. Xx

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