Jul 16

A day in the life.

Ever wonder what I do all day? Sometimes I think my husband does too.

Here’s what this Tuesday looked like for me…

6:30-7:00am: Wake-up

7:00-7:40am: Workout in the garage.  Still doing this plan and loving it.  The workouts usually take about 30 minutes (warm-up + workout) and then DONE.  If I’m too hungry to workout before I eat breakfast my workout gets pushed back to 10ish.

Tuesday Workout

7:45-8:30am: Feed Maggie, shower, make breakfast, photograph breakfast, eat breakfast.  Today I had a half serving of the coconut flour “oatmeal” + a green smoothie I’m working on for a sponsored post.

breakfast- green smoothie &  coconut flour 'oatmeal' \\

8:30-11:30am: Respond to emails and get some blog work done (pinterest research for a client + brainstorm ideas + edit photos for blog posts + I had done all recipe testing/photographing on Monday).  I got hungry pretty soon after breakfast so I snacked on some cottage cheese + pineapple + pistachios.

snack idea = cottage cheese, pineapple, pistachios \\

11:30am-12:45pm:  Go to Whole Foods to get ingredients for next week’s sponsored post.  Grab a coconut flour chocolate chunk cookie as I head out the door (cookie recipe coming Wednesday!).

coconut flour cookie of my dream \\

whole foods trip- Houston \\

The Whole Foods haul.  I’ve been excited to experiment with matcha! Finally picked some up.

whole foods haul \\

12:55-1:45pm: Make lunch.  Then photograph and eat.  Today I made an open-faced slider with a leftover hamburger patty + a zucchini (which I thought was a cucumber until I ate it…how do I have a food blog?), tomato, white cheddar salad dressed with balsamic + olive oil + salt.

zucchini tomato salad \\

1:45-2:00pm: Respond to emails/update media kit.

2:00-3:00pm: Supervision call with the other dietitians at my eating disorder RD job.  

3:00-3:15pm: SNACK! Honey wheat pretzels + a Justin’s PB Cup + some coconut chips.  Sometimes, honey wheat pretzels just speak to me at the grocery store.  Love the things.

snack idea = honey wheat pretzels, Justin's pb cup, coconut chips \\

3:15-4:30pm: Work on this post and the salmon post from yesterday.  While working, a fun package arrived from Hatchery.  They sent me some goodies to play around with.

hatchery \\

4:30pm: Andrew gets home. YAY! 

4:30-5:20pm: Keep working on same two posts.  Also spent a little time in the garage sanding down this cart we recently put a darker wood stain on.  Excited to use it for some food pictures.

food cart \\

5:20-5:40pm: Get ready for Houston Food Blogger Collective Event.  Started getting a little too hungry before dinner so I ate another coconut flour cookie while doing my makeup.

coconut flour chocolate chip cookie \\

6:00-9:45pm: Dinner at B&B Butchers.  The cost of the meal was covered by those nice people at B&B Butchers.  I got to sample this place a few weeks ago and was excited for Andrew to get to try it with me this time.

LOVE their building.

B&B Butchers \\

The evening started with some red.

red wine love \\

There were about 60 people at the event so we mingled for 30 minutes with Jenna and Morgan before sitting down to dinner.

The meal was served family-style so I got a few bites of everything.  The first appetizer was carpet baggers.  They’re thick-cut bacon topped with a fried oyster, buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

carpet baggers = thick bacon, fried oysters, buffalo sauce, blue cheese \\

Then a tomato + arugula salad topped with sous-vide filet.

sous vide filet salad \\

On to the main courses…

Salmon over sesame oil shitake mushrooms, greens and snap peas.

B&B Butchers dinner \\

Truffle oil mac.  Never gets old.

Truffle mac n cheese \\

The filet.  SO tender and delicious.  I wouldn’t call myself a steak person..but it was SO TENDER.  Last time I was at the restaurant I got to tour their dry-aging room!

B&B Butchers filet \\

Ohh then dessert.  I had a couple bites of each.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (a fave of mine), open-faced ice cream cookie sandwich, and cheesecake.  It’s weird…I love cream cheese frosting and cream cheese + lox, but have never been big on cheesecake.

My favorite of the trio was the fudgey caramel cookie + ice cream.

B&B Butchers Dessert \\

Such a fun evening.

Unpictured: Minor breakdown in the car on the way home because I have a love-hate relationship with being social.  The struggle is real.

Andrew and me \\

10:00-11:00pm: Did some eating disorder reading for work.

11:00pm: BED!

And that’s my day! I got out of the house more than usual, which is nice so I don’t get too cabin fevery.  I’m hoping to post a day in the life when I spend the day working on blog recipes.  Mid-August my schedule will change a bit as my work as an eating disorder dietitian picks-up.  Until then, this will be a pretty typical day for me (minus the free fancy dinner).  

My blog posting schedule will also be increasing a bit.  More on that next week!

B&B Butchers view \\

13 comments on “A day in the life.”

  1. This was so much fun to read! I love reading over posts’ like these whie I sip on my coffee in the early morning :) I keep playing around with doing a “day in the life” or”daily meals” like post because its so fun to see that bloggers are REAL people! 
    Oh and your “love hate relationship with being social” comment totally made my day. I 100% feel you on that! 

    • Yes. Sips of coffee + lifestyle posts is the best combo! You should definitely do one! So fun to get a little insight into what other people do all day:) (…and we’ll stick together at Blog Brulee bc it sounds like you get me.<3)

  2. Such a cute picture of you and Andrew!! :) 

  3. I always do the zucchini/cucumber swap. I also recently did an italian parsley and cilantro swap! That was a surprise.

  4. Hiiiiii Kylie! I like snooping on bloggers life’s post=) That’s kinda my thang nowadays (summer vac) until I start real life again (school & work). Anywho, this is giving me an idea of future things for me when I start my own blogging adventure. Question, do you also edit your iPhone pictures? I am assuming you take pictures with your phone when you go out (grocery store, dinner, and such), but I find them so neat and shiny on your posts=)
    I love your blog! I am never getting tired of it!
    ps.: talking bloggin’ do you have any posts about “how to start” or any tips on this thang? Thanks~
    pp.s.: I find “thang” funny! thing* lol

    • Hi Cynthia!! I usually just use the instagram filters to edit iPhone pictures for instagram. Like if I’m at a restaurant/grocery store I just use the instagram filters for iPhone pics. But for the pictures in this post and the majority of all blog posts I use my camera (Canon 60D) and then edit in Lightroom before posting.

      I don’t have any posts on how to start blogging. I’d highly recommend starting with a free wordpress site and see where that takes you. The hardest thang is getting started. You just gotta START!! Seriously! That’s the hardest part!!! You can do it!

  5. This is such a good post! I love hearing about a day in the life of people (weirdly I know). I think for me recovering from an Eating Disorder its so nice to see people who eat authentically normally, so thank you for sharing :)

    • Hey Kate! So glad you enjoyed the post! I’m alllll about ‘normal’ eating:) Yay for no food rules!

      Wishing you continued strength in recovery!:)

  6. YAY! Loved getting a peek at a day in the life of one of my favorite bloggers :) Your eats look incredible as always, and I’ll take one of those dessert plates for myself, please and thanks.
    Can’t wait for what’s to come!

  7. REALLY enjoyed this post Kylie! Cannot wait to get my hands on that coconut flour cookie recipe :) Also, love that pic of you and “your person”!

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