Jul 21

New Posting Schedule!!!

Not sure if you’ll be like, “ohmahgah I don’t care about this” about this post…but here we are.  This is a post to let you know where the blog is heading.

Blog posts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday will be new recipe posts.  Those are what I started the blog with (we’ve come a long way) and what I love posting about.  I want posts on those days to be original, non-sponsored content.

So that leaves Tuesdays & Thursdays to change it up a bit.  Here’s the plan.  Posts on those days will fall into one of the following categories…

new posting schedule \\ immaEATthat.comFun things to come:)  Thanks for hanging around and reading this blog while I try to figure out my life and what direction the blog is heading.  I have so much love for you for making my life feel full.

See you tomorrow for coconut flour chocolate chip cookies.  Bring milk.


28 comments on “New Posting Schedule!!!”

  1. i love this idea!  I am excited for whats to come.  I have loved watching your blog grow and evolve!

  2. kudos for getting this all figured out lady! i still struggle on what i want to and when i want to post. 

  3. Yay! I would love to see a post/posts about how you grew your blog if you ever feel like talking about that too!

  4. WOOHOO! Cannot wait <3 

  5. I am so impressed with your ability to turn out 3 recipes a week. I look forward to recipes and life posts.

  6. Hiiiiii! I like this idea, specially, the DIY and things you love parts! I more specifically like the frame you use for the pic post=)
    bring it!

  7. Whew!  Glad you will still be blogging…got scared for a minute….have to tell you (and maybe I have already…the old brain sometimes forgets….). I love your blogs, recipes, new ingredients to try….I LOVE BAI 5 …I order it by the case and….thanks to you, Vanilla paste is now in my fridge (I made it myself!). And I use it regularly.  Love all your oatmeal recipes too…so, please…keep on keepin on!
    ❤️ Barbara

    • You’re the best, Barbara!! (and I know I haven’t done anything to change the recipe font being tiny:( if I knew how to fix it I would in a heartbeat!!) And what?! You made your own vanilla bean paste? Where did you get all the vanilla beans? I’m intrigued!

  8. Aaagh! I’m so excited! Now I’ll have a highlight to my day EVERY day. Thanks for adding some spice to my life haha

  9. I’m so excited! Thank YOU for being so awesome. We must meet one day. :)

  10. Kylie,
    As for the vanilla bean paste…I found a recipe on line…  It’s Homemade Vanilla Bean Paste (refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan) and I used the vanilla beans in my homemade vanilla extract.  Also, you can buy vanilla beans  at  They have free shipping.  

  11. I know I don’t comment a whole lot, but I love your blog and your recipes! I think this new schedule is great, and I’m looking forward to your new recipes and your happenings posts the most :) 

    • Thanks, Amber! Since you blog you know how nice it is when people comment and you’re like, “YAY SOMEONE ACTUALLY READS MY BLOG” or that’s how I feel lol. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Yay can’t wait to see what’s in store! I always love reading what you write. Interested in seeing more behind the scenes of your photography! I want to keep learning more and more!

    • Julie! So when I was speed scrolling through my facebook feed I saw your s’mores smoothie and was like “WHAT WAS THAT?!! Who did that?!” And had to slow the speed scrolling to go back and look at the pretty picture. It’s gorgeous! Looks like you’ve got the photography thing down now!

  13. Kylie,  forgot to mention…it was so sweet of you to remember that it was me who requested your recipes be in larger print…not to worry..I worked it out.  I copy them then paste it to my “notes” (I have an iPad ). Then when I print it, it comes out bigger…and sometimes I include the photo and sometimes I don’t.
    And oh!  Lover of all things coconut…want to also thank you for introducing me to Noosa Coconut Yoghurt!  LOVE it…my favorite now!  I can buy it at Fresh Market right near to me. Yay!

  14. This giveaway would be amazing for me! I just moved and I am now 3 hours away from a Trader Joes?. I would be most excited to try the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix!

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