DIY Magazine Hangers

It’s time for my second ever DIY post.  We’re discussing how to store your magazines in the best way (in my opinion).

DIY magazine storage \\

So.  Back story.  A year or so ago I saw this guest bedroom on A Beautiful Mess and knew I wanted to have the EXACT SAME magazine storage in our guest bedroom.  Fast forward a year…I finally got it done.

Let’s get into it.

Step one: Go to Barnes & Noble and pick out some of your favorite magazines.

DIY magazine storage \\

Then run by Anthropologie and pick out some (slight pricey) drawer pulls.  Hello, $10 elephant head.  But it’s so fun.

150728 Wall hangers-10

Now borrow you husband/dad/grandpa/boyfriend’s drill (if you own your own drill, more power to you!).  Get a piece of scrap board to figure out the size of the hole you need for each drawer pull.  The hole should be slightly smaller than the screw attached to the drawer pull.  Each of my drawer pulls had different sized screws attached to them, so it took a couple tries to find the right size hole to drill out.

DIY magazine storage \\

Once you’ve figured out the size drill bit you need, drill 3 evenly spaced holes into your wall.  If you’re smart, you can find a stud…I didn’t, but the wall was able to support the weight of the drawer pull + hanger + magazine.

DIY magazine storage \\

Screw in your drawer pulls and hang your hangers.

DIY magazine storage \\     DIY magazine storage \\

Add the magazines.

DIY magazine storage \\

Then do a close-up shot of the hamburger mag.

DIY magazine storage \\

And that’s it!

DIY magazine storage \\

Thanks for entertaining my desire to be more crafty.  It’s nice to step out of the kitchen every once in awhile.  See my first DIY post here.  Back to food tomorrow!


  1. Your dog is adorable and good for you for not putting a hole in your comforter! Drills and I do not get along very well…. Is the picture above the bed of San Diego? The part in your picture looks like the naval base to me. I guess they all look the same, though (ships, piers, and water!). I’m inspired to get crafty, now. Thanks!

    • oooo didn’t even think about how the drill could put a hole through the comforter! I just went and looked to see if there were any and luckily there weren’t;)

      I think the picture is New York! But I’m usually wrong…so there’s that;)

  2. this is such a fun idea! also I have that comforter (I guess technically it’s a duvet cover? but that’s a fancy word) and I love it!

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  4. OMG, I’m so late! However, that’s a great idea. I AM going to hang some magazines in guests bathroom 😅

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