Almond Flour Crepes (Single-Serving!) + 5 Healthy Almond Flour Recipes

Yay, it’s the last Thursday of the month!

Which means it’s time for Lindsay, Arman, Sarah, Julia, Alexis and me to all get together to bring you our favorite thing to do with a particular ingredient.  This month is ALMOND FLOUR!

6 Healthy Recipes with Almond Flour |

I really haven’t explored that much with almond flour so I’m excited to try everyone’s recipe.  But before then, I’ll tell you about these almond flour crepes.

There’s a crêperie in Houston called Sweet Paris that inspired this crepe.  99% of the time I go there, I order the nutella + banana crepe with a latte.  LOVE.  I actually wanted that crêperie to cater my wedding…but that didn’t happen.  

While I would like to go to Sweet Paris weekly (or more), the budget keeper in this marriage would frown upon that idea.  He also frowns upon me using his microfiber clothes to whip up melted chocolate.  But that’s another blog post.


Plan B is necessary if I want the goal of eating crepes every week to become a reality.  And that plan involves making crepes at home.

almond flour crepes for ONE! \\

Since the world seems to be very much like, “give me all the grain-free recipes,” almond flour crepes seemed like the way to go.  So here we are.

It took me 3 tries to get the recipe right, one of the tries involved a minor incident where I burnt the living daylights out of a crepe.  It did not smell like the joy and happiness that crepes should smell of.

Moving on. 

First, whisk up your batter.  I used an electric hand mixer because I REALLY wanted to mix in the almond flour.  I recommend you do the same.  I actually have an intense fear that one day my finger will get stuck in one of the whisks of the hand mixer while it’s running.  I have a final destination moment every time I use it.

150728 almond flour crepes-9

Then, grease your skillet and pour on the batter.  You may need to swirl the crepe pan a bit to evenly coat it with crepe-ness.

almond flour crepes-3

Once cooked, drizzle on some chocolate peanut butter.

Having chocolate in the morning brings on all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings for me.  Even more warm and fuzzies are brought on if a latte is served alongside.

almond flour crepes. \\

Then top with bananas and fold.

AND eat.  Somewhere between the first bite and the second make yourself an iced latte<3.

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almond flour crepes \\


Single-Serving Almond Flour Crepe

Yield: serves 1 generously!


almond flour crepe
2 tablespoons almond flour
1 teaspoon ground flaxseed
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons almond milk
1 tablespoon honey
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
pinch salt

1 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon chocolate chips
1/2 banana, thinly sliced


In a bowl, combine all ingredients with an electric mixer.  Pour onto a greased crepe pan over medium heat.  Swirl the pan to have the batter coat the entire pan in a thin layer or use a spoon to evenly spread the batter.  Cook until the bottom starts to turn brown and the top is cooked through.  You shouldn't need to flip the crepe.  

In a microwave-safe bowl, combine peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Microwave until melted.  Fill crepe with chocolate peanut butter and bananas.  Serve!

almond flour crepes \\

Click on the pictures below to check out all the other delicious almond flour recipes!


vegan mocha muffins  almond flour zucchini bread almond flour chocolate chip cookies almond flour pizza crust no bake fudge



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  3. ahhh looks so good! Just so you know – the links aren’t working :(

  4. Love almond flour and love these recipes!! Can’t wait to try them all. Your pictures of the crepe make me want to eat my computer screen :) 

  5. I see my breakfast for tomorrow morning!

  6. I’m legit going to make this for breakfast this morning. I’ve had a difficult time with getting almond flour and coconut flour crepes to turn out and yours looks so perfect! P.S. I love your little clicky gallery at the end of the post – so cool!

    • I tried a version with a combo of almond flour & coconut flour and it was so not good. Which surprised me. This one’s a winner though! Hope it turns out great for you;)

  7. Kylie, these look amazing!  I want to make them for Saturday breakfast.  The only thing is – I don’t have a “crepe skillet”.  Can I use a regular skillet?  Or does that mean I’ll have to flip the crepe?  (Sorry if this is a no-brainer and all skillets are the same!)

    • Hey Stacey! I should’ve been more clear. Just use the biggest skillet you have! You want a very thin layer of batter so if your skillet is getting too full, don’t pour in all the batter and instead make 2 crepes! Hope that makes sense:))

  8. These crepes look to-die-for, Kylie! I would have never guessed they were made from almond flour!

    I used to live in College Station and we made several trips to Houston but unfortunately I never made it to that crepe place. I’ll have to bookmark it for when we go back. But in the meantime, I’m definitely going to give these a try!

  9. This looks absolutely sinful… and insanely delicious.  I would like one right now please. :)  I am intrigued to try especially since you used almond flour!  What a great swap!  

  10. Holy crepes! Ok yes I have to try this. I love that you made these chocolate peanut butter banana. Pretty much my favorite combo ever!!

  11. These look so good. Your pictures are always so great! I’ve never tried making crepes but it looks like I need to!!

  12. Oh my goodness, can we make these tomorrow morning? Or just go to Sweet Paris for brunch before Ikea? ;) I’d be a happy camper either way!

  13. I’m intimidated to try making crepes, but this looks awesome! The texture looks spot on. Nice work!!

  14. I’ve always wanted to make crepes, but I’m always scared too! Almost like how you’re afraid of getting your fingers stuck in a hand mixer? Yeah…that’s how I feel about making crepes. I’m going to burn myself or the house down. One of the two will happen. 

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  20. These were amazing, so simple to make and light on the stomach.. Thanks for the recipie

  21. These were delicious!!!!!!! I made them with chocolate chips and I want to eat them everyday for breakfast!!!!!! Thank you for the great recipie! 

  22. My boyfriend has now been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for 1.5 yrs., but I have yet to make a gf crepe. These look amazing! Perhaps a dumb question, and I do realize these recipes are to highlight almond flour, but would it be possible to use gf all-purpose flour instead? I have a lot of it in the cabinet. :) Thanks!

    • Hi Kori! I’m sure it’s possible, I just haven’t experimented with gf all-purpose flour for this recipe. I’d find a crepe recipe with regular flour and sub the gf flour for that. You may have already tried that though:) ALSO…way to be a great girlfriend and make your bf tasty GF things.

  23. That looks mouth watering. I didn’t think about using almond flour for crepes. My family eats gluten free, so I think they would really enjoy this breakfast treat. How long did it take to make the one crepe? 

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  32. love anything with almonds in. Those recipes look really good, KYLIE .

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