Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes

We’re going SO FRESH today.

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes \\    

You know, since it’s still summer and all and I’m melting down here in the south.  I need the refreshingly fresh things.  

Hence two ice cube posts in one week (latte ice cubes, anyone?)

But now we’re moving away from coffee caffeine and moving to matcha caffeine.

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes \\

This was my first time using matcha.  It took me a bit to find a jar of it that didn’t cost a bajillion dollars.  I ended up going with this one.

What do YOU do with matcha? Other than make tea out of it.  I would very much like if someone brought me a chocolate matcha cupcake stuffed & topped with matcha frosting.  Yeah, that’d be grrreat.

But for now…we have tea.

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes \\

I usually hate hibiscus tea.  

Or more accurately, my taste buds hate hibiscus tea but my mind love hibiscus tea.  Does that make sense?

I’ll order it at restaurants (like I did last night) because it sounds fun and has a pretty color, but then I end up hating it and having to switch drinks with Andrew because he can tolerate the taste and I feel like a terrible person if I have to ask the waiter to get me a new drink.

But all that just to tell you that I like the hibiscus tea pictured above.  I do! 

If you’re at a loss for what to drink this weekend, DRINK THIS.

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes \\

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes

Yield: 4 cups worth of ice cubes

Total Time: overnight freeze


4 cups coconut water, divided (I used Zico)
1 teaspoon matcha powder (I used this one)
your favorite iced tea, cooled


In a bowl, combine 2 cups coconut water with matcha powder.  Stir until matcha is dissolved.  Fill ice cube trays half full of the matcha mixture and freeze.  Once frozen, fill remaining half of the ice cube tray with coconut water.  Freeze.  Serve with your fav iced tea.

Matcha Coconut Water Ice Cubes \\ 


  1. great idea! i’ve been wanting to experiment to matcha, too!

  2. I always want to try matcha but its so darn expensive!

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