Quick Austin Trip

Andrew and I planned a little trip last week.  My schedule is about to change with my eating disorder RD job and I’ll be working a good deal more than I am now.  

So a quick getaway before the schedule change sounded like a great idea.  We loaded up Andrew’s car and were off.

austin trip \\

We got to Austin around 3pm.  I had contacted Kimber Modern before our trip and they kindly offered us a media discount for our overnight stay.  This boutique hotel was definitely different than any hotel I’ve stayed at.  LOVED IT.


You opened the front door to walk straight up stairs that put you in what felt like a fancy treehouse.

Kimber Modern- Austin |

We explored out room a bit before heading to the common area for some snacks.

Kimber Modern - Austin | immaEATthat.comaustin1

The common area was decked out with wine, beer, pistachios, yogurt, M&M’s, clementines AND a sparking water machine + syrups to add in.

Kimber Modern- Austin |

I went with sparkling water + raspberry syrup.  I had so much fun with this.  I think this means I need a SodaStream.

austin 3

We were pretty tired after the drive so we rested for a couple hours while it cooled off a bit outside.  Then we headed out on a walk down South Congress to work up an appetite for dinner.

Austin Trip | immaEATthat.comaustin 4

It was still 90ºF+ while we were walking around so after an hour of walking we were hot and sweaty and ready for dinner.  We headed back up South Congress and ended up here for iced teas + splitting a pork taco plate and Mexican street corn.

austin 5

After dinner we listened to music and walked around a bit more before ending up at Amy’s for ice cream.  Cookies ‘n cream has been my go-to ice cream all summer, which is different for me.  I’m usually a plain vanilla or coffee ice cream kind of person.

Amy's Ice Cream- Austin | immaEATthat.comaustin 6

Then back to the hotel to sleep.  So much walking.  So tired.

Kimber Modern - Austin |

The next day I got up and did a small run before we went to breakfast right across the street from Kimber Modern at Jo’s Coffee.

Mashed potato + egg + cheese breakfast taco with a blueberry muffin to split.  I had an iced latte too.

Jo's Coffee Austin |

Then we packed up and headed back towards Houston.  A quick trip, but it was such a nice 19 hours.



  1. Ahhh love Austin. I live here and glad you enjoyed it! I’ve always noticed that hotel but have never stayed or been inside. Thanks for the pics :) 

    • Had a great time! We really wanted to go to Hamilton Pool. Have you been? But we heard it’s mega crowded and that you can’t swim there right now bc of algae levels or lack of rain or something like that.

  2. Ah, this brought me back to my college years living in Austin. Next time stay at Hotel San Jose, its one of my faves!

  3. This looks like an amazing hotel.  I wouldn’t mind staying here.   It look so much nicer than your standard hotel. 

  4. Jo’s have the BEST Coffee in Austin!! And that hotel looks wonderful. 

  5. That hotel looks so bright, sunny, and clean! Your pictures looks like something out of a getaway travel mag. I’ve never been to Austin, but my boyfriend loves it there so we’re going to have to take a trip soon!

    • We live so close and this was only the third time I’ve been. It’s a fun city! Worth a visit when it cools off a bit. Wait until October!:) Otherwise you may melt!

  6. Yeah, Hamilton Pool is closed right now :( we tried to go a few weeks ago. I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my list. 

  7. Dream 19 hours! So glad you had a good trip!

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