End of Summer Party

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In an effort to do all things summer before summer ends, we’ve got 6 oh-so summery recipes to make all at once and eat/drink with all your best friaannnds for the best End of Summer Party ever.  Yes, it will be that great.

SIX recipes means all the more delicious choices for your party guests to enjoy.

End of Summer Party | #adEnd of Summer Party | #adFor summer to be summer there has to be ice cream floats involved.  And since this summer has been the summer of cherry ice cream for me (so delicious), I went for a black cherry float made with Bai Bubbles Bolivia Black Cherry + vanilla ice cream.

If partygoers aren’t feeling the float, they can make a grapefruit cocktail instead featuring Bai Bubbles Gimbi Pink Grapefruit.  For extra cocktail fun, use a blender to crush ice into a snow cone consistency.  It’s the best.

End of Summer Party - black cherry floats & grapefruit cocktails | #ad

Another summer-must are ice cream sandwiches.  While I have a list of ice cream sandwich food trucks I want to go to, this PB & J ice cream sandwich with a Bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit chia seed jelly is very possibly the most classy (err umm, trendy) way to eat a pb&j.

And since it’s not summer without the vibrant-ness of kiwi in your life…we’ve got a coconut-guava mocktail garnished with pretty little kiwis.  Plus, the combo of Bai Bubbles Waikiki Coconut & Bai Bubbles Guatemala Guava creates the prettiest pink color of your life.  (…would be perfect for a baby shower!!!)

End of Summer Party- PB&J ice cream sandwiches and coconut-guava mocktails | #ad

If you find your party friends are more beer people than ice cream people, we’re got a beer cocktail for them made with Bai5 Costa Rica Clementine.  If you’re a please-put-an-orange-in-my-beer person, this is for you.

Continuing with the kiwi theme…another thing we still need at any summer celebration is an ice pop!  This peaches & coconut version made with Bai5 Panama Peach and COLORFUL kiwi and COLORFUL-LER straws makes summer even brighter.  It’s true.

End of Summer Party | #ad

And there we have it.  Six recipes to celebrate summer and make sure you fit in all things summer before the season of pumpkin arrives.

End of Summer Party | #ad




  1. So cute! I’ve never tried Bai but I know people rave about it and your recipes look delicious!

  2. Yes to all the summer stuff while it’s still hot out- no pumpkin til late September for me. My husband is obsessed with the Bai drinks- maybe if I send him this post he will make one of them for me (fingers crossed for PBJ ice cream sandwich).

  3. These all look so fun! Love how you’ve decorated everything!

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