Aug 24

LaCroix Giveaway

This post was sponsored by LaCroix.

If you’re a fan of LaCroix, this giveaway is for you.  Today we’re giving away a YEAR supply of LaCroix Sparkling Water.  That’s a lot of sparkling water.

La Croix Giveaway! |

LaCroix has released 3 new flavors…

la croix grapefruit melon |

la croix kiwi watermelon |

la croix blackberry cucumber |

While they’re all refreshing and bubbly, my absolute favorite has to be the kiwi watermelon.  It has even replaced lime La Croix as my favorite flavor.

Want to win ALL THE LaCroix? Enter by simply leaving a comment on this blog post or using the giveaway tool below.

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286 comments on “LaCroix Giveaway”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE La Croix water! My favorite it’s the lime flavor with muddled lemons! So simple and so delicious!

  2. Ohhhh this would be so amazing!!!! Coconut is my fav flavor ever!!

  3. So excited that you are doing this giveaway! I would live to win! It could really help me with my new lifestyle change to stay on track! La Croix is so yummy!! :)

  4. sounds amazing!!! blueberry cucumber sounds very interesting!

  5. La Croix is my FAVORITE drink! I love them all, but my all time favorite is apricot – so refreshing!

  6. My favorite flavor is Passionfruit. I lived in the South Pacific for a year and a half and it brings me back to the flavors of the islands. : )

  7. I love love love the lemon flavor and I can’t wait to try these new flavors! 

  8. I’m obsessed with La Croix! The cherry lime flavor is my favorite, so light and refreshing!

  9. Would love to win! LaCroix is my fav!

  10. The grapefruit flavor is so good!

  11. I love La Croix! Lime is my favorite flavor, but the blackberry cucumber sounds amazing!

  12. I drink La Croix like it is candy! Can’t get enough of the Pamplemousse flavor, plus it’s fun to say. All flavors sare refreshing though!

  13. Can’t wait to try the new flavors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I loove sparkling water, especially La Croix. Right now the grapefruit is my favorite, but those new ones look so good!

  15. I LOVE the raspberry lime flavor! Super refreshing! 

  16. So excited to try all of these new flavors – would love to win this!

  17. I love coconut

  18. my family and i just love the apricot flavor!!

  19. I love the lime and passion fruit flavors!

  20. WHAT? I drink LaCroix everyday as a treat. :) I love the lime and grapefruit flavors.

  21. My favorite flavor has to be lemon! So light and refreshing!

  22. I love them all! The lemon is my go-to, but coconut with fresh lime juice is perfect for the summer.

  23. My favorite flavor is the grapefruit! I hope to win this giveaway their waters are the best!

  24. Just like everyone else, I LOVE LA CROIX water, absolutely, hands down my favorite beverage!!

    I love to pour ANY of them over frozen pineapple. What an incredible giveaway; thank you for the chance to win!

  25. we have a bit of an addiction over here. Grapefruit is my fav. Hubby is all about lime.

  26. I absolutely love the coconut flavor but can’t wait to try these!! Especially the grapefruit & melon!

  27. Oooh yes please!

  28. I grew up drinking La Croix with my mother. My favorite is definitely lemon!

  29. My favorite flavor is Orange but I will be on the lookout for Kiwi Watermelon in stores!

  30. The pear and peach flavor!

  31. I love mango, but I just love to drink any of them! So refreshing :)

  32. gimme that coconut flavor!

  33. Kiwi and Watermelon! I would love to try Blackberry and Cucumber. I have a new cucumber love. 

  34. Kiwi/Watermelon!

  35. I am dying to try the blackberry & cucumber! It’ll be a good transition into fall as blackberries fall out of season! I’ve been literally living off the mango and passionfruit flavors all summer, though!

  36. I’d love to get this giveaway! I’ve been obsessed with La Croix since I gave up soda years ago and committed to a healthier lifestyle!

  37. The pear peach flavor is my favorite!

  38. Cran-raspberry for sure! I love all cranberry flavored things :)

  39. So hard to choose, but I’m currently loving the Crab-raspberry flavor!

  40. I love lemon!

  41. La Croix + bitters is my JAM!

  42. I must try the blueberry cucumber! 

  43. Grapefruit and melon sounds delish! 

  44. Grapefruit. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.

  45. I have been dying to try La Croix and have heard great things about it. The Grapefruit Melon sounds so refreshing!

  46. La Croix is sweet summer in a can :]

  47. I love LaCroix… what a great giveaway… and I must get my hands on the blueberry cucumber!

  48. I LOVE the new grapefruit and melon flavor!!

  49. Favorite of the traditional flavors is lemon!

  50. Thanks for the scoop on the new flavors! Gotta check them out. Mango is my current fave! (:

  51. Ahhh!! This would be awesome. I’m currently soo obsessed with the grapefruit flavor.

  52. Grapefruit all the way. It’s my absolute favorite hands down.

  53. Oh man… it’s so hard to pick a favorite flavor.  I think I’d have to go with Coconut, though.  I’ve been dying to make some cocktails with it, too.  Gotta get my hands on the blackberry cucumber!!

  54. I’m obsessed with la croix!

  55. Love LaCroix and drink it almost everyday. My favorite is the Coconut flavor! Can’t wait to try these new ones!

  56. Lime is also my favorite!  I’m on the look out for these so I can try them!!

  57. I love La Croix. I bring a La Croix to work EVERY SINGLE DAY and have it in the afternoon as a little pick me up. Sometimes I add a dash of Orange Juice to my La Croix to make a healthy spritzer. My favorite flavors are Passionfruit & Apricot. Please please pick me!

  58. I really love the grapefruit flavor, but I am super interested in trying the blackberry and cucumber flavor. 

  59. Love LaCroix water!!!!

  60. Coconut is my favorite at the moment. I also love grapefruit, and the lime cherry flavors.

  61. Oh my goodness I LOVE la Croix! I’m digging grapefruit lately!

  62. I love the new peach pear flavor! 

  63. I love the peach pear!! 

  64. I would love to have a uear’s supy of La Croix! It is my favorite drink ever! I love the lemon flavor and often find it sold out!!!

  65. This sounds like a delicious prize!

  66. Lime all the way!

  67. Lime is our family’s favorite flavor!

  68. I love the Mango but Blackberry & Cucumber sounds amazing!

  69. My current favorite is the cherry lime!  These new flavors look delicious too!

  70. Passionfruit!! 

  71. I love love LaCroix! So delicious. 

  72. I staRted drinking La Croix when j quit soda 4 years ago. Not only have I lost weight and saved money – but I’ve turned my friends onto it. It’s my favorite healthy alternative suggestion :)

  73. I just tried their new Melon-Grapefruit which is tasty but my FAVORITE La Croix flavor is Peach-Pear! Its delicious! =)

  74. blackberry Cucumber sounds deliciuos

  75. I discovered La Croix for the first time this year when I visited my aunt in North Carolina. I was only there for 3 days but I went through a whole case just by myself! I’ve tried many of the flavors such as grapefruit and orange, but my favorite by far is coconut! It’s so refreshing!

  76. Current faves are the coconut and peach-pear.  The new flavors sound fabulous!!

  77. loooooove these new flavors. :)

  78. That blackberry & cucumber flavor looks so good!

  79. The kiwi melon flavor looks so yummy! Can’t wait to try them all

  80. Peach-Pear! But I can’t wait to try the new ones!!!

  81. I can’t wait to try more of these flavors. Currently loving the coconut!

  82. I love grapefruit (pamplemousse) the most, I think, but I tend to mix up the flavors I buy! I drink at least one LaCroix almost every day! 

  83. Cherry Lime is my current favorite!

  84. I gotta say Blackberry & Cucumber sounds intriguingly refreshing!

  85. Cherry Lime, is my absolute favorite. Can’t wait to try these new flavors!

  86. I love the grapefruit!

  87. I LOVE LaCroix! I can’t get enough of the grapefruit! Would love to try the grapefruit & melon – yum!

  88. Love the lemon flavor- but can’t wait to try all these new flavors!

  89. I love the curate cherry lime!

  90. I LOVE peach pear and mango! Oh they’re all so good and refreshing :)

  91. I love La Croix water! My favorite was always lime too. I need to try and find the new flavors to see if I like them too!

  92. I’m loving the Cherry Lime this summer.

  93. I gave up the soda game a while back to drop some extra pounds and I don’t regret it, but sometimes you just need something with some bubbles and flavor. These totally hit the spot! I also love the single flavor coconut one! So, so yum. :)

  94. LaCroix has helped me kick my diet soda habit! I would love to win this contest!

  95. The coconut LaCroix is my absolute favorite (followed closely by grapefruit)! I have a lot more exploring to do with their other flavors, but I am sure they are all delicious!

  96. I’m living that La Croix life all day

  97. I think the cucumber blackberry one would be so good but I haven’t found it yet at my local target. However, I really like the lime and lemon flavored. They are such classics!

  98. I love LaCroix! Can’t wait to try these new flavors!

  99. Even though I don’t typically like cranberry-flavored anything, I’m really into their cran-raspberry. 

  100. I absolutely love the mango, passionfruit, and grapefruit flavors! 

  101. i love sparkling water and flavored of course..I love the mango flavor

  102. This post just inspired me to take a trip to target and look for these new favors! My current favorite  is the lime but I’m intrigued by the blackberry cucumber. 

  103. My favorite flavor is apricot… so far!

  104. I love La Croix!  My new fave is the Apricot but would love to try grapefruit and melon.

  105. Oh my gosh! ??? This would be my dream come true! I grew up in a “no-soda” household where we always drank LaCroix so I’m a lifelong super fan! And I’ve been loving all the new flavors the last few years !!

  106. I absolutely love La Croix drinks. My fav is the peach pear. When I get home from a hard day’s work or from toiling in my garden I can’t wait to pop open my La Croix and the minute that flavorful fizz caresses my lips I’m in heaven!

  107. Why aren’t they selling LaCroix in Europe? I want to try it so badly :'(
    And if I buy it on amazon the shipping costs me a fortune.

  108. i actually just tried the coconut flavored la croix this weekend and am officially addicted! i’ve had the grapefruit before, which is delicious too. i love that i can have a refreshing, flavored drink without the extra sugar & calories!

  109. I would love to win this!

  110. Mango is definitely my favorite! LaCroix is the only thing that got me to stop drinking soda, it’s a great substitute!!

  111. My current favorite is coconut, but I can’t wait to try the new ones!!

  112. YUM! Can’t wait to try these new flavors 

  113. Oh man I have been wanting to try these flavors! Looks great!

  114. My favorite flavor is Coconut! Thank you.

  115. This is the first I’ve heard that these new flavors are coming out. I’m so excited. I’m going to start looking for them locally this week.

  116. I like the coconut, even though its sometimes hard to find.

  117. I am loving the blackberry cuke

  118. I love the coconut La Croix! But I need to find that kiwi & watermelon, it sounds so good!

  119. Peach pear is a good flavor.

  120. OMGGGGGG.  I’m a newer fan of La Croix but boy-oh-boy am I hooked!  As a special education teacher who’s not a coffee drinker,  these are exactly what I use (NEED) to pick me up after lunch.  I looooove them.  :)

  121. I’ve never tried them but they look delicious and refreshing! 

  122. I LOVE lime LaCroix, and in fact everyone in my house does. When we get down to the last can….look out!! Can’t wait to try the new flavors, and I would love to win the giveaway! WOW!! 

  123. I love these fresh new combos..I would love to win this giveaway.

  124. I would LOVE to win these! All three new flavours sound amazing. La Croix are so delicious but they are difficult to find where I live. This giveaway would definitely improve the situation ;)

  125. I love grapefruit!

  126. I love La Croix soooo much. Hands down, grapefruit is the best!

  127. love loveeee la croix!!!

  128. I love the coconut flavor!! I can’t wait to try them all!!!

  129. Coconut is my favorite!

  130. Be still my heart- each time you shared a new flavor I thought it must be my new favorite. This is quite the giveaway!

  131. I have never tried La Croix before but I would like to try that Kiwi Sandia flavor

  132. Just found this blog and think it’s great!

  133. I’ve never had the opportunity to try La Croix, but the blackberry cucumber sounds delicious!!

  134. I am obsessed with la croix! Such a great giveaway.

  135. La Croix is my favorite! Very excited to try the new flavors!! 

  136. I can’t wait to try the new flavors!

  137. I’ve tried all 3 new flavors and love them all!

  138. I LOVE the grapefruit and watermelon!

  139. Grapefruit flavor is amazing!!!!

  140. So excited! My favorite is the grapefruit sparkling water :)

  141. Love how great these new flavors sound.

  142. The blackberry & cucumber looks amazing!!! Would be AWESOME to win!

  143. I am drinking lemon right now and loving it!

  144. I have tried the coconut and it is so good!

  145. I am obsessed with Coconut LaCroix! I even use it in smoothies! So delicious!

  146. I drink Le Croix all the time, but have never tried the other flavors. Would love to win!

  147. I love La Croix so much. My favorites recently have been mango and apricot!!!

  148. watermelon!

  149. Lime is my favorite!

  150. OMG blackberry and cucumber sounds amazing!!

  151. Blackberry cucumber!

  152. Mango will always be my favorite. But I’m SO interested in trying the kiwi watermelon – sounds so good!

  153. im a fan of the grapefruit. Id like to try some of the flavors at target but always get sticker shock and stick with plain water.

  154. I love LA Croix!!!

  155. i’ve never tried lacroix! so i’m not sure what my fav flavor is yet :)

  156. Pamplemouse

  157. I have never tried LaCroix, but I’m pretty sure I would love Blackberry & Cucumber.

  158. Omg these flavors look amazing! I don’t think there is a LaCroix water I don’t Love!

  159. I would love to win this! I love LaCroix water!

  160. Oh man, I would love to try the kiwi watermelon. 2 of my favorites combined! Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. I love the new pineapple strawberry flavor! Delicious!

  162. Apricot is my current fav! But all of these sound amazing!

  163. I LOVE peach pear and cherry lime!

  164. Grapefruit and melon!

  165. I usually go right for the Orange La Croix, but I would love to try the kiwi watermelon!

  166. Love LaCroix!!!

  167. I drink La Croix in between my doubles sand volleyball games! Now more of the women are too. :D Passionfruit, apricot, mango, they’re all delicious!

  168. Please. Me. Pick me. Please

  169. The grapefruit melon one sounds delicious!

  170. I’ve never tried it before, but it all sounds delicious!

  171. I really love them all but I’m currently loving peach pear!

  172. GRAPEFRUIT! I just got a new case today….this would make me sooo happy! 

  173. My current favorite is definitely the cran-rasberry!

  174. LOVE LaCroix – my husband calls it my addiction. So glad to have found your blog through this giveaway!

  175. I tried LaCroix last week because I saw it on your blog..seriously my favorite new treat!

  176. Love the stuff and drink it every day! Fingers crossed!

  177. I love La Croix!! The new flavors sound pretty interesting. Can’t wait to try them!

  178. My favorite flavor is grapefruit!

  179. Yum! Love LaCroix; the cherry lime is my favorite summer flavor

  180. Replaced soda with La Croix, and now I have the whole family hooked!

  181. Coconut! Tastes so good.

  182. Grapefruit!

  183. passion fruit 

  184. I like the grapefruit and melon!

  185. I love sparkling water and drink it every night with dinner. It’s so hard to pick a favorite La Croix flavor – they’re all so good! Lemon, lime or grapefruit are probably my top picks. Can’t wait to try the new flavors!

  186. I live on coconut and mango LaCroix!

  187. blackberry+cucumber!! 

  188. I love the grapefruit flavor!

  189. I love the strawberry lime!

  190. I’ve never tried Lacroix but i love sparkling water!  I’d love to try the cucumber and blackberry one!

  191. Yummy! Those new flavors sound great! I love la croix water!

  192. I LOVE the Berry flavor!

  193. Grapefruit!

  194. the grapefruit flavor 

  195. I’ve recently tried the coconut flavor, its amazing!

  196. Passion FRUIT!

  197. I love the grapefruit flavor!

  198. Peach Pear!

  199. I have too many favorite flavors and I can’t wait to add more to my rotation when I finally get my hands on these new ones!

  200. I’ve only ever had passion fruit, but I just bought the pineapple strawberry and think that could be my favorite once I try it!

  201. I love the blackberry cucumber!

  202. I love the coconut currently but that new kiwi watermelon sounds amazing!

  203. I love their sparkling water and am excited to try the BlackBerry Cucumber,that sounds amazing!!

  204. I love sparkling water!! My favorite is passionfruit.

  205. I am addicted to La Croix. I’ve been drinking it for 5 years straight. I’m probably 50% la croix water now.

  206. I haven’t ever tried LaCroix but the kiwi watermelon sounds great!

  207. I must get ALL the La Croix. Love that stuff. Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. I love coconut LaCroix! These new flavors look yummy :)

  209. I’m ADDICTED to La Croix. Ever since I was pregnant & got sick of plain water, it’s been my go-to after work drink. I’d love to try them all, although the blackberry cucumber intrigues me.

  210. apricot FTW!

  211. Pamplemousse! Hands down

  212. I love LaCroix!!!!! All the flavors!! It would be so awesome to win a years worth!

  213. I recently fell in love with La Croix!! I’m dying to try the new flavors!

  214. LOVE LaCroix all day every day.

    Super excited about the new flavors.
    (Where’s NiCola at??)

  215. My new favorite is the Coconut. Yum!

  216. my fave was lime, but that blackberry cucumber looks amazing

  217. My orange! I make virgin mimosas using a can of orange and splash of orange juice.

  218. I’ve fully embraced my La Croix addiction – a year’s supply is basically a dream come true!!

  219. Hi my name is Sarah and I’m a La Croix addict (Hi Sarah!) It started innocently enough. I knew I drank too much diet soda and the only reason I really liked it at all was the bubbles. My best friend shared some La Croix lime and it was good. Then one day at Target (I go to another support group for that place) I discovered Coconut and my life was forever changed! I buy them by 10 boxes at a time. Even keeping a box or two in my car because you never know when the itch will hit! I’m sure I could consume a “years supply” in a matter of months. I can’t wait to try the new flavors!!!

  220. Can’t wait to try these flavors!!

  221. peach pear is my favorite :)

  222. Love La Croix!

  223. I LOVE lacroix! I’m obsessed with the new blackberry cucumber flavor. A free year of lacroix would be amazing!!!

  224. Oh my soul! I was at the store last night and didn’t even see the blackberry cucumber flavor! I am taking the watermelon kiwi with me to work today! YUM. 

  225. My favorite is coconut!!!

  226. I love love love peach pear, but I am currently testing the new flavors

  227. Love me some la croix! :)

  228. Cherry Lime is my favorite!

  229. I want to try them all – love lacroix!

  230. My favorite is peach-pear – captures both flavors perfectly!

  231. Beautiful pics and what a great giveaway! Thanks!

  232. I love the orange flavor right now but would like to try these 3 of course

  233. Pamplemousse HANDS DOWN. closely followed by cran raspberry.

  234. Grapefruit is my favorite!

  235. New to La Croix water but I’m totally in love! The new blackberry & cucumber is amazing :) But I really wanna try the peach & pear!

  236. Coconut is my favorite for sure

  237. I am a la croix fanatic! I agree that my new favorite is kiwi watermelon:) Thanks for the opportunity!

  238. I would love to try the Blackberry and Cucumber. 

  239. Pampelmousse all the way!!!!

  240. I am a huge fan of the grapefruit in particular but all the flavors are on point! Those new flavors look sound so delicious. Thanks for the awesome giveaway : )

  241. I have to try grapefruit again apparently. I am really loving the peach and pear and the cucumber blackberry right now! They are a life saver when I am craving a cocktail while on the Whole 30.

  242. I’m obsessed with La Croix water and can never get enough! My favorite flavor is the coconut!

  243. I would LOVE to win!! All the new flavors sound SO GOOD, and I still haven’t had a chance to try them. My fav so far has been the coconut. Thank you very much for the delicious giveaway!!

  244. Cherry Lime – ADDICTED!

  245. Huge fan of Lacroix! Excited about trying the new flavors! My list of favorties right now are lime, mango, berry and pinapple/strawberry – refreshing! 

  246. I would be the happiest person in the world to win this! La Croix is pretty much the only thing I drink and I love the coconut. I even started making cocktails with La Croix. I would love to try the new flavors!

  247. I love the Peach-Pear!

  248. Totally, unabashedly addicted. Apricot is my jam.

  249. Right about now some refreshing La Croix water would really hit the spot!

  250. So many more flavors to try! 

  251. Watermelon + lacroix = nomnomnom

  252. I love the tropical flavor!! I used to drink 3 a day… I’m just addicted

  253. Is it boring to say I like Lemon the best? I really do love them all!!!

  254. Yes please!

  255. This is amazing! Love love these!!

  256. Peach pear

  257. Love the coconut one!

  258. I love the coconut flavor!

  259. Coconut is my favorite!

  260. I love peach pear. yum!

  261. my favorite currently is the cran-raspberry!

  262. Can’t wait to try the grapefruit melon flavor! 

  263. I love that Kiwi Watermelon flavor.

  264. Love peach. The new flavors sound amazing

  265. La Croix gets me through my night shifts. A little bubbly does the trick!

  266. I love La Croix!  It makes a great cocktail mixer.

  267. Coconut is my favorite!

  268. I only recently tried LaCroix and it was so refreshing! I am not a fan of soda but my boss convinced me to give it a go. My favorite so far is the lime but these all look amazing – I will definitely need to try the blackberry cucumber :)

  269. My favorite is grapefruit!

  270. Yum I LOVE the coconut one! This is the. best. giveaway.ever!

  271. Grapefruit

  272. Team grapefruit!

  273. All of the flavors are great!

  274. i love the cherry lime… but kiwi watermelon sounds fantastic!! 

  275. Kiwi Watermelon!

  276. My current favorite is Grapefruit!!

  277. La Croix is so good! Passion fruit is amazing!

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