Sep 17

Trader Joe’s Giveaway!

Trader Joe's Giveaway |

…because everybody LOVES a giveaway.  And everybody loves Trader Joe’s<3<3<3.

If you are the lucky winner of this giveaway you will win…

A lot of nut butter.

trader joe's giveaway |

And some seeds.  Plus, more nuts.

Trader Joe's Giveaway |

There will also be a reason to drink more iced coffee.

trader joe's giveaway |

And you’ll win balsamic glaze to top your pizza with, sweet chili sauce to make these brussel sprouts with, and sardines + hemp seeds to top your salad with.

Trader Joe's Giveaway |

And to help you get oh-so ready for fall, we’ve got fall essentials like maple and pumpkin.

Trader Joe's Giveaway |

Because I make no sense.  You will also win this random bottle of soap.  

It’s not food, but it just smelt really good.

trader joes giveaway |

Then to finish off the giveaway there will be quite a bit of chocolate.  

Including mini peanut butter cups, a milk chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar, a cookie butter filled chocolate bar, a peanut butter & jelly chocolate bar and milk chocolate s’mores.

trader joe's giveaway |

Want to win?!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me what goodie you are most excited to win.  Or use the giveaway tool below.  Good luck!

{Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s.  I just like their store and wanted to do a fun giveaway.}

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[GIVEAWAY CLOSED.  Winner: Jess D. (winner has been contacted)]

430 comments on “Trader Joe’s Giveaway!”

  1. This looks amazing! Is this open to everyone or US residents only? I’d looooove to win all the pumpkin flavored goodies and I’d be super excited to try all the chocolate things we don’t get over here (I’m in Australia) mini peanut butter cups, s’mores….. Otherwise, I’d be very jealous of the winner and I’m just going to use the comment to say that I love your blog and recipes!!

  2. I’d be most excited to win the nut butters – we don’t have Trader Joe’s here and I’m crazy envious! 

    Also: GOOD CALL ON THAT SOAP. Oh yes.

  3. would LOVE to win all the nut butters ;)

  4. Pumpkin Pancake mix and cashew butter!!  I haven’t tried either.  Great giveaway!

  5. coffee!!!

  6. Most excited to win the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix – tis the season! 

  7. The nut butter. Sounds delicious!!!

  8. I LOVE that maple granola. I used to buy it every single time I went to TJs – but had to cut myself off. If I win, I’m giving myself full, guiltless permission to eat it. All of it!

  9. Is ALL THE THINGS an acceptable answer?! :D

  10. The nut butter… My favorite!

  11. I heart hemp seeds!

  12. I’m most excited to win the nut butters! There are some in your list that I haven’t tried yet!

  13. the cold brew!! It’s been on my “to try” list for awhile now!

  14. Oh! The sweet Thai chili sauce! I go through it so fast!!

  15. thjs is great! Thanks for the chance to win!  You had me at chocolate?

  16. I am most excited to try the pumpkin waffle and pancake mix – I get obsessed with everything fall-themed this time of year

  17. I love Trader Joes! would be most excited to win the cold brew!

  18. Did someone say chocolate?

  19. All the nut butters! Nom <3

  20. I am most excited to win all those nut butters!!! 

  21. I’m most excited for THREE types of nut butter!

  22. I’m most excited to win the peanut butter cups!  TJ’s peanut butter cups are THE BEST.

  23. Trader Joes… THE BOMB!!!!

  24. Nut Butters, hands down!

  25. Give me all the nut butter!!

  26. The coffee excites me the most!!! I love love trader Joe’s!!

  27. I’m most excited about the iced coffee (crack)!!! I love TJs!!!

  28. Definitely most excited about the pumpkin waffle/pancake mix! Now that the mornings are getting chillier here on the East Coast, I’ve been craving some pumpkin-y breakfast goodness to put me in the fall mood.

  29. I want to attempt to top smoothies and oatmeal with coconut chips and never make it because I eat them all first ;).

  30. That iced coffee <3 and I have heard such good things about the balsamic glaze!

  31. the coconut chips!

  32. I can never have enough nut butter!!

  33. Nut butter is a given and then the pumpkin pancake/waffle mix because FALL <3

  34. Wow this giveaway is amazing! I my favorite would definitely be the cold brew for sure!! 

  35. Ummm… NUT BUTTERS! Never tried cashew butter before and anything related to peanut butter is a yes. Thanks for this AMAZING giveaway. 

  36. OMG Everything! I miss Trader Joes and we have to drive 90+ minutes to get to one! I am thinking pumpkin would be the most exciting because well it’s limited edition!

  37. I love the just clusters cereal! Also, surprisingly enough, I really want to try that soap.

  38. The balsamic glaze! That’s one thing I can never convince myself to buy just because I feel like it’s a waste of money, but I always want it.

  39. I am most excited about the Cold Brew coffee!

  40. Most excited about the almond butter and coconut chips. Am borderline addicted to both products! Love them :)

  41. Their almond butter is my favorite, and we don’t have a trader joe’s here :(

  42. I am most excited to win the cold brew! I recently tried the Starbucks version and loved it, but I would love to try the Trader Joe’s version for comparison.

  43. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me, so I’m excited about everything… If I had to pick the most exciting thing, it would probably be the pancake mix. Makes life simple!

  44. While I’m a definite fan of the nut butters, and would love to try the pancake mix, I have to admit I would be most excited about the chocolate : )

  45. Pumpkin Waffle/Pancake mix, say what?! :) 

  46. Yum – dark chocolate!

  47. That sweet chili sauce looks SO good!

  48. The nut butters and chocolates look amazing!

  49. OoOoooOh…definitely super excited about the cold brew! Also, the pancake/waffle mix. And possibly mixing the two to make hybrid pumpkin coffee waffles?! Holy hot dang.

  50. Oh my gosh this is amazing! I’m most excited about the cashew butter and all the chocolate!!! Oh, and the pumpkin pancake mix.

  51. I think we’d be friends. SO many of your favorite TJ’s things match up with mine… the cold brew, the nut butters (ALL the nut butters), pumpkin waffle mix, and chocolate anything. Also the chia seeds. 

  52. I really want to try the nut butter. I have heard very good things about it.

  53. The nut butters!! But that’s obvious :)

  54. I’d be most excited to win all those nut butters. I need a restock anyways!

  55. ALL the pumpkin things!!

  56. i’m excited to try the cocoa almond spread!

  57. The cold brew concentrate!

  58. Pancakes are my JAM. PLUS, I recently got a waffle maker. So the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix! Yummmmmm!

  59. I…I honestly don’t know WHAT I would be most excited to win. The nut butter…NO the seeds, NO definitely the coffee. I may even have to make a trip to TJs to buy all of these things, you know, just in case.

  60. I’d love to try those nut butters!

  61. all the nut butters!!!

  62. All about that pumpkin pie mix!!!!!!!


    love the almond butter! and the cashew butter! 
    also pro tip – try the raw almond butter too :-D

  64. Every time I go to Trader Joes I want to buy the seed blend, but then I always back out in the end, so I’d love to win that! Everything sounds amazing though!

  65. Trader Joes is only the best store ever- what an amazing giveaway! I would look forward to winning the balsamic glaze, I’ve never tried it- sounds so good!

  66. Oh wow…chocolate everything..especially the cookie butter filled bar!

  67. I love that TJs shampoo!! I used to use it so much and have since forgotten about it!

  68. Those nut butters would always be put to good use in this household. also, i love their cleaning products too!

  69. that nuuuuuuut butter though! my goodness, that’d put a massive smile on my face. i’ve been meaning to try those pumpkin-flavored goodies too, though!

  70. Literally every single item on this list makes me excited, but especially the cashew butter! I’ve been eyeing it for months and months and I would love to finally try it! And everything pumpkin, duh :)

  71. I LOVE nut butter, I can’t have enough of it!! I eat it by the spoonful for breakfast :) 

  72. While all things chocolate, pumpkin, and nut butter sound INCREDIBLE to me, the thing that most caught my eye in this post is that citrus soap! It sounds HEAVENLY. :)

  73. Pumpkin Pancake Mix!!

  74. The chocolate! The dark chocolate bar in particular.

  75. Nut butters, obviously. Though I still haven’t tried hemp seeds yet and would love to see what those are all about.

  76. I spy dark chocolate sea salt and turbinado sugar covered almonds AKA my favorite TJs item of all time. This is such an exciting spread that you’ve assembled!

  77. the cocoa almond spread!!

  78. I have always wanted to be daring and try out the sardines….. but have not yet gone for it!! It is worth it?? What is your favorite way to eat them?

  79. Oooh either the coffee or the pecan granola! Both sound great! 

  80. Pumpkin pancake mix!

  81. This is fabulous!  Most excited about… the chocolate.  ALWAYS the chocolate. :)

  82. I’m SUPER excited about this giveaway! The nut butters and chocolate treats and all the goodies make me smile. This would be an awesome giveaway to win.

  83. Ohhh! I miss trader joes! I am definitely most excited about the tiny peanut butter cups. I introduced my (now) husband to them on one of our early dates so we love eating them together.

  84. Oh my goodness, I miss Trader Joe’s!  The nut butters, the cookie butter chocolate bar.. man oh man.  YUM.

  85. This is my favorite give away ever! Love the pumpkin stuff at TJs, glad it’s back! 

  86. Sweet chili sauce?! Yum! What a delicious way to add some kick to plain veggies.

  87. Most excited about the cocoa almond spread!!! Salivating just thinking about it!

  88. The cold brew!

  89. This is awesome! I am most excited about everything!

  90. I’m dying to try to cocoa almond spread!!

  91. Pumpkin Pancakes!! I’ve never had :) 

  92. Ok whoa, so. many. gems. in this giveaway. I love all nut butters that exist. But to be honest, hands down, the balsamic glaze. Is it just my lack of ability in the kitchen or the line between balsamic vinegar and completely burnt goop wayyyy too fine? Having a bottle of glaze on hand would just be a blessing when it comes to homemade caprese :)

  93. Gotta try the cold brew!

  94. Gah. I cannot buy the Cocoa Almond Spread because I eat waayyy faster than anyone should. Also, I’ll have to pick up some of that soap to try. But mostly, I have been eyeing the Cold Brew but haven’t committed. So obvi I’d be excited to win it!!

  95. Mini peanut butter cups!!

  96. I’m most excited to win the fall items! I <3 pumpkin flavored things FOREVER

  97. OMG! Definitely most excited about the pumpkin waffle/pancake mix!

  98. I’m most excited about the nut butters–especially almond!!

  99. Most excited to win the cocoa almond spread!! Yum!

  100. Cookie-butter filled chocolate bar? ‘Nuff said.

  101. I would be most Honored to win the Cashew Butter :) It’s one nut butter I have yet to try! I AM SO TEMPTED every time I walk by it in TJ’s.

  102. I’m excited about this giveaway! Especially the nut butters and toasted coconut chips! Thanks!!

  103. So excited for so many things!!! My co-workers would be thrilled if I brought in pancakes for them using the mix, my hubby would be thrilled I had a soap that didn’t smell like “old ladies” (what can I say, I like the smell of tea tree!), and the nut butters are probably my fave. This is one of the best giveaways I’ve ever tried to win… please please pleeeeeeease!!!

  104. TRADER JOE’S PUMPKIN EVERYTHING GIVES ME LIFE! So needless to say I’d be most excited about winning that :) And the chocolate of course. 

  105. I need that cold brew in my life!

  106. What wouldn’t I be excited about winning from Trader Joe’s!? Everything listed is so delicious and everyone can use another bottle of soap!! But nut butters and chocolate! HELLO! And who am I kidding… cold brewed coffee! This is probably one of the best giveaways I have come across in a long time!! :)

  107. The nut butter! But really, all of it! I love Trader Joe’s!

  108. This giveaway. :O 

    I freaking love the roasted coconut chips, but the cold brew coffee looks amazing too!

  109. Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix of course!! Can never get enough!

  110. I would love to try the roasted coconut chips!

  111. I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s :o so I want to try them allllll! I think mainly that cold brew. And of course nut butters!

  112. I ‘d be excited to receive some TJ favorites and try some new items as well. The Cold Brew concentrate is one item I’d look forward to trying for the first time.

  113. Um yeah….imma need every single one of these things :)

  114. I’ve been wanting to try their cold brew coffee! My boyfriend always says I make coffee too weak, so this way we could each have it our own preferred way :)

  115. All of it, but I’m excited about all the different butters and how I can use them. A nice giveaway. Thank you.

  116. I want all the CHOCOLATE!!!! :))

  117. Oh my, crunchy hemp seeds and lots of nut butters and…ah!  I can’t decide!  Yum :)

  118. We are running low on pancake mix in my house. Some pumpkin pancakes with cashew butter sound amazing!


  120. Their almond butter is THE best!

  121. I would love to win the nut butters ?

  122. Oh my the pumpkin pancake sounds wonderful!! And thanks for the giveaway opportunity, love your recipes so much :)

  123. That pumpkin waffle/pancake mix sounds amazing! Talk about convenience!

  124. so excited for pumpkin waffle season- would love that mix!

  125. I’m excited for the nut butters!!

  126. ooh… toss up between the chocolate and coconut chips!

  127. Most excited for the nut butters!

  128. OH BOY!! I’m excited to win everything in that bundle. 

    Bring on the Pumpkin Pancake Waffle Mix. Nothing says the autumn season like pumpkin =) Thank you  

  129. EVERYTHING! No Trader Joe’s near me so I get to go maybe once or twice a year!

  130. The nut butters! Trader Joe’s has the best!

  131. Nut butters always excite me!

  132. All of it! but if I had to pick, the pumpkin pancake mix!

  133. I would love to win the nut butters :)

  134. I love nut butter..mmm!

  135. Allllllll the overwhelming goodness! And many things I have yet to try. The nut butters are my favorite!!!!!!!

  136. Oh my goodness, I started drooling just looking at the nut butter.

  137. the nut butters really caught my attention!  I would soo love to try these Trader Joe’s products, I’ve only been able to be to the store a couple times, and in and out. 

  138. I’ve been meaning to try the cocoa almond butter but could never quite justify the purchase! 

  139. I would love the Cashew butter. I think it might be the one nut butter I have yet to form an addiction to :)

  140. The cold brew coffee concentrate. I’ve seen so many rave reviews of it, but can’t justify the cost.

  141. The cold brew coffee!!!!
    Kidding (sort of), the chocolate. There isn’t a TJ’s within 150 miles of me, so anything from that Mecca is super awesome!

  142. I would have to say the almond butter 

  143. I would be excited to try all of these, but really have wanted to try the cold brew coffee! Yes please! :)

  144. The cocoa almond butter sounds DIVINE! I would love to win that! I’m a nut butter FIEND hehe

  145. Trader Joe’s!!! YES!! I love their nut butters!

  146. UNREAL GIVEAWAY!!! I’d love to try the almond butter!

  147. I’ve been dyyyyyying to try the Cold Brew, but I don’t have a TJs anywhere close by. I’d also love to try the nut butters. Yum!

  148. I’m most excited about those chocolate bars ?

  149. I’ve been wanting to try TJ’s cashew butter, but I have 8 jars already opened! #sorrynotsorry

  150. I’m most excited for the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix!

  151. PANCAKE MIX!!!…and chocolate, of course :)

  152. Loveeeee TJs!

  153. Nut butters!! All day! Especially as I am in NZ (love that this is open to everyone btw, thanks!) and we can only buy one kind of almond butter. The amount I spend on buying that stuff of iherb is shameful – but worth it :D

  154. I couldn’t possibly pick one thing since everything sounds SO good, but all that chocolate is lookin’ extra delicious right now!

  155. I want to try the Almond Butter. 

  156. Nut butters for sure! Or maybe all of it…because the closest TJ’s to me is not so close and in a super crowded part of town that is just too much for me to handle!

  157. Mmm the pancake mix for sure! I am so ready for fall :-)

  158. I’d love to try the pumpkin waffle mix!

  159. da chocolate!

  160. chia/hemp/all the seeds!

  161. The NUT BUTTERS!!!

  162. The chocolate :)

  163. I’m excited for the cold brewed coffee!

  164. My pregnancy cravings are screaming PUMPKIN PANCAKE MIX!  

  165. Since that is some serious loot-its hard to pick just one favorite!   The almond butter to be practical-but chocolate…

  166. All that cocoa almond butter. These are the exact type of things I don’t let myself get on a regular basis, so this would be such a treat!

  167. I want it all, of course, but you had me at nut butter <3

  168. So hard to pick just one!!! I’d say the cold brewed coffee but the nut butters are a very close second!

  169. The nut butters sound wonderful!!

  170. Nut butters!!!! I am obsessed! :) 

  171. We don’t have a trader joes in WV, but when I was on vacation last summer I got the cashew butter and oh my gosh it was amazing…so obviously I am excited about the nut butters, and alllll of the seeds <3

  172. dat cocoa almond spread + alllllll da chocolate. omg <3333

  173. Cocao almond spread!! But really anything since we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada :)

  174. I am not sure if this is open to Australian’s as well but I thought I would throw my name in the hat anyway. I am always a nut butter girl at heart but I will be try and be different and say the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix, it sounds delicious and over hear we don’t really have that kind of food so it would be nice to try. However I do disclose that it would more than likely be covered in some form of nut butter- I am thinking the cocoa almond spread for good measure ;)

  175. Almond and cashew butter for me!

  176. YUM!!!!!! Trader Joes is the BEST!!  I would be so excited about the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix!!

  177. There are so many awesome things in here, but I’m most excited about the nut butters!

  178. Pumpkin pancake and waffle mix! Can’t wait to whip some up on a Saturday morning to celebrate fall!

  179. Yum! I love all of Trader Joe’s nut butters–and that chocolate!

  180. I recently moved to Trader-Joe’s-less-land, so pretty much excited for all of it!

  181. pumpkin

  182. I’ve heard so many good things about their cold brew coffee! I’d love to win it, especially with summer heat still hanging on!

  183. WOAH girl! this is an amazing giveaway and you named a ton of my favorite products too! I have to be brave and try sardines though ;)

  184. Do I seriously have to choose one?! Nut butters….I guess??

  185. Absolutely the nut butter!!!

  186. Most excited about the nut butter of course!!

  187. All those nut butters! And the coffee :)

  188. All of the chocolate! 

  189. So many great TJ products here! I would be stoked about all that chocolate :)

  190. I love their nut butters!

  191. So much goodness in one post!!! Pumpkin and chocolate everything? I’ve been wanting to try sardines on my salad but have never taken the dive. Fingers crossed!

  192. Oh, jeez, what an excellent giveaway! At the moment I’d be most excited to win the pumpkin pancake mix that I would top with cashew butter! Yum!

  193. The pumpkin pancake waffle mix and the pumpkin granola!

    I am so excited for Fall that I teared up describing to my sister how much I love this season. My dad bought me a giant pumpkin from Sam’s Club to enable my Fall obsession, and until today I was toting it around in my car (half because I love pumpkins, hald because it was too heavy to lift by myself). I already have my pumpkin nutmeg candle, so all I need now is some yummy pumpkin food to go with it! Plus, the “just clusters” granola reminds me of Honey Bunches of Oats “Just Bunches”. NOM!

  194. All of these look amazing! I’ve been wanting to try the cold brew coffee!

  195. I’m currently doing a Whole30 so would be thrilled to win all the chocolate!!

  196. Since I’m obsessed with this blog and carry it around with me like I do the planner I won from your last giveaway, here I am again gushing about how much I LOVE you! I want all the things…. I guess I’ll go with the coffee simply because it’s so friggen hot here in Austin… But then there is the butter goodies so maybe that… Oh but that pumpkin pancake mix… I’m now imagining all of them together in the most delish breakfast ever.. with a fancy robe on and some comfy slippers. I feel like maybe I should invite someone important to my breakfast. With cute embroidered invites all hand signed to all my guests. Probably should get out of my robe though.. And take off my bunny slippers . What was the question?

  197. Holy amazingness.I freaking love TJ’s!! I am most excited about the balsamic glaze! Thank you so much for such a lovely and fun roundup of yummy stuff!

  198. I have never tried the cocoa almond spread, the seeds/ancient grains, or the coconut chips- would love to try those!

  199. I am most excited about the potential for the pumpkin waffle batter, granola, and almond butter! I love making my waffles as ridiculously fancy and piled with toppings as possible and I see a lot of options for that here :) I’m curious to try some sort of coffee-pumpkin flavored waffles…with some granola and almond butter on top, of course!

  200. Since I’m obsessed with your blog and carry it around everywhere with me like I do the planner I won from your last giveaway, here I am again gushing about how much I LOVE you! I want all the things…. I guess I’ll go with the coffee simply because it’s so friggen hot here in Austin… But then there is the butter goodies so maybe that… Oh but that pumpkin pancake mix… I’m now imagining all of them together in the most delish breakfast ever.. with a fancy robe on and some comfy slippers. I feel like maybe I should invite someone important to my breakfast. With cute embroidered invites all hand signed to all my guests. Probably should get out of my robe though.. And take off my bunny slippers . What was the question?

  201. I love TraderJoe’s! I have to say the nut butters are what I most want to try.

  202. I don’t think my first attempt at a post worked! But would love to try the cocoa almond butter spread, coconut chips, and the seeds/ancient grains blend!!! Hemp seeds are def a fav of mine already so would love to get more :)

  203. The coffee concentrate looks awesome!

  204. I’m most excited for the balsamic glaze and chili sauce, and the pumpkin stuff! Basically all the random things I’ve never tried!!! There’s too much good stuff to try everything

  205. Definitely most excited about the nutter butters, because nut butter, duh.

  206. Oh my GOODNESS!!! This is amaze, Kylie. How do I pick just one??? This is my dream TJ’s cart haha. I think I’m most excited about the roasted coconut chips and the super seed blend!! Ok and the nut butters obviously. And I love chocolate, duh. 

    Tried to pick one and failed miserable. 

  207. I loveeeeeee the iced coffee concentrate, but most excited about the cookie butter filled chocolate bar because I didn’t know they existed and hello! That cookie butter rocks my world!

  208. Most excited for all of the nut butters!!

  209. I’ve been wanting to try the super seeds ancient grain blend forever! I would love to devour this entire giveaway (except the soap, I probably shouldn’t eat that)!

  210. Umm everything because T Joe’s is paradise and there are none near me. :( But I’m especially into that cold brew concentrate. Yummm.

  211. Pumpkin waffle mix for my kids, sardines for my husband and nut butters for me!!!!

  212. ANAZING! I want all the things :). But, especially the cocoa almond spread (how have I never tried that!??) and the maple granola! Some of these items are staples in my house while others are the things we always want but can’t fit in the budget. we would love this!!!!!

  213. I would most love the cashew butter. It could make delicious sauces, healthy desserts, and would be spectacular spread on fruit. 

  214. I’d most want to try the chocolate bars/ goodies!!! So many items that sound do delicious that I’ve never had!! Major sweet tooth over here!! PBJ chocolate bar?! Yesssss

  215. Most excited to win all the nut butters!

  216. Most excited about the pumpkin pancake &a waffle mix ????

  217. I am most excited about winning the almond and cashew butter… My girls (three and one year old) and I eat almond, sunflower seed, or peanut butter at least once a day! Also excited about the coffee… I have never tried that one and I love trying new coffees!

  218. sardines :P :D

  219. I am most excited to win the pumpkin pancake/waffle mix and the coconut chips! I’ve never tried coconut chips but they sound really interesting!

  220. The cold brew coffee looks delicious!!

  221. Mostly excited about all the nut butters and everything pumpkin!! 

  222. I’m mostly excited about all the chocolate since I can never have enough!

  223. that cold brew !!! <3 

  224. Ancient Seed Ancient Grain Blend is something I’d love to try! I love TJ’s!

  225. Everything! ;) mostly the nut butters and chocolate!

  226. Love TJ’s and I love trying new things so I would say I’m probably most excited about the roasted coconut chips as I have never had them before but have been curious to try them.

  227. The cold brew coffee! And almond butter… And chocolate… Because, chocolate:)

  228. Hey, I love your blog and love this giveaway ( how could you not? ), it is soo good! I would LOVE to try the coffee brew and use it to make things for my parents!

  229. cashew butter!

  230. Anything pumpkin. Or chocolate. Or nut butters. Ok everything

  231. The pancake mix!!! Been looking for it but they don’t have it at my tjs yet

  232. the cold brew

  233. All that chocolate for sure!

  234. HEMP SEEDS! I have never tried them and I have always wanted to! :) 

  235. I love Trader Joes and love/have tried many of the prizes…but I think I’m most excited to try the cashew butter! I’ve been meaning to try it for months now.

  236. Ok, while the nut butters and chocolate are amazing, I would be super excited for the sardines! I had a delicious salad in Madrid over the summer with tomatoes and cucumbers topped with sardines. I want to recreate it for my family who thinks they’re gross!

  237. Yes!!! This is an amazing giveaway. I’d love to win it all but would def love to try the cold brew and alllll the nut butters! We don’t have a trader joes so that would be crazy amazing! Thanks!

  238. I would be excited to try the products I haven’t had yet like the hemp seeds and roasted coconut chips

  239. I’m most excited about the cold brew! Need lots of coffee for starting a new job!

  240. The cashew butter, havent gotten to try it yet and I loooooove try all the different nut butters!

  241. When I started grad school, I moved to a town with NO Trader Joe’s!! The closest one is 2 hours away, and I’ve been known to make the drive just to visit my beloved TJ’s :) My stash is getting low and I’m definitely due for some more nut butters, so that would be my favorite thing to win!! But of course, trying the fall-flavored goodies is a close second :)

  242. It is hard to decide what would excite me most about winning. I love that cashew butter but would be excited to try the coffee. ?☕️

  243. what an awesome giveaway!!!!  i love that body wash … excited for the granola too.

  244. PUMPKIN WAFFLES! I’ve never seen those at Trader Joes!

  245. Peanut butter!!!!!

  246. Actually, everything!

  247. Most excited about the nut butters!!

  248. I was going to say the nut butters, but I already have 349293 in my cabinet..not that you can have too many. I always always eye that cold brew at TJ’s but then end up making my own. Would love to try their version! P.S. I just tried their matcha green tea latte mix last week and it is amazing!

  249. Honestly I’m most excited for the almond butter:) TJs is the best and I have withdrawals since there isn’t a trader joes in OKC!! I got hooked last summer and long for all TJ goods!!! Such an amaze giveaway!


  250. Nut butter. I just want nut butter all over my life.  & Chocolate.  & Pumpkin anything.  I just want to throw around pumpkin-flavored foods like confetti at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I am ready.

  251. COFFEE. I am a big fan of local coffee and have been making my own iced coffee by saving my hot coffee and cooling it in the fridge rather than wasting it. I want to explore cold brewing though, so why not start with the best… Trader joes!

  252. PROBABLY the nut butters… BUT I love all things maple ANDDDDD am totally diggin on mini peanut butter cups right now (I used to hate PB but now I love it… personal growth I guess?). Ok so… I lied. All of it. I would be excited about ALL of it. Pretty much sounds like heaven in a box.

  253. omg alllll the nut butters!

  254. If I win, I’d be most excited about the cold brew coffee. We don’t have a TJ near us, but stopped at one when we were on vacation this summer and we picked up that coffee…it was amazing! Sadly we finished it a couple of weeks ago ?

  255. I would be most excited for the Cashew Butter!! I have never tried it before, just started on cashew milk, but the butter sounds delish!

  256. If I win, I’d be most excited about the cold brew coffee!

  257. Always need cold brew coffee in my life. Always.

  258. Can i say all of it? All of it!

  259. I love Trader Joe’s! All of it looks amazing. My favorites are the cashew butter, iced coffee, and mini pb cups. 

  260. I am most excited about that amazing looking Cold Brew!!!

  261. This is the greatest giveaway idea. And since I generally have an obsession with all things TJ’s, it all looks incredible. But is there anything better than free nut butter?

  262. Thank you for putting on such a great giveaway!! ? We don’t have a Trader Joe’s anywhere near where I live, so when I get to go to one I always stock up! I love nut butter and it doesn’t take me long to fit through a jar. The nut butter + waffles would be a perfect fall breakfast ?

  263. Strangely enough, I’m super excited about the smoked sardines. Lately I can’t get enough smoked fish!

  264. I’m excited for pumpkin tis the season

  265. I’m getting very excited for fall and all things pumpkin, so that pumpkin pancake mix looks like the perfect thing for easy fall breakfasts!

  266. Do I have to pick just one thing that I want the most?  OH MY!  The coffee is one of those products I’ve always wanted to try but all the chocolate sounds a-mazing as well.

  267. It’s a tie between all the chocolate and the pumpkin pancake mix!

  268. That all looks amazing! I would love to win the cold brew coffee, because I am obsessed with coffee!

  269. Oh, my, goodness, I “need” the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix :))

  270. The pumpkin pancake mix reminds me of my Grandma! <3 I'm excited to win the different kinds of seeds as they'll aid my in my transition to vegan, and the cocoa almond spread looks superb…

  271. I LOVE Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups more than anything…and of course the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix looks amazing!

  272. Wow picking a favorite from that list is hard! I just love everything at trader joe’s. But I’d probably be most excited for the nut butters and of course the chocolate!

  273. This is my first time entering a giveaway contest. I love Trader Joe’s but don’t live near one. It would be awesome to win. All of the products look amazing. I can always use TJ products especially because I have a small kitchen in my college apartment! 

  274. Uhmm i want all of it!! But if I had to pick one..maybe the nut butters! ?

  275. I absolutely love their nut butters!

  276. I’m excited to win the chocolate!

  277. cocoa almond spread 

  278. I most excited to win the cocoa almond butter! yum!

  279. The cashew butter! I’ve heard it’s the best!

  280. I would love to try the cocoa almond spread!  It would be delicious in oatmeal or baked into cookies!

  281. yum! any of the nut butters

  282. The fall essentials!

  283. Ooohhhh I’m loving everything and anything pumkin right now so I totally have my eye on the pancake/waffle mix! Thanks for the giveaway : )

  284. pumpkin pancake mix!!!! also I could live off of nut butter so that’s always a win for me. 

  285. Hemp seeds – fo’ sho’!

  286. Anything Trader Joes!!! As I no longer live near one :(

  287. The nut butters!! Hands down <3

  288. ALL the nut butters!! I put that shyt on everything! :)

  289. We eat pancakes at least twice a week, so I am most interested in the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix.

  290. I am not a Trader Joe’s customer, but winning this prize pack could sure change my mind. There isn’t one in my neighborhood. I get jealous seeing all the goodies you can buy from there.

  291. I would love to win this! I am in love with the cold brew coffee concentrate!!!!

  292. Yum I am most excited about the cold brew coffee concentrate!

  293. I am super excited about the nut butters. :)

  294. Definitely the nut butters! They’re nutritious and delicious– nothing’s better than that ;P

  295. pumpkin spice pancakes/waffles + nut butter + chocolate = HEAVEN :)

  296. Mmmmmmm those NUT butters look amazing ??
    …or maybe it’s just your presentation?

  297. I would love to try the pumpkin pancake mix! Maybe I’ll even go crazy and put some mini peanut butter cups IN the pumpkin pancakes!

  298. I don’t have a trader joe’s by me so everything, but I’d say the coffee if I have to choose! 

  299. Oooo I’d love to try the nut butters (because peanut butter is my love) and the coffee.

  300. SARDINES!!! Mmmm….

  301. TJ’s almond butter is my absolute favorite!

  302. I would love to try the pumpkin pancake mix!!!!!

  303. So, sadly there is not a TJ’s near me, so I’ve never had any of these products. Since I’m clearly deprived, I should win! ;-)

    I’d love to try the nut butters and the pancake mix!

  304. Nut butters! No such thing as much amiright?

  305. ALL the butters….nut or otherwise.

  306. Umm all of it?! But seriously, the chocolate. I’m currently working on refining my chocolate palate so the more chocolate the better!

  307. TJs is my jam! The best cheeses and flowers!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, crossing my fingers!!

  308. I would love the pancake and waffle mix and all of the nutbutters! The closest Trader Joe’s from my house is nearly two hours away so this would be awesome. :)

  309. peanut butter cups!

  310. Definitely the pumpkin pancake mix and the cocoa almond spread. They would taste awesome together!

  311. COFFEEEE!!

  312. I have been dying to try their cold brew!

  313. I rarely can’t find a way to incorporate nut butter into every single one of my meals ! I have to eat it everyday ! I’d love to try the cashew butter ! 

  314. I would be excited to win anything and everything! I always hear wonderful things about Trader Joe’s and I’ve never been. I just realized there’s one about 90 miles away from where I live!!! I’ll have to check it out. :)
    The pumpkin pancake mix looks amazing.

  315. i love the iced coffee and all the goodies. Trader Joe’s is my favorite store to shop at?

  316. Pretty much everything from the nuts and dried fruit aisle (which I always wash down with something from the ‘adult bevs aisle…)

  317. Not gonna lie, I really love that soap and we’re running low. So I hope I win and it gets to me in the next 2 days. 

  318. Oh my goodness. My favorite store! Can I say all of the things? If I have to choose… nut butters!

  319. Holy yum. All of the above looks delish! Although I’ve never had, the Roasted Coconut Chips have my name written all over them…

  320. it ALL looks good, especially the chocolate. :)

  321. Love dark chocolate, hemp seeds and I know my bf would like the pumpkin pancakes. love TJs!

  322. I would be STOKED to try the cold brew concentrate and also PUMPKIN PANCAKES! TJ’s<3

  323. I love all nut butter so I’d be most excited to win that! 

  324. I’m about to get real basic right now, but I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN. ALL of this. What a fantastic giveaway!

    Although, if i do win that means I don’t have to go to trader joes for awhile. Which means I won’t see one of the employees I’m secretly in love with. Someday he will see me you guys SOME DAY.

  325. Definitely the almond butter. I always wanted to try that.

    But if I had to choose only one it would be the cocoa almond spread. But holy yum, does all of it look good!

  327. I most want to eat the chocolate almond spread….but I want to try the pumpkin waffle mix :-)

  328. I’m so excited about this ? Especially all those Nut Butters! Yum!❤️ Thanks for the opportunity.

  329. I would love to win the nut butters and the ice coffee.. Who am I kidding? I would love to win any of it. TJ’S is one of my favorite places ever! Good Luck everyone

  330. I would be most excited to win the nut butter and the maple pecan granola!

  331. I am VERY excited to try al the products that are new to me in the bag; LOVE seeing what other peoples’ favorite TJ items are. The most excited though, would be the hemp hearts…hear so many great things about them but still haven’t gotten the chance to try them

  332. I’m excited about the Pumpkin Pancake Mix!

  333. I am most excited for the hemp seeds!

  334. I would love to try the nut butters!! :) 

  335. I haven’t tried cold brew coffee concentrate! I have definitely got to get my hands on that, one way or another. (Winning is my favorite way because then I can also have soooo many other delicious things!)

  336. Maple Pecan Granola – YUM

  337. Ooh I would be excited for all of it, but that cookie butter filled chocolate bar is especially tempting! :)

  338. I LOVE that TJ’s coffee concentrate…addictive!

  339. The nut butters, of course! Funny story: I try to buy tahini in lieu of peanut butter because I will literally take a spoon to a jar of PB till it’s gone. What is wrong with me. :)

  340. Well, there is no Trader Joe where I live… So if this giveaway is open to international readers (and as a food blog enthousiast), I am most excited about… EVERYTHING!! Obviously.

    We just don’t have any of this stuff over here (ok, ok, we do have soap thank goodness).

  341. The iced coffee and the pumpkin pancake mix!

  342. Cold. Brew. Coffee. <3 would be amazing with one of your breakfast bakes!!

  343. The cocoa almond spread sounds delicious!

  344. The Cold Brew Coffee! Have yet to try. Or anything PUMPKIN because yep, I’m #basic.

  345. I would love to try the cashew butter, and also the pumpkin pancake & waffle mix. :) Sounds heavenly!

  346. I want to try all the spreads.


  348. That goodie basket looks fabulous!!! I would love to win the pumpkin flavored pancake mix!! I teach 1st grade and we do a huge unit about pumpkins! I have 21 little 6 year olds that would really enjoy a fun pancake day!!!! :)

  349. Um… all of it! :D I would honestly be beyond thrilled to win ANY of these products. Thank you so much for the chance! 

  350. The chocolate is sounding great right about now! :)

  351. I am most excited about the Maple Pecan Granola cereal.

  352. Okay umm I think we would go NUTS together (no pun intended) shopping at TJs. Your faves are my faves. For real though. Cookie butter ice cream and their fresh bruschetta (in the fridge aisle) and their white cheddar puffs are also on my list but I realize shipping ice cream could be quite a mission lol. ANYWAYS those milk chocolate smores are screaming my name right now…definitely the most excited about those but if I do win I will make pumpkin pancakes with that mix and stuff them with the chocolate smores :))) 

  353. They sell coffee concentrate BY THE JUG???? i would love to win that!!!!!

  354. all that nut butter!!!!

  355. Yum! The nut butters look delish 

  356. I would love the nut butters! In a dorm room now so those would be versatile 

  357. The cocoa almond spread sounds amazing to me.

  358. pumpkin pancake mix looks great!

  359. I would most like to win the nut butters cashew butter sounds amazing, and almond cocoa butter yummmm!

  360. Hemp Seed, I’ve heard great things about the nutritional value packed in this stuff

  361. The Cold Brew!! Mmmmmm.

  362. Most excited for the nut butters and seeds!! 

  363. The cocoa almond butter – yum! But let’s be honest… pretty much everything at Trader Joe’s is yummy!

  364. Oh my gosh. Holy cartload! I LOVE cashew butter but am really excited about the hemp seeds! I’ve never tried those!

  365. Those amazing pumpkin pancakes!!

  366. I can’t wait to try thr cookie butter candy bar! Get in my belly!

  367. What a beautiful array of products! I’m most excited for the nut butters! :)

  368. I love all things pumpkin and Trader Joes does that best! Especially the pumpkin bread!

  369. I’d love to win the nut butters!!

  370. Would love to try the coffee and pumpkin pancake mix.

  371. I would most love to win the nut butters! I am currently in school pursuing my master’s in nutrition and working towards and rd, and I absolutely love your blog!

  372. I would be most excited to win the nut butters. :)

  373. I would love to win the cashew butter!

  374. Are you kidding? Pumpkin, coffee, chocolate, peanut butter!? What isn’t to love!!! This college student NEEDS!!

  375. The nut butters and chia/hemp seeds! Perfect mixings for morning smoothies!! Thanks Kylie!!

  376. definitely the pumpkin goodies :)

  377. I’m most excited to win the league brewed ice coffee and those nut butters :)

  378. Ahhhh love trader joes! Would be so stoked to win all these yummy goodies! Love the blog & recipes!

  379. I NEED THAT COLD BREW COFFEE!!!!! (Is it obvious that I’m a college student yet?)

  380. Dat nut butter ???

  381. Cold Brew ??

  382. The Ancient Grain Blend of seeds please!!!! LOVE me some Trader Joe’s!!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  383. Dark chocolate bar. Or anything. Because we’re 8+ hours from a Trader Joe’s.


  385. The almond butter and the coffee sound amazing!

  386. Hi! I would be most excited to win the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix as I’m a huge fan of Fall (and everything pumpkin) and just moved to Texas from the Northeast and need Fall-related things to fill the void of a non-cool, crisp, orange-and-red leaves Fall this year :( thanks!

  387. How can I choose between all those chocolates or the coffee or the nut butters? I think the winner is cashew nut butter, I’ve never tried it and cashews are my favorite nut?

  388. The cocoa almond spread.

  389. Nut butter! I recently found out I’m allergic to peanut butter so I switched to almond butter and other nut butters and now I’m addicted. The body wash looks promising too ;)

  390. I’m eyeing those peanut butter cups!

  391. That cookie butter filled candy bar though!! :P Studying glycolysis for Biochem 2 now and will need some glucose to keep me producing that ATP!!!!! :)

  392. I LOVEEE TJ’s nut butters…… and I live about 2 hours form a TJ’s so I would be so excited to win all of this!

  393. Totally want the cocoa almond butter ♡♡♡
    Ive never had it before!!!

  394. Roasted coconut chips and nut butters mmmmmm that’s right!!!

  395. I’m going to have to go with the dried cherries, chocolate, and NUT BUTTERS! Because I’m all about combing those ingredients to create some crazy good trail mix cookies/muffins to snack on!

  396. I’m most excited about the chocolate! ??? and the nut butter. Because you can’t have one without the other, right?

  397. Gosh, this looks amazing! :) I love nut butters so these alone would be reason enough to enter this giveaway for me. And then I love everything with pumpkin aaand I am quite a bit chocolate-addicted :D Would Love to try these chocolates since we don’t have these kind of flavors in Germany! :) fingers crossed!

  398. Allll the nut butters, I’m allergic to peanuts. Love me some trader Joe’s.

  399. I love everything!! You picked the BEST TJ’s finds! But mostly the chocolate, hemp seeds, and Coffee!!

  400. It’s officially fall! So that officially means I am now obsessed with all things pumpkin- bring it!!

  401. The superseed ancient grain blend and the cold brew concentrate! I love trader joes!!

  402. Besides the nut butters, I really want to try that iced coffee concentrate! My husband and I are obsessed with iced coffee in the afternoon…especially with having a newborn in the house!

  403. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. Yeah, the coffee!

  404. I can’t wait to try the coconut chips and th pumpkin pancake mix!

  405. Everything looks great – I go to Trade Joe’s every week. I’m excited to try the pumpkin mix and maple granola. Fall is my favorite time of the year :)

  406. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!! I love TJs! I’m most excited about the nut butters!

  407. I am excited to win it all! We don’t have a Trader Joe’s!! Thanks!!

  408. I love the cold brew, it’s good stuff.

  409. I would be really excited to win the coffee and the hemp seeds because I have been wanting to try both of them!

  410. I want to win it all! Love TJ’s! But really I want to try that cold brew coffee!

  411. I would be super pumped to win all of it, but especially that pumpkin pancake mix!! I’m about to get a little in my sorority, and she loves all things pumpkin, and I want to make her a pancake breakfast after the crazieness that is bid night!!!

  412. Dude, I have been craving Cashew Butter like crazy.  I neeeeed the Cashew Butter. :)

  413. All of the above? :)  I’m 9 months pregnant: 37 weeks today! I haven’t had any “odd” or defined cravings but I have a soft spot for the “butters” of the Trader Joe’s world;  Peanut, Cashew, Cookie?!, Almond (although I haven’t tried the Cocoa Almond yet, I hardly discriminate & would be excited to try something new!)  Also, their “Just the Clusters”  Cereal is to-die-for… I feel like a spoiled kid picking out all the good stuff in the cereal box when I have a bowl ;) 

  414. I’m most excited about the cashew butter and the almond butter!

  415. The balsamic glaze. Verrrry interesting!

  416. Nut butter!!!

  417. I am most excited about the pumpkin pancake mix! And the almond butter to top it off :)

  418. I’m a s’mores freak, so I’m most excited about the milk chocolate s’mores – and the nut butters and pumpkin pancake/waffle mix. 

  419. The nut butters!!

  420. The body wash and the maple pecan cereal! 

  421. Cashew butter!!

  422. Nut butters are life ??????

  423. The nut butters! Namely the cashew. :)

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