Sister’s Wedding Weekend


I’m coming off a busy weekend.  Andrew and I both have managed to come down with some sort of i-feel-achy-all-over + how-can-my-throat-hurt-this-bad cold.  So to distract me from feeling like junk…let’s relive the weekend in all it’s glory.

This Saturday was my sister’s wedding!  I started the day with some yoga in the backyard + pumpkin oatmeal pancakes.  The recipe still needs work!

pumpkin pancakes |

I topped them with Siggi’s vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, nutella & blueberries.  Served with a decaf iced latte.

pumpkin pancakes |

Then my sister and her bridesmaids picked me up around 10am and we head to La Colombe d’Or (where the wedding reception was going to be held) to start getting ready.

I had never been to La Colombe d’Or before.  It’s a boutique hotel in Houston that has just 5 hotel rooms and then a ballroom for wedding receptions.

wedding weekend |

We got ready in the Monet room, which was absolutely gorgeous.

wedding weekend | wedding weekend |

Pre-hair & make-up bridesmaid shot.

wedding weekend |

Around noon I ran to get us lunch from Snap Kitchen.

I got us a bunch of options to split 5 ways: kale chicken caesar wraps, thai salads, whole wheat pita chips, fruit, kale chips & trail mix.  

wedding weekend |

All the bridesmaid’s got their hair done and then we did our own makeup.

My sisters looking up hairstyles.  (Layne, the bride, on the left and Quinn, my little sister, on the right.)

wedding weekend |

wedding weekend |

Then Layne had bridesmaid gifts for us all.  Pretty vases, Kendra Scott necklaces & relaxing neck wraps you can heat up for those days when you just can’t anymore and need a DIY spa day at home.

That vase will be making it into some food pictures soon.  So pretty.

wedding weekend |

Music to set the mood.  

(and that’s clearly not my iPhone because my phone is never charged more than 20%…the battery is always red)

wedding weekend |

A couple hours later it was wedding time! 

Layne looked how I always thought she would on her wedding day.  If you have a big sister, you probably always looked up to her and envisioned her as a bride.  At least I always did.  

She looked perfect.

wedding weekend |

Sisters picture!

wedding weekend |

The wedding was at Rice Chapel since Layne’s now-husband, Marco, is getting his PhD at Rice University.

Post-wedding photo outside the chapel with my parents, sisters, Marco & Andrew. 

I feel like my dress looks see through in the picture below (at the bottom…see my leg?!), but I really think it was just an odd glare. Hopefully lol!  The dress did have a skin-toned fabric underneath that I think is what is showing).

Wedding Weekend |

On to the reception!

Quinn & me. We had to take the picture 8 times because I kept looking at the champagne instead of the camera and I looked WAY TOO excited to start drinking bubbly.

wedding weekend |

Father-daughter dance.

wedding weekend |

I was so nervous about giving my matron-of-honor speech I forgot to take a picture of my dinner.  It was good though…salad, roasted veggies (I think they had sesame oil on them…which I’m discovering a great love for), ravioli, and some delicious white fish.

I did get a picture of the cake though! I still strongly believe the best cake in Houston is from Take the Cake.

wedding weekend |

Andrew and I made it to bed at about 1am.  

The next day we woke up around 8am and I took Maggie on a walk before we headed to brunch at The Houstonian to celebrate Molly’s (Andrew’s sister) birthday.

layne's wedding weekend-2

We all chose the buffet option and I got scrambled chive eggs, a biscuit, fruit, sausage and a couple mugs of green tea.  Plus a couple bites of the meringue + whipped cream birthday dessert they brought out for Molly.

layne's wedding weekend   wedding weekend |

I look pretty happy in that picture above, but about two hours later I started feeling sick with a cold of some sort.

I had chicken noodle soup for lunch with cheese and crackers and then slept for 4 hours.   

wedding weekend |

Then I had a couple more cups of tea all from the couch while working on this post.  When dinner time rolled around I was crazy nauseous and the only thing that sounded good was fro-yo.

wedding weekend |

Now I’m sitting on the couch watching the Emmy’s and I don’t plan on moving for the rest of the night.  I think this weekend was just a little too much fun.  There was an open bar at the wedding that I may have taken advantage of a bit too much;)  I have plans to try out a new yoga studio in the morning, but we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Do anything exciting?!


  1. Aww congrats to your sister- you guys all look amazing :)

  2. She’s so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ack I am sorry you don’t feel well! If it’s any consolation, I had a very similar thing this weekend, and no party to blame it on. So, at least you got to have fun first! Congratulations to your sister and bro-in-law! She looked absolutely beautiful and so happy all day!

  4. Wow, such a fun weekend!! GORGEOUS pictures and a gorgeous day!!

  5. So so fun to read! Beautiful pics and what a happy time:) love you!

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