Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes for ONE! + 5 pumpkin recipes

I have the cutest pancakes to tell you about.

pumpkin oatmeal pancakes for ONE! |

If you aren’t a oh my gosh i love pumpkin person…that is fine.  Either am I.  But these are delish and worth a try.

While on the pumpkin topic, I should probably mention that I will be hitting you hard with pumpkin recipes for the rest of the week.  And then I’ll take a pumpkin break.  Or I intend to give us a pumpkin break, but I just made myself a single-serving pumpkin chocolate chip cookie (with sprinkles…duh) in a little ramekin and it is also the cutest.  So actually, I take back that promise for no more pumpkin recipes.

pumpkin oatmeal pancakes for ONE! |

Oh my.  How are you? I feel like it’s been forever since i’ve written a post.  I’ve managed to get my life under control (somewhat) and should be back to a somewhat more consistent posting schedule.

And right now I’m feeling especially optimistic because PANCAKES.   

pumpkin oatmeal pancakes for ONE! |

I’m more of a dense & hearty pancake person than a light and fluffy pancake person.  If you feel the same way I say hello, my people.  Come eat pancakes with me.

For these pancakes I did my current favorite thing and topped them with 3 different types of nut butter.  I went with a spoonful of nutella, almond butter and peanut butter.  Then you swirl them all together.  It is just the best.  And then I added a drizzle of this syrup (THA BEST.)

If you want to be super fun, you can add chocolate chips.  OR do the whole breakfast for dinner thing with these pancakes.  I hope you love ’em<3

 pumpkin oatmeal pancakes for ONE! |

Single-Serving Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes

Yield: serves 1 (2 pancakes)

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes


1/4 cup old-fashioned oats
2 tablespoons oat flour
1 large egg
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 cup banana, mashed
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
toppings: nut butter, maple syrup


In a bowl, combine all ingredients.  Heat a skillet over medium heat and add a bit of butter to prevent sticking and to get that oh-so delicious crisp outside to your pancake.  Make two pancakes out of the batter.  Once edges dull and bubbles start to come up through the pancake, flip the pancake to the other side.  Cook for 1 more minute.  Serve topped with nut butter of choice and maple syrup.

Here are 5 other pumpkin recipes to get you feeling SO FALL.

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  3. i have tried making pumpkin pancakes so many times already but its failed me :( thanks for sharing this version. I will have to check it out soon. 

  4. You’ve combined three of my favorite foods in one recipe!  Needless to say, imma make these soon!

  5. I’m finally feeling ready for pumpkin recipes- bring on the pancakes. I’m glad you did a single serving version- my husband isn’t as basic as me and doesn’t like pumpkin everything as much, haha.

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  7. Ohhhhh momma! I like your thought process here..make a single serving, eat a single serving…definitely the best way to keep me from eating far more pancakes than necessary, ha! I want all the pumpkin pie pancakes on my breakfast plate!

  8. Oh my these pancakes are SO happening tomorrow to kick off Friday and getting topped with pumpkin cream cheese from trader joes <3 <3 

  9. That nut butter combo sounds heavenly. And these pancakes!! Totally satisfaction right here. Pinning!

  10. Um. Hell yes. Single serve = much needed. Otherwise the entire batch for 10 will be fine. 

  11. YUM!! Single serve is always the best.

  12. I’m a dense and hearty gal as well! These look delicious.I love the simple ingredient breakdown of these. I’m going to have to give them a try!!

  13. A very healthy take on pumpkin pancakes, and looks simple too. Winner!

  14. Must…

    haha love it! thanks for sharing :)


  15. Oh pancakes, I love them so much!…So I’m new to the food blogging world and your blog is a huge part of why I decided to start it. My most recent recipe was whole wheat pancakes that have some pumpkin in them. I’d be honored if you checked it out! The recipe just may be right down your alley. 

  16. These all sound SO good. Pinning everything! Also thank you, I’m usually making pancakes for 1 anyways :)

  17. I cannot do fruit.  What can I replace the banana with?

  18. I am making these pancakes as I type this.  Tried a bit of one and love it.  Yummy. 

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  20. Loved these pancakes! I added 1/4 scoop of snicker doodle protein powder to my batter, delicious!

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