Oct 22

A Day in the Life

I always love these ‘day in the life’ posts, so I figured I do one.  

The day started around 6:30am.  I got up and made a latte + had some leftover pomegranate chai waffles + peanut butter glaze.  

I’m in love with that recipe and they were just as good reheated as leftovers.

pomegranate chai waffles |

Then I caught up on a couple of my favorite blogs for 30ish minutes.  Carrots ‘n’ Cake is one of those blogs that I first discovered when I realized that food/lifestyle blogs were a thing.  5 years later and I’m still following along!

Day in the Life - blog reading |

Then I did some pinterest work for a client before getting ready for my first counseling client of the day.

Afterwards I had a break from seeing clients from 9am to 2pm so I grabbed a snack before heading to a class at YogaOne.

Day in the Life - yoga

Snack = turkey + Alpine Cheddar from Cabot (one of my all-time favorite cheeses!)

Day in the Life

I’ve really been enjoying this yoga studio.  The class I go to has no mirrors and it’s done in a warm (not hot) room.  The eating disorder doctor that works in my work office with me asked one time if I knew where hot yoga originated.  I said no.  Then he said Beverly Hills.  

I never enjoyed hot yoga, mainly because every time I left I had to guzzle a gatorade to keep from feeling like I was going to pass out.  Hot yoga never felt good for my body.  YogaOne’s classes are different than any yoga I’ve done before.  My favorite class is a power yoga on Mondays with the studio owner.

During this particular class he mentioned the idea of connection vs. correction.  He talked how we should work to not feel like we need to correct everything in our lives, but instead approach our troubles and perceived weaknesses with nonjudgement awareness.  This nonjudgemental awareness can lead to a connection with our bodies that helps us to not beat ourselves up so much.  The world is hard enough and everyone could use one less person (themselves!) making them feel not good enough.


After yoga I came home and had lunch.  I did some meal prep on Sunday for Andrew and I so lunch was a mix of brown rice, white rice and farro + shredded chicken + sautéed asparagus, carrots, green peas, broccoli and bell peppers + teriyaki sauce.

Day in the Life - stir fry lunch + la croix

Then I did the final recipe test and photography for a client.  Today I was working on the recipe for the lightened-up green bean casserole.  

(side note: Learn to make that white subway tile backdrop!)

Day in the Life photoshoot | immaEATthat

After wrapping this up I showered and headed to my office to see clients from 2pm to 6pm.  

Before heading out the door I had a snack of greek yogurt topped with granola and fruit.  This snack usually keeps me full for a while so it’s a good one to have before I start meeting with people.

Day in the Life |

4 hours of clients…

then before heading home from the office I had one of those honeycrisp apples that is the size of your head.

Day in the Life

I got home around 7pm and Andrew had dinner started.

Dinner this night was the green bean casserole I had photographed earlier + garlic butter salmon.

Day in the Life

After dinner, we watched an episode of Orange is the New Black, which I watched while editing pictures for a blog client and putting together Mondays blog post.

Then something sweet before heading to bed around 11pm.

Day in the Life

That was my day…and recently that’s been a pretty normal day for me.  I’m liking the mix of meeting with nutrition clients one-on-one and working on blog content.

I’m in Hawaii for the next couple of days and will be sharing diary-style posts starting soon! Follow along on IG for more!

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  1. I’ve been following CNC for years, too. One of my favorites! 

  2. Love your day in the life of’s :)

  3. I love these kinds of posts! Have fun in Hawaii!

  4. Really dig seeing posts like this, thank you! 

    Also: what the heck was that pre-bed treat?! You must tell us because I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW.

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