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Cozy Things Giveaway

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Happy November! I’ve decided you need several cozy necessities to get through the upcoming cold months.  I’ve put together thirteen products that’ll warm you up.

First up, two Anthropologie mugs.  They look like cozy sweaters to me. Or maybe that you should wear a cozy sweater while drink something from them.

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Next up, a blanket to sit by the fire with.  This blanket is the Threshold collection from Target.  Geez, I love how that everything in that collection looks.  I want to fill my house with Threshold things, but for now, you can fill you house with this blanket.

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Then there is also the best idea ever…Celestial Sugar Cookie Tea.  While I understand it might just make you want sugar cookies, that’s fine because it’s not the holidays unless you bake cookies.  So sugar cookie it up.

Ooo and there’s hot chocolate! Two kinds so you can find which one makes you feel jolly and falalalala and scream things like santa is coming!

Either way you’ll end up with a mug of something warm, which is essential for this season.

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Also essential for this time of year…Starbucks! You’ll get a $25 giftcard for Starbucks runs for lattes of all kinds.

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So after your Starbucks run, you should most definitely come home and get to work making Not Without Salt’s Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  I still haven’t made these myself.  BUT.  Holy smokes they look insane.  Make them.  And then tell me how delicious they are until I get another mix for myself.

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Now let’s go to breakfast.  For breakfast you need oatmeal.  Or something oatmeal like, because it’s cold.  Or getting cold.

You’ll get a plethora of Kashi’s overnight oats (okay, not a plethora.  But you will get 3).  

AND some Nature’s Path cinnamon pumpkin seed oatmeal.  

How fun?! So fun.  I know.

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And that’s it!

To enter, use the giveaway tool below or simply leave a comment telling me what you love most about the holidays.

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313 comments on “Cozy Things Giveaway”

  1. My favorite thing about the holidays is the warm and cozy feeling of being inside with your family, wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by lights while its dark and cold outside…and the holiday songs and baking and movies and….everything. I love it all haha

  2. My favorite thing about the holidays is having all of my siblings together.  It is so rare nowadays that it feels so special when we are all together at my moms house.

  3. love being with family celebrating togetherness, love, food and even just doing nothing and being lazy together!

  4. Being with family and of course the food! :)

  5. Family for sure!

  6. Family! Other than that, I love cold weather that lets me dress in cozy clothes!

  7. Being with my family is my favorite thing about the holidays!

  8. Family! I don’t live near them, so it’s wonderful to get to see them. 

  9. I love how happy and carefree people get around the holidays. I have a rough time throughout the year and when the holidays come around and my family is actually happy it’s a great feeling to be around them. We bake cookies, wrap presents, put up our trees, and watch movies. I don’t know it’s just something about this time of year that actually makes my family somewhat happy. :)

  10. I love being home with family and enjoying delicious meals where we can all just be together- from a big dinner feast to a quiet cup of coffee, the holidays are my favorite time to share time with family and remember how blessed I am to have the most loving and supportive family!

  11. My favorite things about the holidays are spending time with family, and all the cozy things!

  12. While it’s still in the 80’s here in Florida, these wonderful things could make me forget that and pretend it’s cooler. Love all these things. 

  13. I love new traditions! New house, my son will be one, starting to build our traditions as our own little family

  14. Food and family are my two favorite things about the holidays!

  15. My favorite thing about the Holidays is definitely all the Christmas lights as you drive through town. My two year old was mesmerized by them last year and it made me stop and appreciate the magic in those twinkling lights. The more the better. The tackier the better. Bring on the festive decor!

  16. My favorite thing about the holidays is being home with my family and cooking/baking with my mom and grandmother!! So excited!

  17. Baking cookies with Christmas Music! And then having a cookie exchange :)

  18. Spending time with loved ones and christmas music ! 

  19. Family time is my favorite part of the holidays!

  20. Spending time with family is definitely my all time favorite thing about the holidays. Closely followed by sitting in front of the Christmas tree with a warm beverage and Christmas music!

  21. I love the new target home section! Target is just perfect ?

  22. I love being with family and also the chance to feel like a kid again.

  23. Without a doubt, being able to spend time with my family. No present can ever top those precious moments. 

  24. My favorite thing about the holidays is jamming out to Christmas tunes while baking all sorts of goodies with my family, then to distribute the Christmas-y deliciousness to all our friends and neighbors!

  25. I love all of the family time. I love the excuse to bake in mass quantities (lol). And, embarrassingly, I love those Hallmark movies (really fun to mock… and maybe just a little cute lol).

  26. Love when the holidays come around, because its time to use the fireplace!

  27. I love spending time with my family over the holidays!

  28. My favorite thing is cooking for a big group of friends and family and enjoying dinner with a nice big glass of red wine! My second favorite thing is curling up with a good blanket, my puppy, and a book while christmas music plays in the background!

  29. I am a sucker for tradition, especially when it comes to the holidays. Each year, a few days before Christmas, my family will drive out to snowy Chicago (we live in the suburbs) for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant and whichever holiday-themed Broadway show is playing that year. Then, we’ll walk down Michigan Avenue to look at all of the lights! It’s definitely my favorite part of the holiday season.

  30. I love seeing the Christmas decorations. 

  31. Cozy sweaters, peppermint mochas from Starbucks, and eating all of the delicious baked goods that my sister makes!

  32. Warm drinks and cookies with family!!

  33. I love the first snow! There’s nothing cozier than sitting by the fireplace cuddling up with my fiancé and watching the snow hit the ground!

  34. Things I love best about the holidays…chocolate. And peppermint. And pie — always pie!

  35. I love seeing all my cousins.

  36. My favorite thing about the holidays is having some extra time to unwind and enjoy all things cozy with family!

  37. Cookie making FOR SURE!! And spending time with all of my family!

  38. I love getting to go home and see my family!!!  We always watch the corny Hallmark and Lifetime movies.

  39. I love the festive mood and getting to spend time with my family!

  40. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely all the wonderful food and being able to share it with family and friends. Every year my friends and family have a “cookie bake” in mid-December and we spend hours and hours baking together and then we have a big exchange afterwards. Sugar coma for dayyyyys. So much fun! 

  41. I love sharing delicious goodies with friends and family :)

  42. My favorite thing about the holidays is the overall good mood everybody is in. Everybody gets all excited for the upcoming holidays and it changes the vibes in the air!

  43. My favorite thing about the holidays is the joyous feeling that seems to be in the air. There is just this happiness floating around and it infects everyone. You don’t get that feeling any other time of the year!

  44. My favorite thing about the holidays is the joyous feeling you feel. There just seems to be this happiness that floats around and it infects everyone. You don’t get that feeling any other time in the year!

  45. All of these items looks killer!

  46. Warm drinks and being cozy inside watching the snow!

  47. What don’t I love about the holidays?! There’s the trying to fit 25-30 people in one room around the Christmas tree while singing carols and everyone gets all hot and bothered as the ovens are on with turkey and that’s wayyyy too many people generating wayyyy too much heat and not enough chairs. Sounds miserable, but it’s tradition ?. Either that or putting up the Christmas tree… That’s my job and I looooove it!

  48. I looooove Christmas music, baking cookies, spending time with my family, and watching Love Actually, The Holiday, and Elf on repeat. And the all-around feeling of HAPPY.

  49. I love too many things to choose just one. Family/friend time, holiday treats, the music and decorations, the 2 week vacation in Maine I have planned!!!!

  50. I love Christmas shopping and making gifts. I don’t like giving a gift for the sake of giving a gift. I enjoy thinking about what would really make a person happy. I also love snuggling up with my family to watch holiday movies, and eating big holiday meals together.

  51. Fuzzy blankies and warm oatmeal are my favorite things about the holiday season!

  52. My favorite thing about the holidays is using all the leftovers to make the most badass and wonderful kitchen sink mashups! Mashed potato/cranberry/turkey enchiladas? I think yes.

  53. Being with family is definitely the best thing, but insane amounts of Christmas cookies are a close second!
    Hungry by Nature

  54. My favorite thing is spending time with family!

  55. I like all the good food.

  56. oh man, it’s so hard to pick just one or even two, the holidays are my absolute favorite! now that i live in LA where seasons aren’t too apparent, going home for christmas to be with my family, cozy up by the fire and eat homemade comfort food is the BEST.

  57. That’s a tough one.  I’d say wrapping presents while watching cheesy Christmas movies! :) 

  58. spending time with family! and christmas cookies!

  59. family time!

  60. My favorite thing about the holidays is time off work to spend with my family and friends!!

  61. The warm and fuzzy feeling you only get at this time of year ?

  62. My favorite thing about the Holidays is getting together with friends, family, and seeing all the happy faces.

  63. So many goodies!!

  64. I love just the excitement:)

  65. How do I pick one favorite thing about the holidays? I think it would have to be the traditions. And since I am newly married, the holidays this year are a bunch of fun new ‘firsts’ for me and my husband!

  66. My favorite thing about the holidays are our family traditions.

  67. What I love most about the holidays is the magic of the season! There’s an intangible spirit in the air, that, even though you can’t touch it, you can feel it. And you can feel it in others, and it’s just this magical thing in the air that puts everyone in a better mood. :)

  68. This is SUCH a cute giveaway! My favorite is cuddling up on the couch with my fella or puppy (or both!) with a big mug of tea or cocoa and watching old movies. Okay … I totally do this not around holiday time too, but the holiday’s give a good excuse to slow down and enjoy the moment. :)

  69. My favorite thing about the holidays is meeting with family. :)

    I’ve never seen the Kashi overnight muesli before…I’m going to see if I can get it somewhere near me. 

  70. love being with my family … we are now in 4 different spots and none of us are close (geographically) anymore, so holidays are so great to be together. also, i just got engaged so the holiday family is expanding and it’s so great!!

  71. My favorite thing about the holidays is the lights! I have wonderful memories of my mom taking us through neighborhoods in Seattle to see all the different light displays. This year I’m most excited to see my 2 younger brothers. This is the first year we have all lived in different cities.

  72. I love being able to share joy and be grateful during the holiday season! Spending time with the people you love and being cozy all together! Doesn’t get much better than that. 

  73. The holidays are all about family time for me. This definitely the best part.
    Coming in a close second is a break from school! 

  74. I luv pumpkin pie! oh and i dont share

  75. I love when the weather gets that chill in the air and there’s a crispness that brings out the sweaters and blankets and fireplaces… And tea and hot chocolate and soups and all the warmth ever!

  76. It’s pretty cliche, but my favorite part of the holidays is having all of my family together (it’s the only time it really happens), and all the happiness, and often hilarity, that ensues!


  78. Family family family. And holiday baking :) 

  79. Obviously having time to spend with the whole family claims the top spot. But also all of the food. It’s just so good.

  80. Family 100%❤️

  81. My favorite thing about the holidays is decorating the house with my mom while Christmas music and movies play in the background. The flavors – pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger – are a close second.

  82. What do I like best about the holidays? Cookies. Definitely cookies. And Christmas decorations. And those ugly Christmas sweaters. (There are so many good things!)

  83. My favorite thing about the holidays is cooking huge, yummy meals for my family!!!

  84. In no particular order- cookies, mulled wine, random niceness, giving special presents, sleeping in with extra blankets and my husband, hanging out with family and friends. Basically all the things that are the super best in life, that it is hard to make time for each day! 

  85. Family and friends and the feelings of joy!

  86. spending time on the couch by the fire with friends and family

  87. I just love the magical-ness of the holidays! Oh and all the coziness!

  88. My favorite thing about the holidays is extra time spent with loved ones… And Home Alone and cookies.

  89. I love spending time at home with my family and not having to worry about homework during the holidays.

  90. Seeing my family again! My husband and I now live 6 hours away from or families.  It’s just far enough away to make it too hard to travel on a weekend. That and corralling both of our families to be home when we are. The holidays are the only time we can actually spend time with them. This year is even more exciting because I get to meet my new niece :)

  91. My favorite thing about the holidays is always having something to look forward to. Each holiday brings it’s own excitement. When picking out pumpkins is over, it’s time to hand Christmas lights. It’s a time to remember what’s important and why God has us here on this Earth. I love being surrounded by family, being cozy by a fair, reading my the Christmas story in the Bible, and eating holiday treats! 

  92. I love seeing my family – especially my sisters who live all across the country, snuggling on the couch next to a warm fire and THE FOOD!

  93. I like the cute decorations like penguins and snowmen.

  94. I love the Christmas lights and the crisp cold weather!

  95. I love bundling up in layers and blankets when it’s chilly! I also love spending time with my family during the holidays!

  96. The holidays are special because that’s when I travel back to Ireland from Boston to see my parents. Family + food + a cosy fire to toast your toes = perfect

  97. Family is definitely the thing I’ll look forward to the most over the holidays. My husband and one year old son and I live abroad so we only get to travel back during the holidays. So looking forward to seeing them!

  98. i love all the holiday baking, and i love the cheery mood that (most) people are in during the holidays!

  99. Food + Family. I love getting to be home and spend time with my siblings and parents, plus, I love planning out what I’m going to make for our holiday gatherings! 

  100. my fave thing about the holidays is snow and cuddling up with a warm cup of hot chocolate in the evenings. Also, holiday baking!!

  101. My favorite things about the holidays are family time and the food!

  102. Christmas eve is both part of the build up and part of the main event, simultaneously, and involves time to celebrate and time to reflect. It is so wonderful! 

  103. It’s a cliche, but I really do love the family time — as we’ve gotten old, we’ve gotten more appreciative of the time together, and increasingly likely to (gasp) get along. 

  104. I love getting together with my family and playing games while eating popcorn and listening to holiday music!

  105. Traditions and a giving heart!

  106. My favorite thing about the holidays is being with my family. I’m in grad school 2 and a half hours from home, and I rarely get to go back and visit except during the holidays. I love going back in November and December, catching up, cooking and sharing meals, and just generally being with my family! (Plus, playing with the pets is pretty great too!)

  107. My favorite thing about the holidays is that I live 1 block away from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade so I get to watch it up close every year. I used to LOVE watching on the tv growing up.

    I didn’t pick my place because of this, it was a happy coincidence!

  108. I love being at my parents’ house during Christmas. My mom goes all out with decorations that we’ve had for as long as I can remember, and the house always smells like evergreens and food. :)

  109. I’m a military wife and live SO far away from my family, so any time I have a chance to go back home and spend a couple of days with them…that’s my favorite thing about the holidays. And pumpkin everything!  I love pumpkin!!

  110. So many great things about the holidays — are to pick just one. I love all the traditions — food, movies, music and just gathering with family and friends. 

  111. My favorite thing is getting cozy with family in the living room, cuddling with our pets, enjoying each other’s company! The older I get the more I love the down time; I don’t need a lot of activity, I just want to spend time with the family cooking and chatting and wearing fuzzy slippers.

  112. I love the cozyness (or gezelligheid as we call it) of just being around your family basically eating and drinking all day (you know, the good stuff in life). Where I live, we don’ have thanksgiving, but we celebrate 3 days of Christmas, so yay!!

  113. My favorite things about the holidays is spending time together with my family.  It is great when we don’t need to go to work and can all hang out together.

  114. Lovveeee all of this!

  115. Holiday baking, being with family, and that moment right after you finish decorating the tree and see it all together for the first time. Gee now I’m all team holidays!

  116. My favorite thing about the holidays is coming home to my family. And Christmas cookies!

  117. Just the general excitment and entertainment

  118. Baking with my daughters!

  119. My favorite thing about the holidays is staying home and BAKING for all my loved ones.

  120. Getting to see friends and family!

  121. I love drinking hot beverages under cozy blankets and Christmas caroling! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!

  122. Awesome stuff! My favorite thing about the holidays is drinking hot chocolate by the fire… especially under a cozy target blanket ;)

  123. My favorite thing about the holiday’s is all of our family traditions <3

  124. My favorite thing about the holidays is the family time!

  125. I love traditions around the holidays including nachos and beer on Christmas Eve!

  126. I love spending time with family!

  127. It’s so hard to pick one favourite!! I love the time spent with family and friends, and buying and giving presents for everyone :)
    Absolutely love your blog and thanks for the giveaway!

  128. Favourite thing is going home! I only get there once or twice a year. The first thing I do is go gawk at what a full fridge looks like!

  129. I don’t even know if Australians can enter this competition but I don’t even care I just love the Christmas season, so I will write about it whenever I get a chance.

    Really what is there not to love the delicious roasts, baked goods, fruit cake, christmas decorations, lights, the amazing smell of christmas trees, the seasonal movies, carols oh my list could go on and on.

    But I guess when it all comes down to it the best thing about this time of year is who you get to spend it with and those traditions you have with loved ones. Things like my yearly baking date with my grandmother to make our family fruit cake, or christmas light looking with ice cream sundaes or our family christmas eve dinner are the things that make me the happiest and the things I love most :)

  130. My favorite thing about the holidays would be spending time with my family and COOKIES ???

  131. I love getting together with family and all the pumpkin spice flavored things!!! :)

  132. I love being with family and celebrating the same traditions each year no matter how old we get!

  133. My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with friends and family. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  134. I love, love, love the holidays especially Christmas!!! I can’t wait to start decorating and put up the tree. With the house all cozy I bundle up and soak it all in. If it was up to me I would celebrate all year long : ) I also love all the family gatherings and giving to others.

  135. My favorite thing about the holidays is all the yummy food and getting to spend time with my family.

  136. I need to find the sugar cookie tea. I’ve got it on my list for next time I hit the store :) :) :)

  137. I love all the great holiday foods and making gifts for my family. 

  138. Family memories, food and Christmas music

  139. I like getting together with family and enjoying good food.

  140. I love baking cookies or really any treats to bring to parties with friends!

  141. The best part of the Holidays for me is having the family come together. It’s helping me get the Thanksgving dinner to the table on time. To having a Christmast morning filled with gifts not only in presents but with laughter and food. It’s that feeling you wish you could bottle to save for later. 

    I have and will continue to have lots of precious memories just because of the holidays =) 

  142. I love family time, skiing, the warm fires and definitely all the baking!

  143. Holiday baking!

  144. My favorite part is how everyone is a little more generous and a little less self centered

  145. I love all the baking that I get to do!

  146. My favorite holiday thing is ALL the family time! I miss seeing my family when I’m away at school, and I love that I get to soak it all up over the holidays!

  147. I love the lights and decorations the best!

  148. All the great food, and how there’s always a good reason to make cookies! No need to rationalize this time of the year ;)

  149. I love being home with my family and baking Christmas desserts to share with everyone. And of course watching the snow fall from a nice warm house!

  150. My favorite thing is all the warmth I feel around the holidays from family and friends, despite how cold it is outside!

  151. favorite things about the holidays .. spending time with family and friends … simple, but it’s just the best! Life/work gets busy sometimes and sometimes those moments together are far, few and in between, so i like to cherish those moments.. oh and the food .. you can’t forget about the holiday food. 

  152. I love being around family and no matter how old I get, pretending I am still a little kid and enjoying the traditions. Also, eating lots of goodies :)

  153. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing all my relatives who live far away!

  154. Well first for me, what’s not to love about the holidays?!? #1. Spending time with family (lucky for me it includes you and Andrew) #2. Having time to completely unwind and relax. Blessed that my husband and I both work for companies that completely shut down for 2 weeks for Christmas (my favorite holiday) #3. Love getting cozy, drinking hot tea or hot chocolate and watching all those movies you watched growing up as a kid #4 having the opportunity to reflect on many blessings and learning/growth experiences throughout the year and knowing God willing you have the opportunity the next year to do even better (Happy New Year) #4. Celebrating our wedding anniversary!! Close to Christmas and love all the decorations in the cities that shout love, peace, and joy. Reminder Jesus is our King and without him, none of this would be possible. Very excited to celebrate our anniversary this year on a Christmas holiday train ride paired with hordrves and wine tasting!! Hoping I win this super cute and lovely giveaway!! :)

  155. Sugar cookie tea?! Yum, I would love to try this. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family.

  156. family time and making all the cookies!!!!!

  157. Michael Buble Christmas CD, need I say more??

  158. Spending time with my family! I don’t get to see them enough.

  159. I love the desserts the most!!

  160. My favorite thing about the holiday’s is getting together with friends and family and going to an annual holiday show in the city with girlfriends.

  161. Hmm… what do I love most about the holidays? This is wayyyy too tough.
    But if there’s one thing, it’s definitely the weather. I, too, lived in Houston, TX, so for 10 years I missed out on all the seasonal changes.
    My recent move to Pittsburgh opened my eyes to the colorful leaves and the piles of snow! These weather just beg for me to wake up to a bowl of hot oatmeal or simply sip a mug of coffee.

  162. Definitely love spending time with family and baking cookies! <3 Family traditions! Also, a huge christmas breakast! 

  163. My favourite things about the holidays are spending time with my family, baking, and going to Christmas parties :)

  164. My favorite thing is all of the traditions! From hanging lights to special date nights or family traditions, it’s just a special season of special moments. :) 

  165. I love decorating with family!

  166. Spending time with family!

  167. Traditions and the time spent with family and loved ones are my favorite at the holidays. There’s just a general sense of kindness and warmth

  168. Getting to see my cousins and celebrate as a family. My cousins live all over the world from Hong Kong, Chicago, Missouri, etc, so it’s nice to catch up with everyone.

    I also enjoy the penguin kitchen items that comes out around Christmas. Unfortunately, Target stopped having those. :(

  169. OH my gosh love the holidays.  Charlie brown christmas and all the delicious starbucks drinks and essentially all the basic things :)

  170. Spending time with my family + FOOD! 

  171. My favorite thing about the holidays is all of the festive food around my house. Egg Nog scones, pumpkin bread, mexican hot chocolate, and so much more. I love curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot coffee and reading a book! There is so much sentiment this time of year and I love that!

  172. I love the anticipation of the holidays and getting ready

  173. I love seeing my parents who return to the States (not always) to spend Christmas with the family. Even though it doesn’t get too terribly cold here in Texas, as you know, I love to pretend like it chocolate + warm slippers + a good book always makes for a great time. Of course, I love not working ;)

  174. It has to be… FAMILY! And just the pure joy of celebrating a special season: Christmas lights, music, warm drinks, a house smelling of baked goods, my grandmother’s traditions and the list goes on and on!

  175. My favorite thing about the holidays is giving gifts to the people I love most!

  176. I love the holiday music (may or may not have already started listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack…) + the cup of spicy cider + the colorful Christmas tree lights + the smell of gingerbread + my cozy, fuzzy socks + the feeling of family and friends snuggled next to me on the couch <3 (also SANTA)

  177. My favorite thing about the holidays is the food!! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, monkey bread, peppermint bark, pecan tassies, caramel tassies, spritz cookies… Oh my lanta! The list goes on and on. I’m salivating just thinking about all the yum yum food! Better get out my fat pants ?

  178. Cute! Makes me look forward to snow :)

  179. I love spending time with my brother who lives 1,000 miles away 

  180. What I love most about the holidays is spendings time with my family and of course the cooking!!!

  181. SNOW! And hot chocolate.

  182. My favorite things about the holidays: cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, the first heavy snow, and spending extra time with family!

  183. Cuddling up with tea on the couch… watching all the best holiday romcoms. 

  184. I love being with family during the holidays!

  185. Time with family :)

  186. I love that everyone is so jolly!

  187. Love a good blanket in the winter. What a great package of goodies!!

  188. My favorite thing about the holidays is all the holiday decorations :)

  189. My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with family, continuing traditions like cookie making and christmas sweater parties and making new traditions with my little family. It’s a great time to reflect on what Jesus gave up for each one of us and how I can live a life with more purpose

  190. Going home to be with family, eating all the food, drinking hot cocoa, reading books for fun, the list goes on and on

  191. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending countless hours baking cookies and pies for everyone :)

  192. Spending time with family and putting up all the lovely decorations!

  193. I love decorating, baking cookies, and catching up with people I haven’t seen all year! It’s such a cozy time ?

  194. I love all of the family dinners! It’s my absolute favorite. We sit and eat until we’re stuffed and then we play games. It’s the absolute best!

  195. I love spending lots of quality time with friends and family, and the cool weather that makes you want to snuggle up by the fire with a cozy blanket and read a book. The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! 

  196. I enjoy all things cozy, especially soft blankets and hanging out by a warm fire!

  197. I love everything about the holidays! Spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying delicious food, cozying up by the fire and reading a good book! 

  198. My favorite thing about the holidays is continuing family traditions and listening to old family stories that have been passed down through generations.

  199. Family time and the weather! Perfect for hot tea and fuzzy socks :)

  200. I LOVE this time of year. There’s nothing better than all the twinkling lights, fun activities, and cozy nights spent with the family❤️

  201. I love the coziness and comfort of being home with family for the holidays! (:

  202. I love all of the time spent with family – from dinners to making cookies to just spending quality time together. It’s the best!

  203. Hey! My favorite part about the holidays is getting together with family and playing games. I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like (I’m away for graduate school), so I truly appreciate my time with them. On Christmas morning my mom always makes brunch. I love the atmosphere! We play Christmas music and watch Christmas movies all day. I also love baking for other people around the holidays. It brings such joy to others and makes my day! So, those are a few of my favorite parts of the holidays!
    “It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away”

  204. Hey immaeatthat! My name is Rachel (my Instagram is @good_vibes_eatery) I make your recipes all the time I love them! My favorite thing about the holidays is being on break from college and being able to spend time at home with my family. I love buying gifts for other people- I love the challenge of trying to find things that will make others feel like I put thought into them. I also love trying out new recipes! Love your blog, thanks for the awesome recipes, inspiration, and the chance to win all these wonderful things!!!

  205. Decorating the Christmas tree with eggnog and Christmas carols!

  206. Definitely love curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee when it’s cold outside!

  207. My favorite aspect about the holidays is time spent with family reflecting on all the positives of that year!

  208. My favorite thing about the holidays is taking a break from school to go home. I never got too homesick when I was in college, but since starting graduate school the holiday season makes me so nostalgic for home and family traditions (my mom’s Christmas chex mix, especially!).

  209. I love everything about the holidays – the holiday cheer, shopping for presents for loved ones, decorating, the FOOD, the coziness, the music… everything!

  210. My fav thing about the holidays is about the family reunion where I get to see everyone and also all the warm holiday food!

  211. First off this cozy things giveaway looks amazingggg! I live up in Minnesota so mugs, warm drinks and cozy blankets are mandatory for the long winter months. I love the food and desserts of the holidays. And what makes it extra special is being able to cook and bake with family. Can’t wait till thanksgiving!!! Ps love your blog ?

  212. Love the cozy things giveaway! the warm drinks, blanket and adorable mugs look perfect for the upcoming winter months! Living in Minnesota all of these cozy warm things are critical to surviving the long winter. 
    my favorite thing about the holiday is definitely cooking with family! I cant want to cook with my mom and sister in Houston over thanksgiving :-) woohoo!

  213. sorry accidentally commented twice!

  214. Being from Utah, my favorite holiday event is the first snow. It’s that magical moment when everything is quiet, and it truly feels like the holiday season is coming!

  215. My favorite part of the holidays is having the whole extended family together and just spending time with each other. We also cook together and have delicious homemade meals.

  216. What I most love about holidays is being able to be with all my family and see the city as beautiful and magical as it could possibly be <3

  217. My favorite thing about the holiday season is just snuggling up and being cozy, sipping hot tea or cocoa! I like that almost everywhere you go – a friend/family house, a store, a cafe – it’s warm inside and smells like food or scented candles. :D

  218. PEPPERMINT BARK!!!!! 

  219. Scrumptious treats (like yours!) and cozy friend and fam time! :) 

  220. fuzzy socks, candles, cookie baking, girland, the smell of cinamon, snow

  221. Having friends and family together and pumpkin pie!

  222. Coming home from college and getting to relax and spend time with family :).

  223. My favorite for the holidays-cooler weather!  Down South-less humidity, more outdoor time!  And everyone seems to be happier!

  224. What do I REALLY like about the holidays?  I like Frasier Christmas specials & eating tamales for days.  But mostly sugar.  I like that there’s sugar everywhere & no one seems to mind.  Instead, sugar becomes like a dreamy virtue, & I end up buying a bunch of gingerbread scraps at the bakery & hating myself for it/LOVING MYSELF SO HARD.  MOLASSES.  Also, Bing Crosby, but no.  Make that Frank Sinatra.  Sinatra all over my life, please. To quote the Kool-Aid Man: Oh yeaaaaah!

  225. Oh!  & Charlie Brown’s droopy Christmas tree.  Like, how did that thing even revitalize itself?  

  226. My favorite thing about the holidays, are the family and friend get-togethers, and all the smiles in general. Even strangers out and about seem to be happier. The kindness of giving, even of ones time, is so nice to see, always warms my heart.

  227. How much more cheerful everyone suddenly becomes when they listen to holiday music :)

  228. I love sitting by the fire with my family, drinking hot chocolate and laughing until my stomach hurts. My sister and I used to put on little shows with my Grandma’s old prom/bridesmaid dresses, and now we do them with our young cousins.

  229. My favorite things about the holidays are scarves, and boots :)

  230. I love having everyone come together. 

  231. Food and the decorations!

  232. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending my last college semester with my friends and decorating our first house together! Not knowing where we will all end up in the next year is scary, but makes us cherish this time in our lives even more.

  233. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely spending time with my mom and brother, followed closely by baking and eating pumpkin pie and cornbread!

  234. Spending time with my family!

  235. Being with family, all the delicious food and culture that is shared and cold weather is what I love and enjoy about the holidays!

  236. first of all, seeing family! me and my hubs have ZERO family in our state and so i always look forward to any chance to drive to michigan or maryland (where our families are from) to see them. and secondly, THE FOOD. :)

  237. My favorite thing is seeing family and relaxing at home!

  238. I love slowing down, family time, and all of the parties :)

  239. What I love most about the holidays is that I get to go home and see my family!! Plus I love the coziness, baking, and decorations!

  240. I literally wait all year for this time. I swear I sense the first leaf drop (miles away because I’m in Texas and obviously we don’t get seasons here) then it’s basically everything pumpkin. I live for this season. I wear sweaters and scarfs and sweat but feel so festive so it’s fine. My sheets become flannel and my coffee gets cinnomen. I swear it’s in my DNA. As always, I love your blog. I made your black bean soup the other night and it was glorious. I had to take my scarf off though because the sweat was inhibited me from enjoying it. Ah well. Such is Christmas in Texas. We do what we can.

  241. The best part of the holidays is getting to spend lots of time with my fam!! Also since I’m a student, Christmas holidays are great because I’m done final exams!

  242. my favorite part is all the snuggly sweaters to cozy up in :)

  243. My face thing about the holidays… Family and food!!

  244. I just love that warm, cozy feeling you get this time of year. I think it the thought of family, friends, snuggles and warm, delicious food all wrapped into one.

  245. I love connecting with my family during the holidays

  246. What I love about holidays? I’m pretty lucky this year and we have awesome weather which adds up to already appeared feeling that’s something warm, and loving, and great is coming. And you’re getting ready, thinking which recipes to choose to make home-made treats as presents( because me and my bf give for christmas food as presents). And all Christmas movies with hot chocolate, and cuddles, because it’s cold, and warming foods! I think Christmas is something truly amazing and you don’t even need to try to explain because there is everything already in this one word :)

  247. My favourite thing about the holidays is being warm and cozy in a house with those who you love so SO much. Preferably while baking cookies of some sort. And wine. 

  248. PIE! Lol.  Kidding, sort of.  I love that all our relatives get together over the holidays, we don’t see each other much throughout the year so it makes it extra special.  Also, I love getting to wear cozy clothes.  

  249. My favorite thing about the holiday is snuggling under blankets next to the fireplace with a cup of tea and she something sweet to munch on :)

  250. My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with family, snuggling up with some hot chocolate in front of the fireplace… and, of course, the food!!

  251. Aw I love all of this – perfect for winter! I’m looking to start my own blog and you’ve been one of my go-to blogs for inspiration. Thank you! :)

  252. Um, EVERYTHING about the holiday season is my favorite. The music, the scent of baking cookies, the abundance of decorations, driving around with my family looking at Christmas lights. I could go onnn and onnn. But, if I had to choose, it would be going to pick out our Christmas tree and trimming it with my family. It’s always been one of my favorite days of the year. :)

  253. Family, I love spending time with my family during the holidays!

  254. I love seeing all of our family, and all of the desserts!

  255. Family time! And of course the food..

  256. I love visiting my family over the holidays!

  257. spending time with family!

  258. My favorite thing about the holidays is Christmas time in general: watching Elf a thousand times, the FOOD, decorations, and family. :)

  259. My favorite thing about the Holidays is how everyone is in a good mood and giving.

  260. spending time with my friends!!

  261. My favorite thing about the holidays is the memories it brings up.

  262. I love the holiday music and warm drinks!

  263. I love that my all my family gets together. 

  264. My favorite thing about the holidays is taking time to intentionally “be” with loved ones. We live 12 hours from our parents, and really treasure our time together.

  265. My favorite thing about the holidays is how I get to see family that I have not seen all year.  Staying up late playing games and talking.

  266. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! The holidays give me a reason to be snuggled up by the fire with a warm cup of tea. The holidays give me a reason to splurge my hard earned cash to bring joy to my family members and spread Christmas cheer. The holidays aren’t just two months of the year – to me they are everyday of every month. The holidays are a reason for everyone to be cheerful; but with me everyday is cheerful! Everyday should be treated like a holiday and with this cozy basket of cheerful goodies I will be triple in holiday spirit and spread my Christmas cheer to all (and to all a good night)
    -Casey (a Christmas lover)

  267. I love the the weather, getting to spend time with my awesome family, and getting the chance to SLOW down 

  268. My favorite thing about the holidays is baking!!

  269. I think I’m with the majority- I love baking cookies (:

  270. My favorite thing about the holidays is giving! I love to give baked goods and presents. It is so rewarding to make people smile, feel loved, and make their bellies full!

  271. My favorite thing about the Holidays is seeing my family :) and the food lol

  272. Just being able to take a breath and enjoy time with family

  273. Being around my family. Baking with my grandmother. Decorating!

  274. Love all the baking I get to do!

  275. I love the music, the holiday baking, the cozy temps, the cute decor, the holiday PJs and spending time with family, away from work. :)

  276. I love spending time with family and baking, of course!

  277. What a wonderful giveaway for fall! Here’s hoping I’m the lucky one.

  278. I love being with my family!

  279. Limited edition EVERYTHING! plus getting together with an excuse to cook for family and friends is always nice ;)

  280. My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with family.  It is the only time of year we have everyone (or close to all family members) all together.  

  281. I love spending time with family and friends.  I also love pumpkin pie. :)

  282. Being with family and food

  283. I love Christmas shopping!

  284. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family!

  285. hard to choose one thing! i love just being home with my family… decorating the tree, baking cookies…

  286. I love the food and family.


  288. You can’t ever go wrong with family, friends, and food, but those things combined with so much coziness and warmth at this time of year simply could not be more perfect.

  289. The food <3 

  290. You’re making me want to curl up by a fire!

  291. This would help with the winter in Chicago!

  292. My favorite thing about the holidays is visiting family. It’s great to cook big meals and eat around the table and catch up ?

  293. My favorite part of the holidays is getting to be in Houston and spend time with you wandering around and doing fun things :)

  294. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely family time since I’m away from home for university! And of course, the food!

  295. I love being with family!!! And enjoying time off to reflect on the past year.

  296. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is being able to take some time to curl up on the couch in my coziest pajamas with a good book and a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate

  297. My favorite thing is getting together with extended family specifically on Christmas Eve, it’s a magical night where we all bring appetizers and desserts and pig out all night long and exchange gifts. It’s amazing. I also love holiday coffee flavors!

  298. I love going home for the holidays & spending time with my friends & family!

  299. My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with my family to prepare our massive holiday dinner. I do the baking.

  300. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely being with my family. And, of course, all of the delicious food!

  301. I love that the holidays give you a really great opportunity to try new cookie recipes and spoil the people you love because, let’s be real, you can’t eat five dozen cookies all on your own anyway :)

  302. I love the sounds, smells, and sights of the holidays!

  303. I love spending time with my family :)


  304. My favorite thing about the holidays is being home with my family. I love the delicious foods, warm drinks and comforting smells. I love being home from college and spending time with my whole family! I love wrapping up in my favorite blankets on the couch with my family while drinking hot chocolate and watching christmas movies. I love to bake cookies (hopefully the sugar cookies from this giveaway) with my mom while drinking wine and sneaking as much cookie dough as possible! I love the christmas lights that I hang in my room and the decorations and smells that take over my home. The holidays are warm, comforting, relaxing and delicious! I can’t wait! xox

  305. I love decorating the house and tree for Christmas and baking treats for friends.

  306. My favorite thing about the holidays is time spent with my family.

  307. My favorite part of winter is wrapping up in a blanket and getting cozy!

  308. What I love most about the holidays: snuggling by the fire with a blanket and hot coffee, enjoying the wonderful winter weather with my beautiful fiancee!

  309. The sweater and mugs sold me!

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