Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

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There are a few things I have to do every Christmas season.  This includes drink hot chocolate, bug Andrew about going ice skating, eventually go ice skating, spend time with family, and build + decorate a gingerbread house.  This was the first year I subbed out the gingerbread for graham crackers and the whole process was MUCH simpler.

graham cracker gingerbread house |

Let’s talk structure.  So I scoured pinterest to find a blue print from a reputable gingerbread house designer.  I decided that this structure would do just fine.   The author of that blog is an engineer so I imagine she knew what she was doing, unlike me who felt like I was winging it.  I did branch out and change up my roof a bit from hers, but that structure is still very similar to my house.

For my house “mortar” I used this royal icing recipe because I didn’t have any pasteurized egg whites on hand.  It worked great at keeping the house together.

graham cracker gingerbread house |

We’ll pretend I meant to add that dripping icing (aka icicle).  After the house set for about 20 minutes, the icing hardened and I started decorating.  

I knew I wanted a cookie roof, because wouldn’t you want to live in a world with cookie roofs? You probably would.  I mean, it’d be a total “and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries” moment.

So I used Annie’s lemon drop cookie bites for shingles.

graham cracker gingerbread house |

And you should know that I’ve got this wonderful little icing decorating bottle and it makes icing things all the easier.  (hello, stocking stuffer!)

graham cracker gingerbread house |

If you’re thinking, “does she realize her gingerbread man is bigger than her entire gingerbread house?”

Yes, I do.  

For him, I just rolled Annie’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough into a ball and then I rolled it out into a thin layer and cut out shapes just like you would if making regular gingerbread men cookies.  Then I baked them and since they spread a bit I used the gingerbread cookie cutter to re-cutout the gingerbread man shape.

I also used the chocolate chunk cookie dough to make the stepping stones up to the house and the door knob.

graham cracker gingerbread house |

Then I went and cut trimmings off my Christmas tree so I could make a wreath for above the door and scatter trimmings around the house.  For a bit of color I added some Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks.

And then a Honey Bunny Graham parade heading up to the door.

easy graham cracker gingerbread house |

I’m still depressed I forgot to add a chimney.  HOW COULD I FORGET THE CHIMNEY?!


  1. Heck yes! Why have I never thought to use use graham crackers? This is so happening after finals week! :D

  2. Love the bunnies coming up the sidewalk- so cute…. I haven’t made a gingerbread house in forever- but its always fun!

  3. This is completely adorable – and I love the use of graham crackers!!
    xxoo, Ellie
    Hungry by Nature

  4. Gosh your house is so darn perfect! I love making gingerbread houses, but mine always come out so funky looking! :)

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