a day in the life.

I love reading these types of posts, so I like sharing them with you!  The day I’m sharing was last Friday.  I see clients Monday-Thursday, so Friday is my day to plan out blog content for the next week.  I’m awful at working ahead on blog content and typically test/photograph all my recipes the weekend before the post goes live.  Since I spend most Saturday’s cooking and photographing for blog posts, Fridays have also become somewhat of a weekend/rest day/do-whatever-the-hell-I-want day.  So here we go…

6:15am – Wake up and brush my teeth (I brush my teeth before breakfast…is that weird?).

6:25am – Move my car out of the driveway so Andrew can leave for work.  We have a one car wide driveway and we both hate having to rearrange the cars in the morning.  Some days I leave first, some days he leaves first…but the wrong car always seems to be in the back of the driveway.  We would just leave a car in the street, but we have odd neighbors who like to bash your sideview mirrors in with a baseball bat if you leave your car in the street.  Lovely.

day in the life |

6:30am – Make breakfast.  Today I’m having oats cooked in milk topped with cocoa powder, brown sugar, nut butters and blackberries.

6:35am – I unload the dishwasher while my oats are cooking. 

day in the life |

6:45am – Eat breakfast + start working on the post for that day.  It was the 3 Greens Cheesy BBQ Enchiladas and I still needed to edit pictures, upload the recipe and write the blog post.

day in the life |

7:10am – Feed Maggie breakfast.

day in the life |

8:00am – Finish blog post and set the post live on the blog.

day in the life |

8:10am – Pack my gym bag and head to the gym.

a day in the life |

8:30am – Get to the gym.  Warm up on the elliptical before doing a circuit workout.  Today I did a lower body favorite.  I did 6 rounds like this:

15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 reps of…

dumbbell thrusters…

day in the life |

jumping lunges (each leg)…

day in the life |

…and bridges.

day in the life |

It took me about 20 minutes to get through.

9:10am – Shower at the gym and get ready for the day.

day in the life |

9:30am – Eat a quick snack in my car (think, I need to find a Starbucks bc I’m still a little hungry).  Then head to Andrew’s work to pick him up.  Andrew’s been having this random, awful stomach pain so we had an appt for him at a GI specialist.  He’s feeling a lot better now, but since I have control over my schedule I wanted to go with him.

day in the life |

10 – 11:15am – Drive to doctor’s office and meet with doctor.

11:20am – Head to lunch at our fave…Smashburger!  I got a whole wheat bun with BBQ sauce & aged cheddar.  I forgot to ask for lettuce and tomato on my burger, so my burger felt a bit naked haha but still good. OH.  And we split an order of sweet potatoes fries that I had a coupon for.  Coupons ftw.

day in the life |

day in the life |

11:35am – After lunch we headed outside and oh lookie lookie what was next door…

day in the life |

11:40am – I ordered a latte with one pump caramel.  Delish.  Then I dropped Andrew back off at work.

day in the life |

Noon to 2:15pm – I needed to run some errands to get everything I needed to send off my mindfulness giveaway package.  I got what I needed and stopped by the post office to mail the package.  I don’t love waiting in the Post Office line.  Eww.

day in the life |

2:20pm – Came across this wonderfulness, so I sent it to my sisters.  We have a thing for She’s the Man. Channing Tatum pre-Magic Mike.

day in the life |

2:30 – 3:45pm – Plan blog content for the next two weeks and think about what I need to get done on Saturday.  I have a secret pinterest board where I organize my blog post inspiration, so I reference that for a bit of brainstorming.

day in the life |

All the while with Food Network on in the background…

day in the life |

3:45pm – Finish up blog ideas…

day in the life |

3:50pm – Transfer blog ideas from paper to a digital editorial calendar for a bit more organization.  I use CoSchedule and LOVE IT.

day in the life |

4:00pm – Take Maggie on a walk.  It was gorgeous out and we both enjoy our walking dates.

day in the life | 

4:30pm – Get home and see a package got delivered while we were walking.

day in the life |

Packages were filled with…

day in the life |

4:45pm – Andrew gets home.  We decide the best use of our time would be to eat an orange and watch Making a Murderer.

day in the life |

5:45pm – Get ready to go to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner.

7:00pm – My cousin was getting married Saturday so we got to have some family time at the rehearsal dinner.  Here’s me and my sister’s…loved getting to see them twice in one weekend.  We’re in the midst of planning an epic sleepover.

day in the life |

7:15pm – Dinner! Parmesan chicken + cheesy lasagna + garlic bread.  I’ve been really excited about garlic bread recently.  Plus a turtle cheesecake.  I’m not the biggest cheesecake person.  I ate all the crust and the toppings and a couple bites of the middle.

day in the life |

10:00pm – Get home from the dinner and am SO ready for bed.  I shower and plan on reading a bit…

day in the life |

…but end up laying in bed and screenshot-ing recipes I want to make.  Made a version of those buckwheat waffles for breakfast the next day.  I typically spend at least 10 minutes every evening thinking about what I want to eat for breakfast the next day…and you probably do to if you read food blogs:)

day in the life |

11:00pm – lights out and time to snooze.

(pssst.  do you like this type of post??? Let me know in the comment if I should keep or stop doing them!!)


  1. I love day in the life posts- I suck at doing them though because I forget about writing stuff down/taking pictures, but really like reading them. Anyways… I totally screenshot recipes I want to make too- and I’m super excited for the Guinness Brownies upcoming post!

  2. Looove this!! 1. I brush my teeth before breakfast too 2. so much fun mail. 3. thinking i’m in need of a starbucks latte RIGHT now!

  3. Yes, totally keep doing them!  They’re super fun to read :) Plus then we all get to see your giant tubs of protein powder next to your dishwasher ;-)  I totally do that whole what do I want for breakfast thing too- and then I dream about if every meal was breakfast how great the world could be…

  4. I love when you do the day in the life posts!!!

  5. Love reading these! I’ve always been fascinated by other people’s schedules/what they eat. I totally feel you 100% about thinking every 10 minutes what I am going to eat the next day haha.

  6. I like this post a lot. I think day in the life posts are the most relatable and it’s fun to see what other people do. I also love your recipes so don’t stop those hahaha
    First time commenting, long time reader!

  7. I love these posts! So jealous you have Fridays “off”!

  8. Yay! I love to see you post these….plus it makes me feel better knowing other people have the same difficulty passing up a coffee joint :p

  9. I like the walking harness you have for Maggie. Neck collars just seem like they would hurt. Also, my dentist says, “Brush! Before breakfast or after, just as long as you do it.” I’m a first thing in the morning brusher, too.

  10. I’m a She’s The Man enthusiast, too!! Back in the day (high school…lol), my friend and I would say, “I’ve got a lifetime of knowledge,” before every test! ? Hope your hubby feels better soon!

    P.S. I love posts like these!

  11. Love these posts! I totally brush my teeth before breakfast too, my husband always said I was the only person to do this but apparently not :)

  12. I love these posts!!!  I am sort of embarrassed to admit to it because I feel like it makes me so nosy but I really do enjoy reading about other people’s day to day lives.  I find it sooooo interesting!

  13. These posts are so fun! And now I’m looking even more forward to your future posts after seeing your brainstorming/planning list! :D

  14. Love these posts- keep em coming!

  15. I love this post! What a fun day. My fiancé and I spend time at night planning our breakfast. :) I look forward to other “day in the life” posts! Maybe I should write one soon. :) I don’t know that it would be nearly as interesting as this, though. 

  16. I always think about what I am going to eat for breakfast right before I go to bed. :) Love these kinds of posts!

  17. Keep posting these!  Also we have the same hair straighter.  Also, we spend our days off very similarly (except instead of blog research I work on the article i’m trying to publish!).  Clearly all dietitians think the similarly :)

  18. I enjoy them!? And that picture of you and the hubs after lunch is adorable!

  19. Yes! I love these types of posts! I post my WIAW every week and it’s SO hard to remember to snap the pics so I can’t imagine doing EVERYTHING I do in a day…especially on days like you had when it’s a million different things! Keep ’em comin’!

  20. I definitely love these posts and hope you continue! Your humor adds so much to them, they are so fun to read!

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  22. i do enjoy reading other peoples post like this..and during my reader survey, several people told me that they want more life posts too, so something im looking into incorporating. 

  23. I think you’re the cutest and you should do one of these at LEAST every month (I realize that every week would be too much). Also you’re refreshingly real and I think we all need more of that on the interwebs. Love!

  24. I think it is so fun to get a glimpse in someone else’s life. It is crazy how even a person with a similar job has a completely different schedule!

  25. Hi it was a good read . Got a glimpse of your life, thanks for sharing…keep posting…cheers!

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