Doughy Peanut Butter Cookies (no-bake!)

These cookies taste like how I wish the middles of all peanut butter cookies tasted…doughy!

doughy peanut butter cookies (no-bake!). Made with oats & dates! |

Like, if there was a way (and I’m sure there is a way) to have this texture of cookie surrounded by a slightly crispy cookie layer, that would be ideal.

Like what if I was to stuff a raw/no-bake cookie (like this cookie) inside a peanut butter cookie dough ball and bake the whole thing.  Would the no-bake cookie part bake? Or would it stay doughy? I don’t know! But I want to go there soon.  Well.  I want to take us all there soon.

For now, I’m a-ohkay eating these doughy peanut butter middles.

doughy peanut butter cookies (no-bake!). Made with oats & dates! |

These cookies are rather simple.  

Dates, oats, milk, peanut butter and salt.  You could make these in your sleep.  BUT don’t.  Because a food processor is involved and those food processor blades are sharp.  I know from experience because of that one time I grabbed a ball of cookie dough out of a food processor and in grabbing it I also grabbed the sharp edge of the blade.  Oh it was not great.

doughy peanut butter cookies (no-bake!). Made with oats & dates! |

Right now we’re watching some show called Newlyweds on Bravo.  It’s terrible.  I know it’s TV, but it’s awful.  How can you have so many issues after just getting married? Why am I still watching? Why am I telling you?

Maybe if the couples spent some time making these cookies together, a teamwork exercise of sorts, then they would begin to resolve some of their issues.  But that probably wouldn’t fix their marriage problems because these cookies only take 10 minutes to make.  SO FAST.  So they’re gonna need more time than that to stop the drama.

For now.  Make these for snacktime!

doughy peanut butter cookies (no-bake!). Made with oats & dates! |

Doughy Peanut Butter Cookies (no-bake!)

Yield: makes 9ish cookies

Total Time: 10 minutes


1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup natural peanut butter
9 pitted dates
4-8 tablespoons almond milk
pinch salt



In a food processor, process together oats, peanut butter, dates and salt.  Once crumbly and sand-like in look, add in almond milk one tablespoon at a time until a dough forms.  Roll dough into 9 balls and then use a fork to press the dough flat.  I find it worked best to dip the fork into hot water before pressing the cookie flat.  That way the dough doesn't stick quite at much.  Store in the fridge for 3-5 days.

doughy peanut butter cookies (no-bake!). Made with oats & dates! |

peanut butter doughiness<3<3<3


  1. I love when cookies are super doughy!  These are no-bake, contain peanut butter and have no added sugar which means that they are perfect!

  2. Yessss dough-y deliciousness! What if you frozen the dough-y cookies then stuck them inside cookie dough and baked them? Maybe then they’d stay super doughy??

  3. Can 2% cow’s milk be subbed in for almond milk?

  4. Doughy cookies are the BEST cookies, which is why I always under-bake mine!

  5. These look delicious and so easy! Great that they are naturally sweetened with the dates. It makes it ok to eat 5 at a time right :) 

  6. I love that you said they can be stored in the fridge 3-5 days, since the chance of them making it into the fridge is pretty small and then lasting more than one snack-pass through the kitchen unlikely. :~)

  7. omg Kylie, I’m totally making these! I’ll probably form them into little bars so I can tell myself they’re protein bars, but really that’s what they are anyway right? So, win/win. :)

  8. So, since you’re clearly into trashy Bravo shows, can I make a recommendation for you. Below Deck. Just do it! 

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