Meals & Snacks Lately.

I like sharing these types of posts since the pictures aren’t pinterest perfect. They’re much more real life (aka rough) looking.  I’m still trying to decide what posting schedule works best.  It’s seeming to work the best if each week I do: 3 recipe posts, 1 round up post and 1 whatever-i’m-feeling-like-posting-that-week post.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately!


I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m totally in love with that grapefruit baked oatmeal.  I would of had it for every breakfast, but when I was halfway through the dish Andrew realized out how delicious it was and started having it for breakfast.  Next time I’m making a bigger batch!

So grapefruit + a latte it was.  For my lattes I just heat some milk, then froth it with a milk frother, then fill the other half of the mug with decaf coffee and add a pour of Trader Joe’s vanilla creamer.  

grapefruit baked oatmeal |

Next day…REPEAT.  But with an iced latte.  All taken to-go and eaten at the office since this was a day I had nutrition clients to meet with.

grapefruit baked oatmeal |

After mourning the end of the baked oatmeal, I was going to make an oatmeal cookie dough-type of breakfast thing, but decided I’d microwave it instead since raw oats are a bit tough on my stomach.  This thing turned out delicious and I shared the recipe on instagram.  So ooey, gooey.

ooey, gooey peanut butter breakfast cake |


Office day lunch = quiche thing I’m sharing next week + an orange + sugar snap peas + tomatoes + chocolate covered almond (which I ended up saving for a snack for later).

quiche, orange, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, chocolate covered almonds |

This was a odd one.  I had some leftover polenta in the fridge, that should have firmed up…but didn’t.  So I sautéed some kale, shredded brussels spouts and red cabbage in olive oil.  Then added in the polenta.  Topped with whole thing with some leftover bacon, feta and cherry tomatoes.  I think it looks pretty yummy, but it really wasn’t lol.  I like the idea of this recipe so I’m gonna keep working on it.

veggie polenta...with bacon. |

I had a bag of shaved brussels sprouts + red cabbage + kale that I was trying to use up, so one day I threw several handfuls into a blender to make a green almond butter smoothie.  Paired it with a leftover Kodiak Cakes chocolate chip pancake.

chocolate chip pancake + green almond butter smoothie |

Yesterday I went on a burger lunch date with my dad at ET Burgers.  If you haven’t been, it’s kinda like the Chipotle of burger places (not that it’ll give you E.Coli, JUST KIDDING! I love my Chipotle.).  But you order your burger/salad/sliders and then there are a bajillion toppings you can choose to add.

I got a burger with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.  They have a lot more exciting toppings…but I went pretty classic.  And for the record, Smashburger is still my favorite burger place.

burger! |


Pulled pork (…that Andrew made! Was made in the crockpot with good ol’ coke.  It was really tasty!) + Annie’s grass-fed mac n’ cheese + arugula salad.  (I’m big on seconds lol, so I went back for more pulled pork.)

Annie's mac + pulled pork + arugula salad |

Mexican lasagna filled with greens & shredded zucchini + arugula salad.  So this was leftover from when I made these.  Whenever  I make enchiladas I always have extra filling, so I get a loaf pan and layer tortillas + filling + cheese + sauce to make a mexican lasagna.  Then I put it in the freezer for a rainy day.  

leftover enchiladas + arugula salad |

Pulled pork & zucchini nachos! Lately with nachos I’ve been shredding a zucchini with a cheese grater and then sautéing them up with olive oil, chili powder and cumin.  I LOVE it.

pulled pork nachos |

Open-faced quesadillas with cheese, chicken, red bell peppers, avocados.  This was sad.  Because I went back and used a tortilla to make another quesadilla and I was halfway through eating it when I realized there was mold on the tortilla. UGHHH.  The worst.

open-faced quesadilla |


Latte.  Currently stuck on the one pump vanilla version.

latte + one pump vanilla |

No-bake peanut butter cookie + a chunk of triple dipped peanut butter pretzel.


peanut butter cookie + pretzel

Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds.

chocolate covered almonds

Oranges.  Can’t get enough lately!!


Rest of the leftover enchiladas.  Doughy tortillas are my favorite.


Recipe testing & tasting for the single-serving almond butter blueberry muffin post. 

recipe tasting - almond butter blueberry for one

A bounce bar. Didn’t love this.


A Clif-mojo bar.  Didn’t love this either!


Hope this inspires some new meal/snack ideas in your life!

(Again, let me know if you like this style of post!  I got great feedback on my recent day in the life post.  THANKS, GUYS!<3)


  1. That oat and grapefruit combo I wasn’t sure about at first since I’m not a huge huge grapefruit fan but man the more I see it the more I want it!


  3. I’m impressed the shaved brussel sprouts tasted yummy in the smoothie! And coke with pork? Very interesting!
    I ate mold one time and it’s like I can never forget it. It still makes me shudder.

  4. I love these kinds of posts! And that cookie dough breakfast bake thing looks delicious! Definitely making that!

  5. I LOVE pork nachos, but now I definitely think I need to add some shredded zucchini next time!

  6. We have the same pan… and we use it to make pretty-much the same nachos! Excess veggies + Nachos = Win :)

  7. Open faced quesadillas, eh? What an inspired idea! ;)

  8. Love secretly adding veggies to anything and everything. I’m working up the courage to add them to oatmeal…

    I love these kinds of posts (often more than recipes, oops!) because they help me incorporate small changes to my meals that are fun and that I look forward to.

  9. ahhhh SO YUM. all of it. I’m going to have to invest in a latte frother. your coffee looks incredible!

  10. It all looks so nice and tasty! Especially that peanut butter breakfast bake thing, yum, I’m going to try that tomorrow morning right away! :)

  11. On Tuesday morning when you pulled everything out for lunch, I totally thought those were olives, NOT chocolate covered almonds!

  12. Love this post!!!! :) :) :)

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