Three delish ways to top whole milk yogurt.

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Ooo. Look. Toppings!!

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored


Since I’m all about the toppings, today I’m sharing three totally delish ways you should be topping your yogurt. AND I’m using Annie’s NEW Organic Whole Milk Yogurt to make these creations all the more fabulous.  Annie’s has come out with three yogurt flavors (Summer Strawberry, Berry Patch and Very Vanilla) and all are made with real, simple ingredients and are free of any artificial flavors or colors.  

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

While Annie’s yogurts are geared towards kids, I have to tell you guys something…I’m in love with their vanilla flavor.  It’s like a cake-y vanilla.  Does that make sense? Try it and then it’ll make sense.

Soooo whether the yogurt is meant for kiddos, adult, or young adults who are still trying to grasp what adult-ing means {insert emoji girl with hand raised}, I’m a big fan of it.

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

Now this yogurt is completely creamy and perfect by itself, so you don’t necessarily NEED toppings.  But my reasoning is that pancakes are completely delicious by themselves, but toppings elevate them to another level of delicious.  So here we are.  Adding toppings.

First up is a handful of fresh blueberries + lemon zest.  I thought this went best with the Very Vanilla yogurt.  It’s so FRESH and pretty much tastes like sunshine…thank you, Lemon Zest.

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

OH.  And another fun thing to make you feel 12 years old again is that the lid of the yogurt can be folded into the cutest little spoon.  Do it.

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

Topping option numero 2 is Annie’s bunny grahams + peanut butter on top of the Very Vanilla yogurt.  

I’m such a vanilla person.  Andrew’s a chocolate person.  And we’ve had discussions on whether our children will be vanilla or chocolate people.  I’ll keep you posted in the years to come.

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

So much yum.

Up next is baklava topped yogurt! So I know it’s not real baklava, because I had an Albanian roommate in college and therefore know what real baklava tastes like, but this combo is very nearly almost as fun AND it’s easy.  I just topped Annie’s Very Vanilla yogurt with chopped dates, walnuts and pistachios.  Then I added a squeeze of fresh orange juice, a drizzle honey and a sprinkle of sea salt.  BOOM.  Wannabe baklava is RTG. 

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored

So there ya go.  Three snack ideas to fill your sweet snack times with.  

Do you have a favorite way to top yogurt? Leave a comment with your yogurt topping wisdom so I can be like you.

Annie's whole milk yogurt | #sponsored


  1. Those toppings are amazing!  I’d for sure go for the baklava one!

  2. The baklava one sounds so fancy and delicious! I like making classic “PB&J” yogurt with peanut/almond/cashew butter and chopped grapes or berries. Also tasty: pumpkin with cinnamon, chopped nuts, and sweet cinnamon cereal or graham crackers!

  3. These look so tasty! But I prefer to only pair fruit with non-dairy yogurt. Did you know that pairing dairy with our fruit and veg blocks a lot of their antioxidant absorption? Still delicious, but the benefits are less.

    • Hi Monet! Thanks for the comment (and I like your name!!)!

      I hear a lot from my clients about combining particular foods. I think everyone has a right to research what is the most healthful behavior for them, but I like to remind them that the research literature has also shown that if you are not enjoying food, then you don’t absorb as many nutrients from it ( Stressing about which foods to pair together and which foods to not pair together can add anxiety around eating and chip away at a healthy relationship with food.

      Just a thought! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those toppings are so fancy! I usually just add granola and almond butter to mine! But that baklava one sounds amazing! Well all of them do actually!

  5. Such fun and unique toppings! Thanks for sharing, Kylie. The baklava one is most enticing…. must go and taste test this combo!

  6. Hahaha, I thought it was real baklava for low calories … day dreaming, I know I know… I like your toppings though.. tweeting this, so people can have fun with their yogurt. Thanks

  7. I know I’m a bit late lol but these sound delicious! Also, dark chocolate chips and strawberries are THE BEST (especially if you melt them!!) :)

  8. nice post

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