Feb 24

immaEATthat and That and THAT

blue wall |

it’s a cereal bowl cake!

ever since this bagel place opened near us I’m turning into a bagel person.

99.83% of the time, black bean soup is my favorite soup.

what if date balls and cinnamon rolls had a baby?

this garlic bread looks legit.

having a major craving for…

3 comments on “immaEATthat and That and THAT”

  1. My aunt who isn’t the best cook would bring pig-in-the-blanket to every family gathering! So simple, but pretty dang delicious. Thanks for the idea to do some of my own!
    Also, you wanna be a bagel person. I promise.

  2. I’m gonna second Kate and say that being a bagel person is an excellent type of person to be. I’m dying to make homemade ones sometime!

  3. That cereal bowl cake is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

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