Epic Nut Butter Giveaway (i’m so excited for this!!!!!)

epic nut butter giveaway |

I think this is my favorite giveaway yet.

YOU could win 16 jars of nut butter.  You could be set for life! You could have epic topping material for your oatmeal everyday! You could win friends by showing them your nut butter stash. 

So what would you win.  Let’s talk it out.

First up is 4 jars of Justin’s nut butter: Honey Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter and Maple Almond Butter.

epic nut butter giveaway |

Wanna get a bit more exotic with your nut butters?

Well, perfect.  Because Wild Friends nut butters you’d win include: Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter, Organic Chocolate Sunflower Butter, Classic Creamy Almond Butter and Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips.

epic nut butter giveaway |

NEXT. Barney Butter’s!

We’ve got Smooth Almond Butter and Honey + Flax Almond Butter.

epic nut butter giveaway |

What else?! What else?! 

You’ll also get Earth Balance’s Peanut Butter with Protein AND their Coconut & Peanut Spread.

epic nut butter giveaway |

Lastly, random nut butters that deserve to be included = Whole Food’s Cashew Butter, MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread, Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful AND Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter.  I had to include something Trader Joe’s.

epic nut butter giveaway |

NOW.  All you gotta do to win big is to enter below.  Use the nifty giveaway tool and this all could be YOURS!!!!!!!!!

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Winner: Amanda Z. (winner has been contacted)

Thank you Justin’s, Wild Friends, Barney Butter and Earth Balance for providing me with product for this giveaway.  You da best.


  1. I loved nut butters on my bagels in the morning and even sometimes for an afternoon or late night snack!

  2. I love putting nut butter on my fresh homemade banana bread!

  3. For me it definitely has to be almond butter on toast topped with banana and cinnamon! Which I am now craving but have run out of almond butter!!

  4. An crispy tart apple or on oatmeal so it gets all melty and delicious!

  5. My current favorite thing to do with nut butter is to blend it into a smoothie… 1 large frozen banana, 1-2 cups almond milk, 1 heaping Tbsp. peanut butter, dash of cinnamon, bit of vanilla and blend. So delicious!!

  6. Fave thing to do with nut butter is as a topping for my breakfast bake (it’s like a healthy chocolate cake), along with bananas<3

  7. Right now I love putting nut butter in my oatmeal. Even better when the oatmeal has chocolate chips so you have twice the chocolate!

  8. Oatmeal for sure!

  9. Peanut butter on toast with banana is my favorite! 

  10. You can’t beat nut butter on oatmeal.

  11. I love PB on bread, crackers, carrots….a spoon!

  12. I like to sandwich nut butters between two slices of dark chocolate. Makes for the perfect after dinner sweet. For healthier uses…with apples, in smoothies, and on a tortilla rolled up with banana slices.

  13. Definitely pancakes!!

  14. I put peanut butter on my oatmeal every single morning. A day isn’t complete without it.

  15. Bananas, spoons, and dark dark chocolate!!!!

  16. Besides eating it straight off the spoon (which I do more often than I should admit), I love nut butter on an apple!

  17. I especially love nut butter on just-crisp toast, so it’s extra melty :) But honestly, I eat with with a spoon 85% of the time. I’m a nut butter addict.

  18. I love but butter on dates! Perfect snack!!

  19. Nut butter on oatmeal is the most heavenly combo known to man!

  20. I put nut butter on oatmeal every morning!

  21. Nut butter on EVERYTHING! Fruit, toast, oatmeal, muffins, a spoon, the list goes on….

  22. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is super grainy toast!

  23. This is bomb! My love for nut butters is out of control. But I’m okay with it. Ha!

  24. I have to go with oatmeal! But I also love it on toast with banana or dip veggie sticks in it as well. Thanks for the great giveaway! I agree it is very exciting!

  25. I like to put it in oatmeal!

  26. I love nut butters on oatmeal, or to top an apple or banana.  The most common thing they top around these parts is a spoon en route to my mouth…

  27. Wow..this is an epic giveaway, indeed!! I’ve really been loving nut butters in my smoothies! Really helps thicken them up ;

  28. Yes!!! I would put it on EVERYTHING!! :)

  29. What a dream!
    How does one even begin to choose?! A spoon. Just give it to me straight.

  30. aaahhh to this giveaway! I love putting nut butter on my overnight oats! 

  31. I mix it with yogurt, I put it on protein pancakes, I bake with it…the possibilities are endless!!!

  32. Toast and apples! Yum!

  33. A spoon…then in my mouth! No need to get fancy :)

  34. oatmeal… every time. 

  35. Oats, almond crackers, with dark chocolate chips….ANYWHERE!

  36. On apples or in smoothies! :) 

  37. Love putting it on a slice of toast!

  38. Nut butter on toast is the best ever!

  39. I actually just tried almond butter for the first time yesterday- I made “faux oatmeal” with a banana, eggs, and flaxseed and topped it with almond butter, shredded coconut and blueberries! It was delicious!  

  40. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is homemade whole wheat bread.

  41. I love putting nut butter on English muffins!!

  42. This is an incredibly generous and epic giveaway- is it weird that if I win I would totally create a bling taste test to find out my true favorite nut butter!?

  43. My finger!!!! followed closely by crispy cold apples

  44. I love to put Nut Butter on toast or crackers!

  45. I lovenut butter in my oatmeal…the best!!!

  46. Yum!!! Favorites – bananas, oatmeal, dark chocolate and dates!

  47. Let’s be honest, I love nut butter with everything. 

  48. Oats – either oat pancakes, overnight oats, or just plain oatmea!

  49. bananas & straight from the jar!

  50. Definitely bananas, yum.

  51. I love nut butter on toast with sliced banana!

  52. Oatmeal. Every morning! Right now I have a few jars I switch between every morning. Awesome giveaway!!

  53. I have it in my oatmeal and on some sort of snack bar/muffin/ball every day! also, i’ve NEVER been this excited for a giveaway.. nut butter is the best!!

  54. A little boring, but you can’t beat nut butters on oatmeal! 

  55. Nut butter on toast, oats, fruit, and in hot chocolate!

  56. mixed with greek yogurt ! 

  57. I would love beyond words to win this!!

    I love peanut butter best on sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Basically melty peanut butter on something warm. :) Thank you so, so much for the giveaway!

  58. This is the greatest giveaway of all time! I love nut butters by the spoonful, on cookies, muffins, banana bread, pancakes…

  59. My favorite thing by far to put nut butter on is oatmeal! also a spoon…

  60. Apples!!!

  61. I LOVE putting nut butter on sweet potatoes, bananas, plantain chips, parsnip fries – basically anything starchy! :)

  62. I loooooove nut butters!  I love putting it on my oatmeal, toast, apple, just a spoonful, basically almost anything!

  63. Love using nut butter for banana, nut butter and cinnamon sandwiches and on top of pancakes!

  64. One word – yummmmm!

  65. I like putting nut butter on a spoon ;) and in chia pudding!

  66. Can’t remember a day in the last five years that I didn’t eat nut butter at least twice! Would absolutely put these to use! Yum. 

  67. I could live on a diet of nut butters alone. They are all so good ;)
    Loved it most on toast with sliced banana!

  68. On oatmeal 100%!!

  69. My favorite thing to put nut butter in/on is oatmeal. I pretty much add it to anything I can, though! I usually eat it 2x/day and my husband makes fun of me for my obsession!

  70. Overnight oats – no question!

  71. Honestly nut butters are a crucial part of my everyday life. I feel incomplete with out them atop my toast, oatmeal, pancakes, greek yogurt, cookies, and bananas. Recently, I have found new obsession for adding a drizzle or spoonful to a nice cold scoop of ice cream. Amaze-balls.

  72. ON A SPOON! :) this is THE most amazing giveaway. please please please i need to win!

  73. My tongue. Haha! (But I also love the stuff on waffles, apple slices or pretzels!)

  74. All the nut butters!!! With pancakes, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, or straight-up out of the jar, when/where is it wrong to have nut butter?!!? 

  75. Love nut butters on my home baked peasant bread, especially warm out of the oven! YUM!

  76. Ooh my gosh this is possibly the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER. I love to put nutbutter on literally anything but favorites are bananas, oatmeal and sweet potatoes! And scoops with chocolate chips :)

  77. Nut butter + Oatmeal = <3

  78. I love putting almond butter on toasted English muffins!

  79. honestly just a giant, plain banana. there’s no better combo!!!

  80. I’ve been loving putting nut butter in my oatmeal along with some banana. Perfect filling breakfast!

  81. Wow! This is so exciting. I love nut butter on my oatmeal or on a crunchy apple.

  82. Definitely any kind of nut butter on a banana! Or a spoon works too :) 

  83. I like peanut butter on toast.

  84. I LOVE nut butter on top of my oatmeal. The kick of richness and protein hits the spot.

  85. This has got to be one of the greatest giveaways I’ve ever seen! I’m addicted to PB so 16 free jars would make my week haha.

  86. This IS epic!
    I’ve been loving it butter on toasted English muffins lately – or just off the spoon!

  87. Oh my gosh. I neeeeeed these in my life!! What does peanut butter/almond butter NOT taste good on? I’m a huge fan of it on my baked oatmeal, overnight oats, pancakes, bananas, graham crackers, you name it!

  88. I literally put nut butter on everything – bananas, oatmeals, sweet potatoes, muffins.  So perfect.

  89. I LOVE putting peanut butter in greek yogurt with granola, on pancakes, and especially on quick bread.

  90. The very best thing to put nut butter on is, without a doubt, a spoon, but otherwise, either an apple or warm cinnamon raisin toast are always good bets!

  91. Marry me.

    Nut butters go on fingers and spoons and english muffins and tortillas. Any carb. Any fruit or veg. Basically all the things.

  92. I put peanut butter on pretty much everything that makes it onto my plate……but I really love pb on apples, carrots, bananas, and celery. It goes on top of my oatmeal, into my green smoothies, and onto rice cakes/toast as a nighttime snack. I mean seriously, I’m going through a jar a week over here :)

  93. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is cereal, Bran Flakes specifically. But really, I put it on everything.

  94. Nut butter on my overnight or baked oatmeal is my fave!

  95. It is THE BEST on sweet potatoes!!

  96. My favorite snack is an apple with peanut butter.  Little sweet and a little salty.  Perfect combo.

  97. I’m partial to pairing my nut butters with dark chocolate. My favorite sandwich using it would have to be the Elvis…Grilled Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon!

  98. A toasted english muffin with honey drizzled on top with a bit of salt!

  99. Overnight oats with low sugar jam. Or cottage cheese. Or bananas. Basically on everything.

  100. My fav is nut butters on a spoon…the best combo. Let’s be honest

  101. Nut butters have a magical power… they make everything and anything better! My heart skipped a beat as I was looking at this post.

  102. This is the most amazing giveaway ever. #allthenutbutters I think the better question would be what don’t I put nut butter on…. rice cakes, bananas, apples, cereal, oatmeal, toast, a spoon, my fingers….

  103. I eat nut butter straight up every day out of the jar!

  104. Ohhh! I put nut butter on everything, but my favourite thing must definitely be spreading it on warm toasted banana bread and a date or in creamy oatmeal.

  105. On celery with craisins!

  106. My fave thing to put nut butter on is my spoon of course! 

  107. Best giveaway ever :-) I spread it over sprouted ezekiel bread. YUM

  108. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is oatmeal!

  109. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a toasted whole wheat English muffin! They are the ultimate breakfast bread, and the nut butter melts into the toasted nooks and crannies of the muffin. :) Yum!

  110. AMAZING giveaway!  I put nut butter on everything but I also love it straight out of the jar!  :)

  111. Carrots… and a spoon!

  112. I love nut butter on toast and i also love to dip my celery or apple slices in it!

  113. This is possibly one of the greatest giveaways ever. One of the bazillion things I like to put nut butters on (in?) are smoothies – a nice little boost of protein and yumminess in a green smoothie is delish.

  114. My favorite things to put nut butter on are sweet potatoes and oatmeal! I love when it gets warm and melty mmmmmmm

  115. I love putting nut butter on anything and everything! I’m always a fan of dipping fruit in nut butter, but I also really like being adventurous and using nut butter to create different kinds of sauces.

  116. on apples and toast

  117. I would put the nut butter on toast and on vegetables. Love it.

  118. OMG ! nut butter on all things, but specifically in smoothies, bananas and toast! 

  119. My favorite thing to put nut butter on are bananas!!

  120. I love my almond butter on homemade English muffins!

  121. bananas or bread or anything/everything :)

  122. Oats Oats Oats

  123. I love nut butter on EVERYTHING! If I had to pick a favorite… it would be a spoon…

  124. I like nut butters best on apples or my spoon! 

  125. I love using nut butter on toast with bananas and honey, or in a frozen banana and cocoa powder “ice cream”!

  126. I LOVE to put nut butter in smoothies and on protein pancakes :)

  127. Nut butter + toast + banana every morning 
    Nut butter + chocolate chips + spoon every night 

  128. I’ll pretty much put nut butter on anything AND everything… but it’s hard to beat on apples and bananas. Or a spoon :)

  129. Oatmeal, apples, toast, bananas, sweet potatoes, spoons and fingers! 

  130. I love comments of “a spoon” or “my finger.” Haha! :D I LOVE putting my homemade almond butter or Wild Friends Sunflower Seed Butter on popcorn-flavored rice cakes. So good!

  131. Whole Wheat Toast :)

  132. I like to use it on toast in the morning. 

  133. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a spoon. And then put the spoon into my mouth. ;) 

    In reality, I do love nut butter on pretty much everything but my most common choices would be oatmeal or a piece of toast!

    Thanks for this phenomenal giveaway!

  134. Peanut butter stuffed dates is my new fav, however peanut butter is a staple in my diet. What can’t you put peanut butter on? 

  135. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is oatmeal and cookies, cakes, bananas, graham crackers, yogurt, and just about anything else;) I have a strong love for any nut butters!

  136. Um, does a spoon count? Seriously, I just eat nut butter straight, off the spoon, topped with a handful of (dark, always) chocolate chips!

  137. literally anything….bananas, apples, celery, bread, oatmeal, chocolate, yogurt, spoons

  138. Gah!!! Nut butter is my most favorite thing ever!!

  139. Protein waffles/pancakes; toast with some honey; everything? eat it out of the jar?

  140. Ahhhhhh. I can almost TASTE the nut butter!

  141. I put nut butter on everything. Melted in cottage cheese or on top of ice cream is my favorite!

  142. Nut Butter on toast, in oats, and on banana is the best!

  143. A spoon. Seriously, that’s all I need in order to enjoy my nut butters.
    But medjool dates certainly don’t hurt. : )

  144. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a spoon LOL!!! :)

  145. TOAST. Toast toast toast with allll the nut butters! Sourdough toast, cracked wheat toast, multi-grain super hearty toast. Toast.

  146. a spoon!!!!!

  147. I love to put nut butter on almost everything – especially oatmeal!

  148. a spoon!!

  149. A spoon!!!

  150. I love nut butters on… A spoon! It’s also great in hot chocolate (oh, I went there) and warm cinnamon raisin bread.

  151. What don’t I like to put nut butter on?! I love it on everything but I guess my favorite (at the moment) is oatmeal with banana slices and a few chocolate chips. Awesome giveaway!

  152. I love nut butters on … a spoon! It’s also great in hot chocolate (oh, I want there!) and warm cinnamon toast.

  153. I put nut butter on EVERYTHING! But I especially love it on apples and oatmeal :)

  154. Definetely porridge, it melts in and goes all gooey!

  155. I put nut butter on literally everything, but if we’re being real, my favorite way to eat it is just on a spoon.

  156. This looks amazing!!

  157. I love putting nut butter on oats!

  158. English muffins or waffles, with banana and cinnamon!

  159. ice cream!

  160. on toast 

  161. Apple + Nut butter = ABSOLUTE BLISS!

  162. I put it on everything/eat it by the spoon, but my favorites are fruit or french toast if I’m feeling indulgent

  163. Oh I love nut butters on anything. But if I had to choose, I would say banana+nut butter (any kind to be honest) + yogurt. Yum. 

  164. Straight out of the jar….or on warm zucchini bread or pancakes so it gets all melty…yum!

  165. Kind boring, but my favorite thing to put nut butter on is hot toast. You get that perfect warm, melty layer…

    Also? Best. Contest. Ever. I’m salivating like Pavlov’s puppy.

  166. Awesome giveaway!
    I’m pretty simple, so I love nutbutter + spoon + mouth. ;)
    Second favorite way is definitely on some oatmeal, though. So melty and delicious!

  167. My favorite thing to put nut butter is definitely pancakes. Or waffles. Or bananas. I can’t choose..

  168. In my oatmeal!!

  169. My favorite thing to do with nut butter is to use it in the mug cake from your Instagram! Absolute FAVORITE dessert! I also cannot eat pancakes without nut butter on top! Pancakes + nut butter = my two favorite foods <3

  170. I am a little obsessed with nut butters. My guilty pleasure is grabbing a spoonful for a snack, but I love nut butter on a piece of toast!

  171. Oh man.  Drool!  Lately I’ve been making fancy peanut butter sandwiches, and I had some maple peanut butter that was great on banana pancakes.  I’m currently loving Trader Joe’s sunflower butter on a carrot apple bread I made.

  172. justin’s  is my favorite!!!

  173. I drizzle it on top of overnight oats

  174. I love to put nut butter in my oatmeal and green smoothies!

  175. I put nut butter on….EVERYTHING! Well maybe not everything. Although I’d like to. But for real, it’s good on any sort of fruit, oatmeal, chocolate, toast, pancakes…yum. Hungry now.

  176. What a great selection! My favourite thing to top with nut butter is oatmeal for sure!

  177. Always and forever my favorite thing to put nut butter on will be a spoon with chocolate chips sprinkled on it!

  178. I love putting it on my oatmeal or in smoothies!! This is such an awesome giveaway!

  179. I feel like I put it on everything. Peanut butter and banana/apple are a daily staple. Love almond butter and carrots/celery. Brownie crisps and any nut butter. Some on a spoon that I dip into a bowl of cereal. All the nut butter!!

  180. Toast! I adore nut butter!!

  181. On a spoon is usually one of my first choices, but I love pairing any nut butter with a banana!

  182. I love nut butter with strawberries and carrots!


    Peanut butter is easily my #1 favorite food in the entire world. I would say best served on a spoon ;), but I’m also a fan of PB-topped pancakes and also PB&J burgers. Trust me – so good!

  184. I love love putting peanut butter on extra crispy, warm toast! or a spoonful is always good :) 

  185. Bananas!! It’s a classic.

  186. Do I have to pick just one?! Oatmeal, smoothie bowls and just as a dip for dark chocolate rank high on the list.

  187. Favorite thing to top with nut butter?! Please don’t make me pick just one!  I mean everything is better with nut butter, but especially oats, yogurt, toast, banana, & pancakes!

  188. DROOOOOOOOLING!!!! My favorite thing to slather nut butter on is a hot roasted sweet potato! Thanks for this amazing giveaway : )

  189. oh my this looks like nut butter heaven! I put it on just about everything, but right now my favorite snack is some fruit topped with yogurt and melted nut butter. It kind of solidifies again and goes all gooey and amazing.

  190. I love nut butters on oatmeal or toast in the morning! I also love putting them on fruit like bananas and apples!

  191. my favorite thing to put nut butters on are plantain chips! 

  192. I love a classic nut butter toast, it just doesn’t get better than that melty perfection!

  193. I loooooove peanut butter with banana! its my all time favourite food combo ever!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  194. Graham crackers!!

  195. My favorite food to top with any type of nut butter is crackers.  Love the after crunch.

  196. Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread! 

  197. Best giveaway ever! I love nut butter on bananas, apples, oatmeal, pretty much errrrything!

  198. I love nut butter on pancakes and in overnight oats.

  199. Fruit! Mostly apples & bananas!

  200. This is such a hard question to answer. Does a spoon count? My favorite thing to put it on is a spoon. Seconded by a toasted, buttered English muffin. 

  201. Oatmeal for sure…but also just eat it straight from the jar most of the time…

  202. I love having nut butter on a banana or in date bars.

  203. I have never seen so many variation of nut butters! Drooling…. :D

  204. Bread and nut butter is my fav combo! But having nut butter with bananas and apples is fab too! x

  205. My favorite is apples with peanut butter!!

  206. my finger?

  207. I hope you know that “for life” is roughly about a week for how long all these nut butters will last :P I’m currently on a banana and nut butter fix, but nothing is really off limits!

  208. My favorite way to eat nut butter is on oatmeal and breakfast bakes! Or on dates for a quick snack :)

  209. I love putting nu butters on my homemade crackers – made with all kinds of seeds and grains, honey, too, perfect for those delish nut butters!

  210. I love putting it on fruit mostly :)

  211. I don’t think there is a wrong answer to that question, really, but if I HAVE to choose, I’d say oatmeal! (But also, pancakes, waffles, toast, yogurt, smoothies, fruit, and I could probably keep going)

  212. Oatmeal! Or just out of the jar with a spoon ?

  213. I love your recipes. My all time favorite is the stirfry with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and goat cheese. And my favorite thing to put nut butter on is bananas or graham crackers.

  214. I love nut butter on/in EVERYTHING!! I like it im my smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal and it is even in my pancake recipe. I love it on bananas, toast, and bagels. Nut butter is the best!

  215. I mix peanut butter with Sriacha and a bit of red curry paste. I mix that all up, spread it on toast, and then top it with drippy eggs. 

  216. So, is it weird to say that my heart felt kind of full of excitement at the thought that all the nut butters could be mine??? I feel like the questions should maybe  be “what don’t you like to put nut butter on”? This give away has a couple of my fans but so many that I have been wanting to try! Nut butter on yogurt, pancakes, oatmeal, all bread, carrots, apples, bananas, ice cream, graham crackers…lets leave the savory applications unmentioned except to say, spicy peanut sauce! Okay…thats enough… ;) 

  217. Oatmeal, smoothies and apples!

  218. I love putting nut butter on my oatmeal with yogurt and banana in the morning! It is SO satisfying and such a great way to start my day. I also love eating it by the spoonful…

  219. I love nut butter in my morning oatmeal!

  220. Best competition ever- just sayin!

    We just cannot get the varied type of nut butters here that you guys have in the U.S. so this would be a dream come true (that sounds sad but seriously I have had dreams about nut butters before)

    I pretty much put nut butters on anything and everything. My go to option (which happens daily in urgent moments of hunger) is to put some on my finger and eat it- this saves a spoon when I also can’t be bothered to clean up- WIN WIN!

  221. I love nut butters on apples!

  222. A spoon!!

  223. How amazing is this?! My favorite thing to put nut butter on is totally all of the breads and oatmeal! My 80 year old Nana loves it as well :)

  224. Literally everything, but probably toast or a rice cake or oatmeal or fruit!


  226. I love nut butter on everything but my favorite would be oatmeal because it melts.

  227. I love nut butters on crackers and soft breads!

  228. Toast or waffles!

  229. Pretzels – definitely my favorite!

  230. Wow, this must be the best give away indeed! I put nut butter on pretty much everything, but my favourite might be a super fresh piece of sourdough with peanut butter and honey… Or in my chocolate oats.. or on apple with cinnamon, or turned into satay sauce on green beans.. Or…

  231. I love putting nut butters on pancakes and toast with bananas! I also love eating it with my oatmeal!

  232. I LOVE nut butter mixed in with Greek yogurt!

  233. EVERYTHING…but really :) (if I HAD to pick just one..or two, topping oatmeal and w/apples)

  234. I love putting huge tablespoons of nut butter in my oatmeal!

  235. Wait…you’re supposed to put nut butters on something beside a spoon?!?!  Mind = BLOWN.  :-)  Just Kidding.  I usually mix it in with my oatmeal or put it on graham crackers.  

  236. My favorite thing to put peanut butter on is a spoon, directly into my mouth.

  237. Oatmeal or toast <3 <3 <3

  238. I have an apple and nut butter everyday! it’s the best snack!

  239. A spoon! I’ve been doing it since i was a kid – we called them “peanut butter lollipops”

  240. oh, boy. i need this. nut butter for everyone!!

  241. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is whole grain English muffins :)

  242. Apples and graham crackers. I’ve never seen some of these flavors. Inspires me to expand my nut butter vessels. 

  243. Straight off a spoon, no other food needed in my book!

  244. I love putting almond butter on apples and green grapes!

  245. Pb and apples for the win!

  246. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a spoon :D and apples!

  247. Nut butters go on everything but my favorites are bananas, apples and toast!

  248. I’m addicted to nut butter on a rice cake with bananas!

  249. Nut butters are best served on a spoon! ❤️

  250. The biggest spoon I can find in my house….

  251. Sweet potatoes and oatmeal! All the nut butter all day long.

  252. Pb is my favorite on….my finger. ?Wow, this would be AWESOME to win! My cabinet is in need of restocking.

  253. My favorite thing to top with nut butter….. Hm well, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, go macro bars, square bars, perfect bars, bananas, apples, celery, carrots, yogurt bowls, pancakes, muffins, cookies, ice cream, bagels, smoothies, toast, waffles, this is getting excessive because I LITERALLY CANT CHOOSE! It’s the worlds best food & this is the greatest giveaway I’ve ever seen :)

  254. I put peanut butter on my oatmeal every morning! I think nut butter goes well with everything :)

  255. I literally go through a jar of peanut butter a week because I put it on everything (i.e. oatmeal, dates, carrots, bananas, muffins, plain ol’ bread, literally everything)

  256. Toast, oatmeal, noodles!

  257. I love to use but butter to make grain free pancakes and spread it on top!


  259. This is the greatest giveaway ever. Omg!! I love nut butter on toast with any and all kinds of fruit on top.

  260. Justin’s vanilla on toast – with coffee for breakfast!

  261. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is apples or my morning toast!

  262. YUM! Definitely oatmeal, or fruit, or anything but especially by the spoonful

  263. I cannot go a day without nut butter – on my oatmeal, rice cakes, dates, anything!! I LOVE Justin’s honey almond butter, but I am so excited to try all of these new and exotic nut butters!

  264. Nut butter ❤️

  265. Such an awesome giveaway! I love topping my oatmeal with different nut butters, so delicious.

  266. What to I love to put nut butter on…hmm, a SPOON, bananas, and Oreos (or any other cookie for that matter).

  267. I love to put nut butters on Manna bread. It is so good!

  268. Omg there’s a nut butter to go with everything here!! Yummm

  269. I love peanut butter on chocolate chip waffles!!

  270. Oh girl, these would be perfect in my overnight oats

  271. My favorite thing to put nut butter on, other than every.single.thing would probably be my overnight oats… But, really, a meal isn’t complete for me unless I have some nut butter!!!

  272. I put nut butter on everything!!!! This is like heaven for me. I’m Drooling!

  273. I love my nut butter in oatmeal or on Ezekiel bread! But you can never go wrong with straight off the spoon either!

  274. Omg! This is epic.

    Never had barney butter. Didn’t know that earth balance now made protein peanut butter. OMG! !! What the haul this would be. Feed my peanut butter addiction further lol!!!

  275. I’m a purist- right off the spoon!

  276. Picking a favorite kind of nut butter is like picking a favorite kind of chocolate… Pretty much impossible. But I definitely am a sucker for a classic crunchy PB.

  277. Love Granny Smith apples and Jazz apples with Justin’s almond butter… ?

  278. I love pouring it on bananas or on overnight oats!

  279. I add nut butter to plain greek yogurt + bananas for an amazing breakfast everyday!

  280. Nut butter is definitely my favorite food in the world actually. I love it on fruit (bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries) & CARROTS. PB and carrots is life. Buuuut melty peanut butter in oatmeal tops the cake. Oh and PB on waffles and pancakes. Really, you can’t go wrong with good ol peanut butter in any form! 

  281. This looks amazing! I have been wanting to try almond butter for awhile now. I bet it would make a great substitute for peanut butter in recipes, too.

  282. Looooove putting nut butters on bananas and apples, or spreading it onto a variety of breads :) 

  283. I love putting nut butters on oatmeal, but I also have gotten into putting them on dark chocolate granola bars. Perfection.

  284. Bananas or toast!

  285. Oh my goodness nut butter>>>>>>life
    nothing is better with peanut butter than banana and celery!

  286. Fave thing to put nut butters on? My spoon!!!

  287. My favorite nut butter is the peanut butter co. White chocolate wonderful!

  288. Peanut butter, banana and cinnamon on sprouted toast is my favorite! Especially wild friends pb !

  289. Love nut butters on my bagels and on my smoothies!

  290. Yaaaaas. Put it in everything! Especially apples ?

  291. My favorite thing to put nut butter on? My tongue.

  292. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a SPOON headed straight to my mouth!! Haha, but also on top of warm oatmeal :)

  293. Nothing beats nut butters straight off the spoon. Personal favorite is maranatha roasted almond butter ❤

  294. My favorite thing to put peanut butter on is pancakes. I als love it in smoothies for a protein boost.

  295. Straight out of the jar with a big ‘ole spoon!!!

  296. Straight off the spoon! Personal favorite is maranatha roasted almond!

  297. I love putting it on pancakes!

  298. My FAVORITE thing to put almond butter on is toast with sliced bananas, agave, coconut flakes and cinnamon. However a close second is in my cereal with granola, almond milk, chocolate chips and spoonfuls of almond butter! A delicious treat

  299. I eat PB EVERY. DAY. & i mean day … I put it in my oatmeal, toast, celery, dip dark chocolate in it or cacao nibs, and i still eat the occasional PB&J. Mostly I just use a spoon and eat it out the jar for dessert or when I’m studying.

  300. I love nut butters on everything! Oatmeal? Yes!
    Pancakes? Yes!
    Waffles? Yes!
    Toast? Yes!
    Homemade breads (specifically banana bread)? Yeeees!
    On a spoon by itself? Heck yes!

  301. Pancakes with apples and syrup!!!

  302. Fav thing to put nut butter on is whole wheat bread roll!!

  303. Nut butter in my Greek yogurt bowls are delicious! Plain non-fat yogurt with berries/apple/pear topped with a good spoonful of nut butter and some granola!

  304. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is overnight oats!! And basically everything else possible :)

  305. Not sure even where I would ever begin – but I would be in nut butter heaven!!

  306. Toast! Nothing beats toast. Apples, cinnamon, coconut and nut butter toast is so easy and delish.

  307. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen :) :) I would love to put all these nut butters on toast with sliced bananas.

  308. Oatmeal, bananas, and apples!

  309. Apples are probably my favorite, though you can’t go wrong ;)

  310. Oreos dipped in peanut butter are pretty hard to top, but lately I’ve been loving it on rice cakes with berries!

  311. I love putting peanut butter on… A spoon of course! Right from the jar has to be my favorite along with oatmeal!!!!

  312. Literally can put this on everything

  313. It’s such a must on French toast, or on a toasted bagel with sliced banana is the dreamiest. But on weekdays, I can’t eat oatmeal without it. :)

  314. I love nut butter SO much!

  315. I love but butters on waffles!

  316. This is incredible!

  317. I love nut butter on everything! Celery, apple, rice cakes, oatmeal, etc…

  318. I dip my dark chocolate in allllll the nut butters

  319. YESSS. All the nut butter!

  320. My two daughters and I put nut butters on pretzels every afternoon for a snack!! They are as obsessed with almond butter even more than I am!

  321. Definitely bananas! (:

  322. I love stirring nut butters in my oatmeal

  323. Favorite thing to put nut butter on is my spoon!! :)

  324. I love to put nut butters on toast, apples, and rice cakes!

  325. I love nut butters in smoothies or on top of a bowl of oatmeal! Perfect post-workout fuel.

  326. An apple or banana is not complete without some kind of nut butter! Also love making an easy Thai peanut sauce out of crunchy PB

  327. AAAHHHHHH!!!! YAY! WOOHOOO! OOOHHHHH YEEAAAHHHHH, BAAABEE! I mean, right ON, Kylie. Who does not like a good (whatever you like)NUT BUTTER??!!! I’m telling you I’m going bananas for this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT! WANT! WAAAANNNTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. I put peanut butter on everything! Bread, bananas, apples, my fingers!!!!!!!

  329. I love them all! I love eating them on a SPOON! Straight from the jar!

  330. What’s my favorite thing to put nut butter on? Uh, my tongue! I don’t want some other lowly, less-than-worthy food distracting my palate from the awesomeness of nut butter. I don’t know about set for life, though…16 jars might last me a month. I’ll take it though! I love the variety and this would give me the chance to cycle through them and have plenty of options. I love these nut butters and I love you for doing this giveaway. Even if I don’t win, thank you for doing this so that someone can enjoy all of this greatness.

  331. I love pairing any nut butter and banana! On toast, in oatmeal, on pancakes and French toast… mmm :)

  332. I love to put nut butter on toast in the morning, in my smoothie, or in a tortilla with preserves for a good sandwich!

  333. You’re speaking my love language!

  334. Apples, celery, in a tart, or Thai chicken satay! The possibilities are endless.

  335. On my oatmeal of course! Yummmmmm!

  336. Apples, celery, in a tart, or Thai chicken satay! The possibilities are endless!!!

  337. Putting nut butter on my waffles and pancakes in the morning is the perfect start to any Monday!

  338. Bananas and overnight oats!!

  339. I eat it as a spoonful here, a spoonful there!  Love any kind of nut butter!!  yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  340. Oatmeal or apples :) 

  341. Omgeee
    I like to try nut butter on everything.
    But I think the best way is the classic oatmeal topping. So gooey and decadent on top of a bed of hot oats!

  342. I love to put almond butter and berries on my morning oatmeal with walnuts and a splash of vanilla and cinnamon :)

  343. nut butter on frozen banana slices is the best!!

  344. I have been dying the try wild friends brand!!

  345. I like almond butter on 70% dark chocolate squares, cashew butter on toast or waffles with pumpkin butter, peanut butter on bananas…and always in a smoothie!

  346. fave thing to put nut butter on is anything that will stand still… but most of all SWEET POTATOES!!

  347. My favorite thing to put nut butter is toast with banana!! Never gets old hehe

  348. I love nut butter oatmeal bars! Add some coconut and chopped nuts, replace the shortening with nut butter and a touch of coconut oil, noms.

  349. Holy cow.. I want to win all that! Yaaas so guud.

  350. I love putting PB on everything! But especially frozen bananas and overnight oats. Please please please let me win! ????

  351. On my oats!!

  352. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is a spoon :)

  353. I love topping off my oatmeal with peanut butter! And of course, eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon is also my favorite.

  354. This is literally my heaven on earth. I dream about all kinds of nut butters and currently have more than 8 DIFFERENT opened jars (including my new favorite- Wild Friends honey peanut butter w pretzel bits YUM!!) winning this giveaway would be the BEST GIFT EVER!

  355. Gluten free toast! Yum! And thanks for the giveaway.

  356. This is literally my heaven on earth. I dream about all kinds of nut butters and currently have more than 8 DIFFERENT opened jars (including my new favorite- Wild Friends honey peanut butter w pretzel bits YUM!!) winning this giveaway would be the BEST GIFT EVER! I eat nut butter at least 4 times a day on everything from toast to apples to cookies to just a spoon!

  357. Bananas & oatmeal!

  358. I love putting nut butters on a spoon and shoveling it in my mouth as I tell myself calories don’t count if you consume them while standing up…then I smear it on apples, pretzel chips, and basically anything that isn’t nailed down and is safe for consumption.

  359. I love nut butters on toast and oatmeal ?

  360. My first response would be spoon. I LOVE nut butters on a spoon. My mom used to ask my toddler self if I wanted peanut butter and I’d reply “No! I want peanut on a spoon!” :) I haven’t changed a bit! But they’re also my go to on bananas and pancakes/waffles! I’ll eat them on anything!

  361. Favorite thing…your single-serving cinnamon roll, of course! :)

  362. Love nut butters with apples or on waffles!! ?

  363. You’ve outdone yourself again, Mrs Kylie!
    And I can’t think of anything that i WOULDNT put nut butter on!! But my fav ever is nut butter on a graham cracker ? Makes me pucker in anticipation!!

  364. Nut butter and bananas! Also melted nut butter drizzled on popcorn is a delight.

  365. I PUT THAT ISH ON EVERYTHING! But seriously, I stuff nut butters into dates!!! MMMMMMM.

  366. i love it with my kodiak cake waffles AND with rice cakes… you can make like 2342352343 different flavor combinations with those!!!

  367. Finally a chance to show that nut butter is my life… there is no sun without almond butter, there is no happiness without tahini and there is no love without peanut butter.
    Don’t even get me started on homemade nut butters! Vegan raw nutella, roasted cashew and walnut! It goes well with anything; awesome icing, cookies, cakes, on porridge, toast, make fudge… the opportunities are endless.
    Let us all give our condolences to those poor, unfortunate souls who have nut allergies.

  368. I love to eat nut butters on lightly salted rice cakes when I am avoiding cookies lol!

  369. I love-love-love this giveaway! And I’m a huge fan of nut butter. Like really a huge. :D I always put it into my oatmeal. It’s like a really must-have! I get extremelly sad if I ran out of butter and tell my boyfriend that there’s no need in eating my breakfast because who eats it without “my penutty precious”? :D

  370. Wild friends is my favorite!! Especially the pumpkin spice with chocolate?

  371. I would love ? to win all of these. This is beyond generous of you to even make the offer. I’m crossing my fingers right now! Thank you, for this opportunity!

  372. I slather nut butter on almost everything I eat ? But my favorite things to put it on are apples, bananas, and oatmeal ❤️

  373. I love putting nut butter in my morning smoothie :)

  374. Oh a spoon all the way!!

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway opportunity ???

  375. I need this in my life!! ?

  376. Oatmeal!! And smoothies.

  377. I love to mix nut butter into my morning oatmeal for an added kick of protein and flavor! I also spread it on banana slices, then dip them in melted dark chocolate and pop them in the freezer for a tasty treat! You can’t go wrong with apples and nut butter, toast with nut butter and honey, or my childhood favorite, nut butter cookies! Thanks for an amazing giveaway! 

  378. Bananas will forever be the perfect vehicle for gobs of nut butter…followed closely by roasted sweet potatoes!

  379. Is it possible to choose 1 favorite thing to put nut butter on?! Bananas + peanut butter is definitely up there, but give me a spoon + jar of nut butter + chocolate chips & I’m in heaven! :)

  380. I love nut butter on toast, apples, bananas and oatmeal.
    My favorite of course, is right off the jar *YUM*

  381. I love almond butter with dates, Ritz crackers, oatmeal….I’ve got a bit of an “obsession” with all things nut butter ?

  382. Oh man, I LOVE nut butters. Especially on toast! That’s my favorite thing!

  383. Nut butter on homemade bread is the best!

  384. Nut butter is good on….everything? At the moment, I’m crushing on sweet potatoes and crunchy PB.

  385. Umm yes, nut butters are THE BEST!! I agree, the best giveaway yet!! I love just eating them by the spoonful! But I also love your cookie dough recipe from your ebook! Can’t stop making that all the time lol

  386. My favorite thing to put nut butter on. . .carrots, maybe. . .Oh wait, recently I’ve discovered how delicious prunes and peanut butter are together! Makes you feel a bit like you’re having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  387. Hoooooooly moly. 
    Bananas or apple slices= (sort of) transportable happiness

  388. Omg this is the best giveaway ever! ? My favorite way to eat nut butter is on toast

  389. I love nut butters on bananas and apples! Yum!

  390. I put it on my oatmeal each morning!

  391. I love nut butter in yogurt bowls and on apple slices!!

  392. Nut butter on bananas is my official answer, but most of the time, just a spoon!

  393. Gah, give away of my dreams!!! I spread it on a pumpkin-oat muffin each morning for breakfast, and have been known to swirl a spoonful in my oatmeal as well. Oh, and a spoonful with choco chips for dessert, obvi.

  394. I love love love nut butters on apples or chia seed pudding!

  395. Is everything an acceptable answer?  LOVE nut butter on fruit, swirled into yogurt, oatmeal, EVERYTHING!

  396. OMIGOSH I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE nut butters!! on oatmeal, on apples, on my finger (did I just write that? haha) But my favorite way to eat nut butters is either on a spoon or on bananas! Especially frozen bananas!! :)

  397. Baked oatmeal with peanut butter is the best thing ever, honestly.

  398. I love eating nut butter by the spoonful!

  399. I looooove nut butter so I don’t think I can choose my favorite way to have it but here are some: in oatmeal, drizzled on fruits, in sandwiches, between bars and of course, straight out of the jar! <3 

  400. Every thing! But if I have to choose I think I will have to go with the classic – a nice slice of bread :)

  401. my latest addiction… I love putting nut butter on top of dates with a sprinkle of salt and chocolate chips. Yup. Amazing!!!! :))))

  402. My current addiction right now is almond butter on top of dates with a little sprinkle of salt and chocolate chips :))

  403. I love putting nut butter on bagels and bananas :)

  404. I love a good ole pb and banana sandwich. I also love nut butter on sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

  405. I eat it just by the spoon-straight out of the jar.  If I want to go crazy-I make cookies!

  406. I love putting nut butter on bananas!

  407. I put nut butter on quick breads, baked oatmeal, and the fruit/yogurt/granola combos I make for breakfast! I also find that it goes great on toast with some fruit. 

  408. Almond butter is amazing for baking treats like healthier muffins and brownies. Ex. Civilized Caveman Banana Muffins/ Bread.
    Also love drizzly nut butters with oatmeal or bananas.
    On a totally unrelated note, Barney Butter is a small fortune where I am from in Canada so I usually ration it and buy it on sale. Needless to say it would be thrilling to win!

  409. My finger… then oatmeal, toast, and any other carb really!

  410. I am gluten free so use nut butters to bake with all the time. I also love just eating it by the spoonful. One of my favorite snacks!

  411. My favorite topping for banana “ice cream” is peanut butter warmed in the microwave ??

  412. My favorite topping for my banana “ice cream” is peanut butter warmed in the microwave ??

  413. Gosh- what do I NOT put nut butter on? As simple as it sounds, I love it on toast with jam or I like eating dried banana strips with nut butter on top.

  414. I absolutely love any type of nut butter (who doesn’t)! I can put it on basically anything, but I love almond butter on my pancakes in the morning or on a piece of fruit such as an apple or banana! I laughed at the part of the blog that stated “you would be set for life” with all of these nut butters, but I know that this stash will go fast! This is the best giveaway ever! The way to my heart is through nut butters for sure!

  415. i use so many things as a vehicle to get more nut butter – rice cakes, oatmeal, toast, bananas, apple slices … it’s the best.

  416. Literally anything and everything; I eat other nuts topped with nut butter.  Fruit is probably my favorite, followed closely by chocolate.  Also, chocolate covered dates (best of both worlds) :P

  417. I love nut butter on my fruit and on yogurt!

  418. I just want nut butter all over my life. I want it on my sandwiches. I want it on my apples. I want it on my future children. I want it sculpted into Elvis, be it Fat Elvis, Skinny Elvis – I don’t care. I want to meet a stranger in a dark alley who will smuggle it into my pockets like we live cheap & fast & loose, except we don’t. Except we never will. Except the world will always fail to understand the addictions forever rooted in our veins & late-night whiskeys & Goober sandwiches.

    One time. Rosie O’Donnell – back when she had a devoted fan base & a talk show that wasn’t “The View” – had her desk carved out of a crap ton of Land O’ Lakes Butter. I want that – except in the form of nut butter. Then I can rub pancakes or french loaf all over my nut butter desk & be satisfied – unlike Alexander Hamilton. 

    I just really like nut butter. Like, I have a problem. But it’s whatever, you know?

  419. Wow, this is epic alright. Anything chocolate is always going to be my favourite.

  420. I love to put nut butter on pancakes and bananas! 

  421. My favorite is spreading on a toasted english muffin.

  422. I love to put nut butter on medjool dates for a quick and delicious afternoon snack! Always satisfying and helps me get through till dinner time :) 

  423. Nut butters forever and always on everything! On bananas and oatmeal and toast, but mostly just with a big spoon :)

  424. I love eating it right out of the jar but apples and bananas are also a favorite!

  425. My ultimate favorite thing to put nut butters on is sweet potatoes.  A drizzle of plain peanut butter or Justin’s vanilla almond butter atop of a roasted sweet potato… it’s a match made in heaven that I can’t get enough of! Any nut butter on oatmeal is also a must!  

  426. I love it on sweet potatoes and apples!

  427. Chocolate, duh. Chocolate and peanut butter are soul mates <3

  428. APPLES!

  429. I love putting nut butter on rice cakes!!!

  430. I love adding huge dollop of nut butter on top of my hot porridge, then stirring it in, until it has melted! Yum!

  431. Favorite thing to put nut butter on would be a spoon of course! But I’ll always be a die hard fan of the classic pb+j :) P.S. This is the best giveaway EVER

  432. So simple but bananas! There is something about salty peanut butter + banana that is the most perfect snack ever.

  433. OHMYGOD IS THIS REAL????!!! I literally use nut butter on everything. I AM DYING OHMYGOD!!!!!!

  434. Love putting nut butter on everything!

  435. Crackers and toast!

  436. I’ve been adding chocolate peanut butter to my cereal lately

  437. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is EVERYTHING. But seriously, I eat oatmeal almost every morning and it’s not complete without nut butter.

  438. On a sandwich!

  439. I put peanut butter on anything and everything but i love it the most mixed into yogurt!

  440. Has to be a spoon!

  441. omg this is EPIC. I’ve never tried whole foods cashew butter. I think I eat 2 giant globs a day.. this will def help my cravings lol

  442. Bananas are my fave thing to put peanut butter on!!!

  443. Anything really! But especially bananas.

  444. This is an AMAZING giveaway!!! I don’t have access to a lot of these nut butters so it would be an amazing one to win. To me there is nothing better than eating nut butter plain on a spoon, but honestly I will eat it pretty much on anything. Definitely my favorite food!!

  445. I love nut butters by themselves… by the spoonful!

  446. Wow this is a dream!! I love PB with banana and chocolate!

  447. This is a dream!! I love PB with banana and dark chocolate!

  448. i love drizzling it on my smoothie bowls(:

  449. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is bananas! Simple but classic combo :)

  450. I love a classic nut butter on toast with a drizzle of honey, but my favourite use has got to be in no-bake granola bars!

  451. I love it on freshly baked banana bread.

  452. I like them on toasted english muffins. Thanks for the chance! :)

  453. OMGosh this is wonderful! With a butter knife, dipped in mini chocolate chips of course!!!!!!!!!

  454. I love to put nut butter on the bottom of my cereal bowl…it’s so good. 

  455. Oh my gosh!!! Yes please!!! Winning this would make this pregnant lady literally jump for joy!! Nut butter is my favorite food!

  456. My current favorite (cause it is always changing!) to add nut butter to is oatmeal!

  457. I love nut butters on anything! Oatmeal, toast, fruit, and even chicken (don’t knock it ’til you try it)

  458. Favorite snack is apples and nut butter!

  459. I love nut butter on so many things, but definitely in smoothies, on gluten free oats,and with jelly on a rice cake. 

  460. On bread with a banana!

  461. I can’t eat cereal without peanut butter! My favorite is Life!

  462. BANANAS 
    and oatmeal mmm

  463. I might die if I win this. SO MUCH NUT BUTTER. This is literally my favorite food. I put it on everything. Bananas, chocolate, apples, celery, pancakes, toast, you name it. I do it. Yum!!!

  464. My favorite is spread across toast with banana slices and cinnamon, or even better on banana bread or french toast <3 but of course, eating it straight out of the jar is fantastic too!!!

  465. Hi I like spreading nut spread on sliced breads and gluten free bread with ground seed on top.

  466. I NEED to win these nut butters I live off them!! And these are all my favorite brands. I eat it on an English muffin with banana… Or straight from the jar

  467. I usually eat it straight from the jar! But I like nut butter on bagels, too. 

  468. I love putting nut butter on toast with sliced banana and cinnamon and a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of toasted coconut or almonds. And I love it straight from the jar of course :)

  469. I love peanut butter with apples as a pick-me-up snack in the afternoon, but my go-to pre-run breakfast is a piece of toast or square of baked oatmeal with peanut or almond butter and some honey or jam on top – perfect ratio of protein and carbs for before a workout!

  470. Love almond /peanut butter.  I love these on toast.

  471. Nut butter goes on pretty much everything.  But lately in a lot of smoothies :)

  472. Aside from most of that already being in my pantry, I just love that stuff! If I could put it on my omlette in the mornings I’m sure I would!

  473. I put nut butters on whole wheat toast with a drizzle of honey for breakfast.

  474. I love to put nut butter in my oatmeal or chia pudding with lots of fruit!

  475. I love to put nut butter on literally EVERYTHING!

  476. I love putting nut butter on my oatmeal! And I still enjoy the occasional nut butter and jelly sandwich!

  477. My oatmeal, every.single.morning. 

  478. I enjoy putting nut butter on greek yogurt! So creamy. 

  479. Honestly I love eating nut butter on a spoon ;). But I also love it on sweet potatoes, carrot sticks, and apple slices

  480. I love making homemade protein and granola bars with nut butters. The best, healthiest on the go snack!

  481. Nut butter on anything and everything! Lol. I love it best on a warm toasted whole wheat english muffins, or on top of a warm baked sweet potato. It’s awesome in yogurt or oatmeal, too! And the classic straight out of the jar and on a spoon.

  482. sweet potatoes or bananas! or my fingers!

  483. Well this is a foodie’s dream come true…
    On Kabocha!!!

  484. My favorite thing to put any nut butter on would be a spoon! It’s classic. Of course I love topping foods with it, but there are too many combos to choose from! That is why the classic spoonful of whatever nut butter will always do me justice when I crave it;)

  485. I put nut butters in my smoothies and also like nut butter and banana wraps!

  486. i love putting them on toast for breakfast!

  487. nut butter + banana + cinnamon on ezekial toast is my fav! ;)

  488. I eat basically any nut butter I can get my hands on with EVERYTHING! On toast, in smoothies, on crackers, on a spoon… I cannot get enough!! Nut butters are my anti-drug.

  489. OMG. Nut butter on baked oatmeal. All. The. Way.

  490. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is oatmeal. So, so good…although, a close second is on a sweet potato. (:

  491. The better question would be what don’t I put nut butter on? :) I have almond butter on my oatmeal every day and LOVE cashew butter on rice cakes as a snack! And you can’t go wrong with an apple with peanut butter!

  492. I love putting nut butter on pancakes!!

  493. I. Would. Die. (Of pure happiness of course)

  494. My favorite way to eat nut butter (if not straight from the jar?) is on toast/pancakes/waffles with banana! My morning is incomplete if that combo doesn’t happen in some way, shape, or form!

  495. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is oatmeal….or a spoon ??

  496. My favorite thing for breakfast is sprouted bread with peanut butter and banana on top!!

  497. My favorite thing to put nut butter on is oatmeal!! :)

  498. I love nut butters on whole wheat tortillas 

  499. What have I NOT put nut butter on? Actually I don’t think I eat anything without nut butter… But if i had to choose a favorite it would be oatmeal :) followed by pancakes, waffles, bagels, toast, sweet potatoes, baked goods, parfaits, cereal…

  500. Best sweet application for nut butter = oatmeal. Savory = peanut sauce!

  501. Mmmm so many things, toast, bagels, apples. In a smoothie

  502. I love peanut butter on so many things but my favorite is the classic banana and PB combo!

  503. Pretzels! Something about this combination is just SO good.

  504. Hard choice. I’m going to have to go with oatmeal!

  505. My favorite thing to put nut butter on? 

    …Does “a spoon” count?

  506. Although right now I am heavy on the pb an jelly in a Tupperware for snack train, I am sorry but there is truly nothing better than a pb & j sandwich!

  507. in smoothies!

  508. Nut butter on everything! Particularly apples, bananas, and carrots!

  509. I love any nut butter on a spoon :)

  510. Mine would be bread but I need to be more creative!

  511. on my husband’s homemade toasted raisin bread!

  512. We do tons of nut butter (well mostly peanutbutter…. OK always peanutbutter..) on sandwiches, waffles, celery, apples, bananas… smoothies… oatmeal… Tbh, it is pretty much a staple in this kitchen.

  513. I could make a lot of peanut butter balls and cookies with this! I have wanted to try some of these brands for awhile now! ;)

  514. I love to eat peanut butter with apples.

  515. I love fresh crushed almond butter, so i’d LOVE to give all of these a try!

  516. On a good, ol’ pbj sandwich! Homemade seed and nut bread, and strawberry jam :) 

  517. I love nut butter on Canyon Bakehouse cinnamin raisen bread!!! I eat peanut or almond butters on the daily!! #yummyprotein! <3

  518. My favourite thing at the moment is eating a big spoonful of nut butter with a warm bowl of oats. Its so so goood!

  519. This seriously looks like my heaven! I eat nut butters by the spoonful with all the toppings. I currently have 5 jars in my fridge and if I added another 16, I think I’d be able to take up a whole shelf :)

  520. Wow!! what a yummy giveaway. My favorite way is whipping it up in a smoothie, add it in with some bananas, almond milk, ice and chocolate protein powder and it’s all so delicious.

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