Apr 06

immaEATthat and That and THAT

acai bowls | immaEATthat.comYesterday Sugar & Cloth hosted a party to reveal their color wall in Houston.  I went after work and happened to be wearing the least colorful outfit ever.  Fortunately the walls + balloons provided plenty of color.

Afterwards I went home to a kitchen-less house for dinner and ate leftover enchiladas.  Then we went to Target to load up on easy to make foods.  AKA frozen pizzas, Amy’s tamales/burritos, sandwich materials, etc.  Workers come tomorrow to start taking out 2 walls.  YES YES YES.  I really don’t miss the kitchen too much yet.  I kinda feel like we’re camping.  I’m sure tomorrow I’ll change my mind about not missing the kitchen, but for now it’s been fun eating out.

If I did have a working kitchen, these are the things I’d be making:

pineapple bowls.  My mom used to talk about a pineapple bowl recipe she made when she and my dad were newlyweds.

simple coffee creamer.

thai tempeh stuffed sweet potatoes.  fork drop. LOOK SO GOOD.

snack time would be these chewy bars.

so fresh.

yum. because I’m all about the streusel lately.

i’m just gonna leave this here.

…and since I’m not cooking as much I’ve been pondering this.


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  1. I’ll take one for the team and make the donuts to let you know. SUCH a sacrifice, but I’m willing ;-)

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