A day in the life.

I thought it was time to share another ‘day in the life’ style post.  I get tired of recipe post after recipe post.  The best blogging advice I’ve been given is to: write the blog you’d want to read.  And since I like seeing a glimpse of other people’s lives…I hope you do to.

So this was yesterday for me.  

The day started with a flow yoga class at YogaOne.

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Right after that I showered and headed to Tout Suite for a breakfast date with my friend, Morgan.  

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If you ever visit Houston, Tout Suite is a fun place to stop by and grab a coffee and breakfast.  I feel a bit meh about their lunch and dinner options, but their breakfast tacos are legit.  An added bonus is the atmosphere outside and inside Tout Suite is just dreamy.

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For breakfast I went with an egg, cheese & bacon breakfast taco + iced latte.

day in the life | immaEATthat.comday in the life |

And for the close up view…

That bacon is something to write home about.  The entire thing is perfectly crispy/beef jerky-y.

AND the flour tortilla is doughier than it looks.  I’m a fan.

day in the life |

After breakfast we hung out and talked more than we got work done.  Totally worth it.  Morgan had to leave around 10, but I stayed and worked on replying to emails and finished an upcoming recipe post.  COOKIES.

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Then I planned out the recipes I’m making tomorrow.  

My plan is to go grocery shopping in the morning and then spend the day at my parent’s cooking, recipe testing and photographing.  

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Around noon I headed out.  The weather was gorgeous and there were construction workers at my house working on the kitchen, so I decided to enjoy my lunch outside somewhere instead of going home and interrupting their workflow.  

I headed to the med center area and ended up parking at the Houston Zoo and walking over to a nearby outdoor theatre, Miller Outdoor Theater.  

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The theatre is placed on a giant hill (‘giant’ is relative to the other hills in Houston…aka the non existent hills). Any who.  There is a ton to green space to sprawl out on.  In elementary school I remember going there and rolling down the hill.  I hadn’t been there in ages and it was so nice.

I found a shady tree…

day in the life |

…and unpacked the lunch I had made before I left the house in the morning.

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For lunch, I ate leftover chicken & veggie stir-fry + an orange + milk & dark chocolate covered almonds.  I saved the rest of the snacks for later that afternoon.  

day in the life |

Then I laid in the grass and listened to a podcast for an hour.  

It was the best.  

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And then…it was time to head to the office for private practice work.  When I got there the eating disorder P.A. who we office with was like, “what have you been doing? you have grass in your hair?”  Then she helped me look a bit more presentable.  

On Thursdays I see eating disorder/disordered eating clients from 3pm – 9ish.  Last night I had 6 clients.  I’ve decided over the past year that 5 clients/day is my happy number.  I try my very best to cap my clients/day to 6 people max.  After 6 people my words don’t work anymore lol.  I like hit this wall and I can’t form words.  My brain is just like, “and…we’re done.”

One of our offices…

day in the life |

After I finished up with clients, I headed home and walked into this…

day in the life |

THE WALLS ARE GONE! And beams are in.  I’m already so so happy with how open everything is.

Andrew had made us dinner.  Frozen pizza + kale salad.

I ate, it was pretty late so he had already eaten.  Then we hung out for an hour or so before I opened up my computer to write this post.

day in the life |

Before bed I enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate.  Then sleep.  

day in the life |

That was my day!

What is everyone up to this weekend? On our agenda we have light fixture shopping and a dinner double date. Happy weekend!


  1. Stumbled across your blog and love it! Especially since I am a fellow Houstonian. Just started listening to podcast…. recommendations? 

    • Yay Houston!:) podcast recs = The Lively Show (for life in general), Food Psych & Mind Body Musings (for body image, intuitive eating). THOSE ARE MY FAVS!!

  2. Love day in the life posts! They are a fun way to break up a recipe routine. I am digging that breakfast spot….those tacos look amazing!

  3. I love these posts! I am sometimes overwhelmed with how many food posts I need to catch up with on my favorite sites, and its so nice to feel like I can just “catch up” with you virtually and not worry about cooking for a minute. 

  4. I love these posts! I need to start listening to podcasts. Every loves them!

  5. “Day in life” is my favorite post. And cookies recipes :D I don`t have plan for the weekend yet, but I think about relaxing one. Just reading and watching film may be.

  6. Another vote for Day-in-the-Life posts! I love your grassy picture. As a complete stranger, it feels weird to say, but I must, you’re so beautiful in this grassy picture! I am greatful to have stumbled into your blog as I love your approach to food :) I am a therapist and am hoping to return to working with clients who have eating disorders after I finish my degree (June!). Different work, same population! I also completely understand not being able to form sentences, let alone words, after a certain number of clients!

  7. I love seeing little glimpses into peoples lives too. It always sounds freaky but its so cool that I get to see what someone across the world does on an average day :)

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