Weekend Adventures.

Alternatively titled, “that time we went to Lowe’s 3 times and then watched Wall-E for the first time and I cried.”

Here we are again with another ‘day in the life’ type of post.  They say, “write the blog you want to read.”  I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but I want to have a peak into other people’s lives, so here’s a peak into mine.

Saturday morning we did something I’ve been wanting to do for an entire year!  Houston has bike trails that start right by our house and head into the city.  Andrew and I have been talking about getting bikes for the last 2 1/2 year (our entire marriage), but it never seems like the right time. This weekend we borrowed my parent’s bikes to see if we did get them we would actually use them.


We woke up Saturday and I had an apple crumble bar (recipe coming tomorrow!) + an iced vanilla latte for breakfast.

weekend in the life-42

Then we sunscreen up, filled our water bottles and headed out on our bikes.

weekend in the life-43

I spent most of the bike ride judging us for not wearing helmets haha. I wanted to tell all the other intelligent bike riders who were wearing helmets that I tried to find us helmets at my parent’s house for 10 minutes but couldn’t. Then I thought Andrew and I had helmets laying around in our garage but we didn’t and so we ended up going helmet-less and it felt so wrong.

I grew up with a neighbor who worked with people who had head traumas and she drilled into my head the importance of helmet wearing.  I’m ridiculous.  But I had to explain to you why we weren’t wearing helmets.

weekend in the life-44

So we biked the trail and it was even more fun than I thought it would be.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny, but breezy and cool.  I barely broke a sweat the entire ride…that is the sign of perfect weather.

weekend in the life-45

If you are in Houston, we rode from just outside the loop to the Target near Studemont.

I can’t wait to do this again. WE ARE TOTALLY getting bikes.  I’m deciding on which brand I like, but I am leaning towards these bikes because they look pretty.

weekend in the life-46

Water break.  I’m so very much so head over heels for my bkr glass water bottle.  I bought it in March and have been using it like crazy ever since.

weekend in the life-48

If we would’ve been hungry on the way back it would’ve been fun to stop for a smoothie at Juiceland.  It was right on the trail.

weekend in the life-49

Once home I had second breakfast, which was the same as first breakfast…iced latte + apple crumble bars.

weekend in the life-51

I was gonna shower, but I figured since I was already a bit gross I might as well mow the lawn.

weekend in the life-52

By then we were both hungry for lunch.  I had a bag of salad in the fridge, so I mixed that up with orange slices (i was craving something SO FRESH) and the poppyseed dressing the bagged salad came with.  I added leftover chicken and a bagel.  Served with a grapefruit La Croix.

weekend in the life-54weekend in the life-55

After lunch we had plans to go to Lowe’s and Ikea, but then we sat down and two hours later woke up from a nap.  The biking + sunshine wore us out.  And it was Saturday and you definitely don’t need an excuse to take a nap on Saturday.  Actually, I’m very pro-nap and will occasionally power nap between clients.  It’s true.

After naps we headed to Ikea to get our vent hood.  I wanted a golden vent hood SO BAD.  But it just wasn’t in the cards.  

weekend in the life-56

Then to Lowe’s to get supplies for that evening’s kitchen project.  

weekend in the life-57weekend in the life-62

We got home and I cleaned our “kitchen”.  We didn’t tile this weekend, but next weekend I think we should be ready to. 

weekend in the life-58

Then Andrew was hungry.  I felt zero hunger at this point bc after our nap we’d finished off the apple crumble bars and I had another latte (I was feeling the coffee that day).  

Regardless, we headed out for fajitas.  Andrew ordered a margarita.  He later said he got the margarita because he didn’t know how the project we were about to do was going to go and a bit of liquid courage is helpful at times.

weekend in the life-59

Then we went home and mixed up concrete.  There is a gap between our wood floors and the concrete slab in the kitchen, so we filled in the gap with cement (or was it concrete? there’s a difference I think).   Then next week we should be good to go for tile laying.

First, mix up the concrete.

weekend in the life-60

And then fill in the gap.

weekend in the life-63

Then we went on an ice cream run for some Tillamook.  Their chocolate ice cream is the best chocolate ice cream ever.  The fudge ripples throughout are just mind blowing.  The cherry ice cream is also delish.  I had scoop of each before bed.

weekend in the life-64

The next day we woke up and I somehow convinced Andrew to bike with me to a breakfast place.  It took us longer than expected to get there…and I’m not sure Andrew would do this with me again, but I think biking to breakfast on a gorgeous morning is the most fun thing ever.  

Breakfast was at Kraftsman Cafe.  It’s in the Heights (an artsy, historical part of Houston) in this gorgeous building.  The building to the left of this one is for lease and holy smokes if I needed a dream studio space, that would be it.  Inside is all white brick everything + huge windows.  A DREAM!

weekend in the life-65weekend in the life-68

First up…iced vanilla latte for me and iced coffee for Andrew.

weekend in the life-69

Then breakfast tacos.

weekend in the life-70

When we got home I decided that our front flower beds were not looking so hot (see below), so I pulled a bag of weeds and then we went back to Lowe’s to get some mulch and plants.


weekend in the life-71


weekend in the life-75

AND I’m in love with our new Agave plant.

weekend in the life-74

For lunch I had the rest of a tortilla-zucchini soup I had made last week.  Paired with cheddar bunnies for some carbs.  The drink was lemonade + grapefruit La Croix (my current fav combo).

weekend in the life-89

Then I planned meals for the week and went grocery shopping.

weekend in the life-76

Once home made a couple lunches for us for the week.  Spring rolls AGAIN.  This is my 3rd week in a row making this recipe, but I’m so in love with them! I’ve convinced Andrew to take them for lunch this week too.

weekend in the life-84

Then I made some homemade vanilla coffee creamer (just half & half + sugar + vanilla).  It came out not so great.  Boo.

Soon after that recipe fail I had a snack break for some chocolate covered pretzels.

weekend in the life-34

Then dinner was = salmon + wedge salad + sweet potato fries. LOVE THIS!

weekend in the life-86

After dinner the weather was so gorgeous out.  I wanted to go for a walk, but I had a recipe to finish up for the blog for this week.  They were the apple crumble bars that I’m sharing with you tomorrow and I’m in love with them.  Perfect for breakfast, dessert or snack time.

By this time it was dark-ish out and I had to break out my artificial light (eww. I hate artificial light.)

weekend in the life-88

Then I had an apple crumble bar + glass of milk and off to bed.

I’d love to know what you’re most excited about this week! Tell me below.  I’m most excited about upcoming dinner double dates this week:  we have one planned with my parents on Wednesday and then one with my big sister + Marco on Friday. 


  1. I love bike riding! We bought super cheap bikes a couple years ago and splurged on the seats. We got the nice, big, wide seats without a nose that are oh-so-comfy on long leisurely rides. I’d highly recommend doing the same, if you’re looking for a comfortable ride that won’t cost a ton! 

  2. You need to try the White Oak Bayou Trail as well!  It goes from W 11th all the up to Antoine!

  3. You should totally do a behind-the-scenes or a recipe post post, just saying ;)  I love seeing other peoples’ set up/equipment and process!

  4. Apparently it was the weekend to borrow bikes.  My husband and I did the same.  I live in Greenville, SC we biked from downtown up to Traveler’s Rest (~9 miles one way).  The weather was beyond perfect and we hung out at a brewery for a few hours. The traffic on the way up is never any fun, so honestly it doesn’t take much longer to bike it and it is so peaceful. I’m now on the mission to buy bikes as well.

    • Geez. That sounds like the most perfect day. I think how you guys did it was best…ride somewhere-stop and eat/drink/hangout-ride home. Next time we go I wanna stop and brunch!

  5. I can’t wait to see the apple crumb recipe because I’ve been a slave to the same almond flour banana bread recipe for too long!

    I sent out my save the dates for my wedding this week so I’m looking forward to hearing friends and family have received them!! :)

    • Congrats on wedding planning! I hope the process has been as low stress as possible:) I was not good at wedding planning haha. I hope you enjoy the apple crumble bars!!!!

  6. ahhh waiting so patiently to see how your kitchen comes out. We are looking at houses right now and I just CANT look past some old kitchens, but maybe you’ll inspire me!

    • Oh yikes, those old kitchens can be so bad. Just so old and YELLOW lol. I’m sure there’s always minor improvements that could be made to make any kitchen bearable…for me it was getting a gas stove. Without that I don’t think I could’ve lasted 2 1/2 years in our home. Good luck house hunting!

  7. Bike riding is one of my favorite things to do! I am totally in need for a bike soon! Love those critical bikes too! So cute!

  8. I live in the same area and ride all the time! Go to West End Bikes on Blossom street (near Memorial Park). The guys there are very friendly and will get you set up in no time…seriously the best bike shop in town. Oh, and Barnabys in the Heights has a great breakfast to fuel your ride…we load up on pancakes and then head downtown!

  9. Gosh I love these posts! You have such an exciting life…well compared to mine at least :) 

  10. Love reading these :) We went and rented bikes to ride along the river in Tulsa this weekend, something we’ve never done before. We immediately came home and worked on our bikes, because we decided this is something we’re going to do all the time now haha. We had so much fun! All of your foods look delicious too, now I’m craving some good iced coffee… 

    • LOL we are so in that “we’re going to ride bikes all the time now” phase. It was so so fun! Such a joyful, relaxed way to be outside and breathe fresh air. Love it.

  11. All this apple crumble bar talk makes me excited to try it out, hopefully this weekend! 

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