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immaEATthat and That and THAT

treat yo self right. |

The above brought to you by the Whole Foods parking garage.  

I would say I’ve only truly embraced that message for the last year.  Being gentle and loving with yourself is such a practice.  Part of treating myself well means practicing self care.  Self care for me looks like: 1) creating things – new recipes, blog posts, etc, 2) feeling inspired by reading blogs/listening to podcasts, 3) talking to someone – my boss, a friend, Andrew – when I have a stressful day, 4) listening to my cravings, 5) choosing to be gentle with myself, 6) going to a new coffee shop and trying their iced vanilla latte, 7) and many, many more things.

I would love to know your favorite self care practices.  COMMENT AND TELL ME!

Since reading other blogs/feeling inspired is so enjoyable for me…here’s what I would be making if I had a kitchen sink:  

holy crap.  number 5 on this list.

good things happen when nutella and croissants join forces.

breakfast pies are cute.

i wanna get on the cold brew bandwagon.

it’s a taco.  in an avocado.

banana bread oatmeal.

a mini funfetti cake.

i’ve made spring rolls for lunch for 3 weeks in a row.  maybe next week I’ll make a version of these.

all round-ups must involve a peanut butter + chocolate recipe.

i want to make this and add cheese.

ohhhh these pancakes.

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  1. I love that message so much!

  2. I’ve been making cold brew coffee for about a year now – I think it tastes better and it’s inexpensive since I buy organic coffee at Costco/grind it there and use that.  I got really sick of the process – Soaking in a pot, filtering into another large pot with a fine strainer, pouring that into a container for the fridge and then having to clean all of that.  Then I got a lot of crap at the bottom even if I used cheesecloth.  So I finally invested in a pretty cheap cold brew maker from OXO and it’s way easier.  I just hated the taste of K-cups (my husband even gave these up eventually) and they were expensive and terrible for the environment.  Try the cold brew – easy and worth it!  I microwave it :-)

  3. Love this message!!! I think I have gone through the same thing as you this year….I thought was better last year but this year has truly been a life changing one for me. I see now I was telling myself that I loved my body but I don’t think I believed it. I now believe it this year. I have learned to relax and be gentle with myself. I have learned to embrace myself for who I am and you know what? I love me. I truly do. Is that to say that I don’t have days where I feel like crap? No! Of course I have those days but I’ve learned to handle them better now.

    A few of my favorite self care practices:
    1. Working out :D It makes me feel powerful and unstoppable. Its also a great stress reliever for me. I forget any stress that may have and put my mind into the workout.
    2. Cooking <3 Again, another great stress reliever and a way for me to relax. I love trying new recipes :) Also like you, I've learned to honor my cravings this year. Some days I want a salad…and then some days I want pizza! Balance ;)
    3. Calling my parents pretty much everyday. I have done this ever since I started college (I'm finishing my junior year now)
    4. Spending time with friends! Going on spontaneous adventures, movies, out to eat….we have a good time together!
    5. Skyping with my childhood best friend <3 she's like my sister :)
    6. Going to work. I work in the weight room at my college's rec center. I get to work with some pretty awesome people who share the same passions as me!
    7. Me time at the end of the day :D I keep a fairly consistent bedtime routine….its just a good way for me to unwind and relax

    • Love this. Especially the part saying, “I love me. I truly do.” It does sound like we are in a very similar place. I think from here on out each year of life I will be growing that self-love constantly. Right now I know I’m in a good place, but I think in another year or another 10 years I’ll look back and think, “WOW. I only thought I was practicing self love then, but NOW! NOW it’s even greater.” Excited for what’s to come with encouraging and nurturing the self-love mindset:)

  4. For self-care: definitely running; curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee/tea; talking to friends; pampering things like manicures and warm baths. Peanut butter maple syrup sounds AMAZING!! 

  5. At the end of a stressful day or a day where my anxiety has been high, my favorite thing to do is come home and put Pandora on, pour a glass of wine and cook a nice meal. My husband and I chat, sing or dance. It is my favorite stress reliever these days. 

  6. TY to you & Whole Foods! Needed that reminder. 
    Over the past year, I’ve really learned to invest in self-care; taking long steaming how showers while listening to Spotify, journalling or soaking up the sun with a good book are some of my favorite practices! 

  7. That is such a brilliant piece of advice! For me, self care means yoga at least once a week. I walk out of the studio a whole new woman!

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